This is what happens when you are too greedy! Ten people dead in Poland’s second mining disaster in a week



Politicians across Europe are shifting their minds, and suddenly forget about climate change agreements (as if they had ever cared about these anyway).

In order to escape their Russian gas slavery, even the ‘Greens’ now agree to return to coal (ironic, no?). But they won’t buy the cheap Russian coal.

Nope, they turn to greedy bastards like Poland, which now slowly reopens old mines… The result? Ten more people are confirmed to have died after a mining accident in Poland on Saturday, the second to hit the country in a week…

The bodies of six miners were found by rescue workers at the Borynia-Zofiowka mine near the country’s southern border with the Czech Republic.

Authorities later stated that the bodies of four other missing people had been brought to the surface.

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Investigations into the cause of the disaster suggest that methane gas was discharged after a tremor at the mine site early on Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, a miner who was injured by methane gas blasts Wednesday at the Pniowek mine died in the hospital on Tuesday.

The death toll from last week’s accident has now risen to eight people, according to the Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa (JSW) operating company.

The search for seven Pniowek miners still missing was suspended after more methane blasts on Thursday injured 10 rescue workers.

In addition to the victims, dozens of miners were injured, many of them hospitalised with severe burns.

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said it was a “black week” for the nation’s coal industry and said the families of victims will receive state support.

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Prosecutors have opened investigations into the accidents, and Morawiecki said that experts will check safety conditions and procedures at both mines. Most Polish coal mines are in the southern Silesia region and many have a high presence of methane in the rock.

You cannot reopen old mines and go ‘all-in’ before securing the whole environment… That’s totally irresponsible! [EuroNews] is now running ad-free CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK…

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  1. Poland wants annex Ukraine ?
    President of Poland Andrzej Duda’s statement about cancelling the borders between Poland and Ukraine can be interpreted as plans to annex certain Ukrainian regions, Director of the Institute of the Newly Established States Aleksey Martynov said on May 6 in a commentary to RIA Novosti.

    Previously, Duda said that “there will be no border” between the two countries any longer for the Ukrainian and the Polish people to live “building common happiness together.”

    According to Martynov, Poland has “a plan to integrate adjacent Ukrainian regions.”

    “In a situation when the current Kiev regime can ensure neither security nor safe and effective development or living standards for the Ukrainian people, the people in the adjacent near-border Polish regions may find it logical to want to integrate them into Poland, to take these lands back,” the expert noted.

    He believes that, in spite of the West’s failure to recognize the outcome of the Crimean referendum, Poland can use it as a precedent to take back the territories that used to be part of Poland.

    Martynov pointed out that, according to the Polish Constitution, the main objective of the country is to restore the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

  2. You cannot reopen old mines and go ‘all-in’ before securing the whole environment… That’s totally irresponsible!

    I was hoping you would say that…you MUST get the ventilation system running properly first and than with SAFETY precaution start diggin’!

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