Meanwhile, Antarctica is cold as hell: Eight days in a row with lows below -103°F (-75°C)


While India is ‘burning’ in an unprecedented heatwave, Antarctica, on the contrary, is cold as hell!

Preliminary averages for April show around -2 °C from the normal 1991-2020 at South Pole Station and -3 °C from the 1958-2021 mean at Vostok…

On 24 April the Vostok station, Antarctica, equaled the seasonal minimum (-76.8 °C = 106.2 °F) already reached on 14 April…

The great frost! Eight days in a row with lows below -75 °C (103°F) in Concordia, Antarctica…

This paper discusses extreme cold events at the South Pole

A bit to the north, Argentina is facing a frigid cold spell bringing heavy snow and blizzard conditions…

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  1. ” High prices are a great temptation to the cupidity of the African, who, having, by custom, rights of property in his children, often does not hesitate to sell these where other produce is lacking. He finds that one of his children is not bright, that it has no sense, or that it wants to bewitch the father. Then a consultation ensues with the relatives of the mother; they are promised a share in the produce of the sale, for they have rights also in the child, and, when they are brought to consent, the unhappy child is sold off.” Du Chaillu’s Equatorial Africa, page 381.

    • Everything is normal. We had about the same weather last year. So far no late frost. My blackberry bushes are slow a tad, raspberry too, elderberry showing strongest. All my pear, apple, and apricot look like this will be a good season 4. So, season 3 had pear, and apple. Not alot, but fine. I saw tons of bees working the blossoms this season when watering. Even other insects were landing. Some sub type of bee is my guess?

  2. In South Central KY, our Spring foliage is about 2 weeks late. We had a very cool and wet Winter.
    Normal – Cold yes wet no.
    AND Iowa is weeks behind in planting and I imagine many other US States are behind.
    Stock up dried goods, canned goods, get out of the big city’s and plant/raise healthy food.
    Oh wood on a 10 acre lot (rural) will keep you warm for years.
    Think and now ACT!

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