Mom decapitates 6-year-old son and dog after the DEVIL spoke to her


Police say a mother killed her 6-year-old child and the family dog Tuesday night in Kansas City.

Police received a call late Tuesday night from a woman saying she was concerned someone was trying to harm her.

The woman told police she believed the devil was trying to attack her.

She denied having any mental illness and hung up the phone, officials said.

Police then went to the home for a welfare check and found blood leading up to the front door.

Officers could hear a woman singing inside of the residence.

As they knocked, the woman sang even louder.

One officer looked inside the house and saw the child’s severed head.

Police forced their way through the home’s back door.

They found the woman, identified as 35-year-old Tasha Haefs, with blood on her legs and feet.

Beyond the kitchen, officers located the body of the decapitated child.

Police said they also found a decapitated dog in the basement.

According to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Haefs told detectives that the victim was her biological child and admitted to killing him.

Haefs has been charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. Prosecutors have requested that she be held without bond. [FOX19]

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