How to write an essay? What the structure of the essay consists of?

how to write an essay
How to write an essay?

An essay is a text on a specific topic, usually assigned to you by your teacher. Opinions differ even in elementary school: some can write pages about what they did at the weekend. And others can’t even get started and don’t know what they’re supposed to put down on paper. Writing an essay is not for everyone. Nevertheless, essays are important for lessons.

Writing an essay is a time-consuming process and not every student has enough writing skills to complete such assignments. Almost every other student has wondered at least once if can I get a writing professional to edit my paper for me to get a high grade. And this is the right decision because turning to professionals is the best way to get a quality writing assignment.

The structure of writing an essay


Every essay, regardless of style, should have an introduction. It is the introduction that captivates the reader, persuading the reader to read the essay completely. What words the essay begins with is up to the author, but they should be interesting, posing a question. In the introductory part, you can use a quote or fact that will set the reader up to consider the problem you have set.

Main part

This part describes your view or the opinions of others on the problem you have asked. You may also note the scope of the issue at hand. As a rule, the main part is divided into sub-paragraphs consisting of three sections: the thesis – the question or opinion that requires discussion, justification – the arguments given to argue the thesis, preliminary conclusion – partially answers the question posed. The arguments or arguments that the author gives in the main part are designed to convince the reader why the author has this particular opinion and view of the problem at hand. You can describe life situations, research by scientists, your own experience, etc.

Arguments for their judgments can be as follows:

  1. Thought, statement;
  2. Explanation;
  3. Fact, example;
  4. Final Opinion;


The conclusion summarizes and concludes all the points made in the main body of the paper. There must be a logical end because the reader needs to see the completion of all arguments and arguments.

If the task of the introductory part – to captivate, to puzzle, then in the conclusion it is necessary to complete his thought, so that the overall picture becomes whole. Then the reader will think, will ponder.

If you have to write an essay, keep in mind some of the features of this style, the signs that distinguish it from other literary styles. The essay values the author’s judgment, his point of view on the issue is disclosed. And the essay deals with the artistic side of the work. The purpose pursued by the author is to surprise, impress the reader, puzzle the reader with unconventional views, judgments, make him think that not everything in the world is so unambiguous. And this is another of the features of this literary genre. One sure way students utilize to save time and improve their writing skills is to turn to the best assignment writing service to maintain the quality of their papers. Skilled professional writers are versed in the writing’s art and know how to use words in different styles and techniques to convey ideas.

Writing guidelines

There are no clear rules on how to write an essay. We can only advise on how to write an essay correctly. Familiarize yourself with the recommendations, and you will not have any questions about how to write an essay.

How to write a proper essay:

  • In the text of an essay, short sentences should alternate with long ones. Such a text will be easy to read and understand.
  • Try not to use complicated unfamiliar words, obscure terms, and slang.
  • Fewer write general, meaningless phrases. This style should be unique, individuality, a reflection of the author’s inner world.
  • You should refrain from sarcasm and irony. Use jokes very carefully. Not all readers will agree with the author, you need to take it into account.
  • Description of personal experience, his memories, feelings, so you can perfectly convey your point of view to readers.
  • After you finish writing, reread, make sure that all your thoughts are correctly formulated. It is necessary to set out everything so that the reader correctly understands you.
  • The use of scientific facts and quotations will give the text persuasiveness.
  • But since this is a free essay, it involves stating your ideas, there are no rules for writing essays as such.

Common mistakes when writing an essay

Beginners often make mistakes. But if you know the most common ones, you will be able to avoid them and correctly compose the structure of the essay.

Common mistakes:

  • Fear of being misunderstood, of not hooking the reader with the topic being revealed, of not evoking the right emotions. Often, these fears prevent the author from fully revealing, expressing their thoughts. The essay in such a case loses its uniqueness.
  • Poorly disclosed details. There are statements, arguments that are not supported by facts, examples, and it is not possible to fully convince the reader.
  • Misunderstanding of the topic, when the author has a poor understanding of the disclosed issue or incorrectly draws conclusions.
  • Describing someone else’s opinion in the essay without mentioning its author, lack of personal judgment and reflection.
  • That is the advantage of this genre, that there are no limits, no restrictions. You can write and reason freely, describe your impressions and thoughts, ask questions and look for non-standard solutions. Share your views on this or that problem.

With our hints and recommendations, you now know how to write an essay sample and will easily master this fascinating genre of literature. We tried to tell you a little about this interesting literary genre, what is the difference between an essay and an essay, how to properly make its plan. We hope that the article was useful to you, and you can easily cope with the presentation of their thoughts, write an original work.

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