Population control: The next conspiracy theory to become a reality?

depopulation agenda
depopulation agenda

Uttering the phrase “eugenics program” or ” depopulation agenda” is a sure-fire way to get yourself cast as an alt-right conspiracy theorist who listens to misinformation from Joe Rogan en route to driving your 18-wheeler as part of a convoy that’s clearly protesting to promote white supremacy. Yet, as is typically the case, the caricaturization of those premises into an idea constructed in the form of a straw man that can easily be defeated is done to control the narrative enveloping those subjects so that they aren’t examined in good faith.

Time and time again, these supposed “conspiracy theories” end up becoming ostensible realities. The recent deterioration of diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia illustrates this point in spades. Years, if not weeks or even days ago, anyone forewarning of a “false flag” attack would branded as someone wearing a tinfoil hat who has been watching too much InfoWars. That vapid attempt of character assassination completely rejects any examination about the idea that a nation would stage a crisis to create a cassus belli. In this instance, that tendency to overlook facts to focus on ostracizing dissent occurred time and time against despite the declassification of Operation Northwoods, a document which literally proves the long-standing use of this tactic, years ago. Now, the Pentagon and community of US intelligence agencies have cited the formerly outlandish “conspiracy theory” as a provocation for military engagement against the Russian Federation, an adversary its been guilty of concocting many of its own actual conspiracy theories against. How quickly the tables turn.

With that in mind, it’s fair to say that typecasting the idea that a global political entity would be focused on population control as another baseless conspiracy theory without actually investigating the claim would be naive. A premise that was once epitomized by outlandish things like speculation of Operation Bluebeam unfolding or FEMA camps emerging ends up being, as typically is the case, rooted in a nuanced explanation emerging from an examination of events in recent history.

The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020 puts the once veiled facts surrounding organized efforts at population control into the plain light of day. Appropriately, many of the supranational non-governmental organizations, government officials, and magnates of industry who have been entrusted as the leaders tasked with constructing a pandemic response have evident ties to a worldview and political ideology that centers around the need population control enacted through global governance.

The World Economic Forum’s unexpected rapid ascent following its surreptitious origin in 1971 was accelerated by the influence of another NGO veiled in secrecy: The Club of Rome. The club was founded in 1968 by the duo of Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King who themselves held ties to the Bilderberg Group that was created in 1954. The central tenant motivating the two to found the Club of Rome was Peccei’s philosophical world view which he succinctly titled Problematic. In essence, Peccei’s ideology viewed the disparate problems afflicting humanity as a singularity which needed to be controlled accordingly by constructing a comparably monolithic global political apparatus tasked with arriving at a resolution. Core components of the WEF platform espoused today from environmental crises, poverty, disease, and population size, originate from the Club of Rome’s intent to envelop every crisis facing humanity to act as the crucible through which a future molded to serve their interests would emerge from.

The focus on global population growth became an especially important focus of the Club of Rome that lead it to assimilate its own interests with Schwab’s burgeoning World Economic Forum in its early days. Though its first meeting in Davos in 1971 was convened under the WEF’s initial moniker, the European Management System, Schwab’s political ties to the likes of his Harvard mentor Henry Kissinger to European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Raymond Barre would prove to be invaluable as the conference attracted approximately 450 attendees from countries around Europe as well as the United States despite the organization’s nascent state. This auspicious beginning, coupled with the WEF’s pan-European political ideology garnered the attention of those leading the Club of Rome.

By 1973, now operating under the title of the World Economic Forum, Aurelio Peccei used the third annual Davos’ conference as an opportunity to advance the theories set forth in a 1972 report commissioned by the Club of Rome titled The Limits to Growth. The report (abstract available here) was authored by Donella and Dennis Andrews along with Jørgen Randers and William W. Behrens III, who represented a team of 17 researchers who were acolytes of MIT scientist Jay Forrester. Limits to Growth was a seminal work examining the problematic consequences of population growth accelerated by the technological and industrial achievements of modernity.

Peccei, a man who would refer to the huddled masses whose fate he fought to control as “peasants,” would harness the neo-Malthusian perspective asserted in The Limits of Growth at the WEF’s third annual meeting. Actionably, the Club of Rome co-founder would use the report as the basis for advocating the need for an adaptive political model for global governance that would reorganize the world into ten political and economic regions laid out in a subsequent report published in 1973 titled Rationalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System authored by Eduard Pestel and Mihajlo Mesarovic. This report laid out a structure of global political governance which the World Economic Forum itself has become a harbinger of, all made possible by its ingratiation into the Club of Rome’s axis following Peccei’s keynote address at Davos that Schwab would recollect years later as one of the most formative events in his organization’s history.

The Club of Rome’s philosophy on global governance as a mechanism of population control is evident in everything from Schwab’s theory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the WEF’s leading role in organizing a global pandemic response. In order to construct the model for global governance deemed to be essential to addressing the global Problematic, the WEF launched its Forum of Global Young Leaders to mold many who would become leaders of industry, academia, and politics. The indoctrination of the worldview shared by the WEF and Club of Rome has influenced alumni of the WEF’s Forum of Global Young Leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among others.

In 2017, Schwab would wax poetically about that amalgam of his alumni’s influence on the global political sphere, admitting they were integral to the WEF strategy of “infiltrating” the cabinets of executive branches of sovereign governments across the world as a mechanism to galvanize those countries under the umbrella of an apparatus for global governance controlled by the WEF and its allies.

As evidenced from the pandemic response efforts fledged by each of those aforementioned world leaders, a singular model for governance has been tirelessly advanced by those emissaries of the WEF, even when it violates the constitutions of the nation’s they are elected to lead. The Orwellian landscape of policy making enforcing compulsory vaccinations, enacting government-initiated lock downs, and facilitating massive wealth redistribution following the controlled demolition of economies across the world emerged in lockstep as the events of 2020 unfolded. This confluence of policy making between disparate nations did not emerge by mistake as it’s clear that the leaders of those countries were groomed to act in accordance with the supra-national ideology of the WEF instead of in adherence to the interests of the nations and people they were elected to represent.

In contrast to the idea that a globalist depopulation agenda would be the result of the die-off of billions and billions of people across the world, the actual realization of this pursuit appears to be much more subtle. That realization is also becoming harder and harder to deny. This is demonstrated in part by recent revolutions from England and Wales from the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics (“ONS”). The ONS recently found that more than 50% of women in England and Wales born in or after 1990 were childless by the time they turned 30 in 2020. The literal majority of 50.1% drastically increased from a rate of just 18% measured in 1971. Additionally, the ONS report chronicles that the average number of children born to that same demographic of women has fallen to its lowest-ever level since record keeping began of 0.96 children per mother. This data from the ONS is a microcosm of the population decline occurring across developed nations the world over.

The reduction of birthrates is one of the many clear ramifications of the misguided pandemic responses executed by countries across the globe. From the harsh economic realities of lockdowns to the impact on reproductive health that COVID-19 vaccines have, it’s clear that a multitude of factors are what have effected changes in projected population. Given the Club of Rome’s philosophy of Problematic and the globalist political apparatus constructed by the WEF to advance that holistic compass for policy making, its clear that the very fabric of our society has become irrevocably altered by their pervasive influence. The agenda for population control is just one of many missions of that cabal which has been enacted, with others that are perhaps less apparent in this moment certain to be underway concurrently. Though the fruits of that labor have yet to be harvested, the seeds that have been sown. Ultimately, the reality they will bear appears to be another instance a possibility that was once unthinkable ultimately becoming a reality that humanity will find difficult to reconcile. [ZeroHedge]

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  1. This is a feudalist oligarchy. Leaders in business, politics, and media are either members of secret societies such as Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, and Skull and Bones, or were hand picked and directed by Klaus Schwab. Or both.




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