Why does everyone love Elon Musk? He’s not your friend… He’s another WEF puppet!


Why does everyone love Elon Musk? He’s the master of PR and puts chips into brains via Neuralink (this year, 2022). He is the grand champion of snakes and fuckory… And maybe the only one that’s close to AI but consistently saying AI will be the end of humanity.

Elon Musk is a WEF Young Global Leader since 2005. You remember? In this video, Klaus Schwab in 2016 explains that everyone will have a brain chip within a decade. His errand boy YGL Elon Musk launched Neuralink 2017. Does Klaus Schwab want to chip you so you have god-like superpowers? Or does he want to chip you so the World Government has total surveillance/control over you?

He is the secret society’s biggest pawn and also their key to the new world order. I say pawn because they are growing his fan base and making him out to be relatable and likable so people will trust him when Neuralink will come out later this year. Connecting/ altering the mind via device is terrifying…

elon musk conspiracy
elon musk conspiracy

Elon Musk is also a puppet of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum…

Elon Musk WEF
Elon Musk WEF

Elon Musk is helping to build a surveillance state around us and has a major role in the technocratic takeover while also tweeting about freedom. And the masses are eating it up. This is what we call controlled opposition and cognitive dissonance…

Elon Musk said at the World Economic Forum that we need a world government. He and Klaus Schwab want to bring in the 4th industrial revolution where humans become cyborgs and via graphene nanotech connect to AI via internet. The government and the AI itself can hack and control you (THX 1138 style)…

Elon Musk conspiracy
Elon Musk conspiracy

If Elon Musk (WEF/CIA) ran the world there would be only electric cars that can be shut down by the government with a killswitch and everybody would have an implant or graphene oxide injection (Pfizer) which connects their brains and bodies directly to CIA controlled AI. cuz he’s a man of the people…

He is just as evil as the rest playing good cop bad cop when he wants to microchip people. People really shouldn’t trust this guy…

Elon Musk’s wife posted this back in the 2019, before the pandemic. It looks like 3 jabs make you an alien!

3 jabs make you alien
3 jabs make you alien

About a week ago, Elon Musk confirms he is ‘giving serious thought’ to building Twitter alternative…

Meanwhile, Elon Musk is working on a decentralized anonymous messenger called Speek! Please carefully read Terms of Service and the technical implications of how its delivered to you…

The big issue here is Elon is fraud. We know he’s a puppet. We knows he is a WEF young global leader. We know he had a talk at the World Economic Forum 2022 and said we should have a one world government. So having an impact like this will be purely a way for the elites to enslave, surveil, and control us. There are no good intentions with these people. [Medium, Reddit]

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  1. Even if Elon is a WEF puppet, he’s better than what we’ve got now. If this is the beginning of the “end times”, i’d rather the anti-Christ be an intelligent and otherwise decent person than a bumbling senile corrupt pedophile like Brandon.

    • I am a REAL Bible Scholar and the end times were 63-70 AD with Christ returning in the clouds of glory in 66 AD….Read 1 john 2:18…hell…read the whole book ffs…….

  2. Curious… is the line under the jabs the line for the Ukraine War?

    And the line beneath that appears to be faces that are confused?

    Followed by a full lunar cycle and then what, two dragons and then not sure what that second to last line is.

    Last line tho looks like the radioactive symbol and biologic hazard symbols. Maybe finally nuclear war?

    • Another Trump, celebrity sensation, both promoted by Alex Jones… the groupies dont need implants, they are already 100% controlled.

  3. Musk is a high Illuminati from birth: He became possessed by demons through satanic rituals while in his mothers womb.
    He will spend eternity in hell when he dies: the only thing he has done with his life is build his own future prison cell in Hell which is waiting for him, and there will suffer all the pain and misery he subjected animals and humans to for all eternity.
    The neuralink and the digital ID in the hand and then in your brains will do even worse to the humans who accept it.
    Then they will spend eternity in Hell for accepting the devil and obeying his commands.
    He is the enemy of God, our souls and all that is Holy.
    The devil always prances around pretending to be an angel of light.
    Judge him by his rotten fruit.
    Illuminati always baptize their first born children to Lucifer, so his son will follow in his footsteps, down to Hell as well.

  4. But, but, but, those Lithium batteries will save the world along with my Muskmobile, we’ll plug them in at night to the unicorn charging power station powered by solar panels.
    AI is already in control and plots the demise of all humans.

  5. Thanks to Strange Sounds for qualifying what I believed about Musk. DO NOT TRUST HIM. He’s a weirdo. His statements about things are very erratic.

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