Electricity and power collapse! Lake Mead is less than a day from dropping below 1,050 ft. – Only 5 of Hoover Dam’s 17 turbines will be able to operate below this level


The largest reservoir on the Colorado River continues to plunge to new daily historic lows.

Lake Mead is less than a day from dropping below 1,050 ft. in elevation.

Only 5 of Hoover Dam’s 17 turbines will be able to operate below this level, and only as long as the lake stays above 950 ft. in elevation.

In other words, we are less than a day away from the shutdown of the majority of turbines at Hoover Dam, once the largest hydroelectric dam in the world.

Mead is currently losing about 0.25 ft. per day on average. Combine this with the fact that we will need to release more water from Mead this year to make up for the shortfall being withheld in Powell, and the terrible levels of snowpack in the west, and Mead is set for really frightening drawdown.

It is unlikely that Mead actually drops below 950 ft. any time soon. That would pretty much be the end of anywhere downstream that currently relies on Colorado River water.

However, losing the majority of the power generation at Mead just as we head into what is going to be a hot summer in the middle of a global energy shock is going to strain our grid to (and potentially past) the breaking point. [Mead.uslakes.info]

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  1. They’re several years behind, and it may be too late. Reliance on hydroelectric, solar and wind are not stable foundations of power generation. If we want to provide sustainable amounts of electrical energy to power society into the future, the only solution (physically or theoretically) at this point in history is nuclear power. The only way for us to reliably occupy desert areas is nuclear power and recycled water (yes, as in full treatment of wastewater). I would love to see a nuclear power plant in every state and near every major metropolitan area. Mines for nuclear elements are significantly smaller than coal counterparts. Footprints of nuclear plants are minuscule compared to equal outputs for solar, wind, or hydro generation. Multiple generations have been brought up believing horrors of nuclear power which don’t reflect reality (past and certainly current). Industrial accidents do happen, in all industries. The scourge of mining for solar equipment and high energy battery production is a scar over the face of the earth, far more than coal or nuclear have ever been. It is going to take a paradigm shift to get us to take the (actual) next step toward the future of mankind.

  2. as the poles move toward Indian ocean and our protection from our electromagnetic field wanes , fear is first sing in animals during periods of low emf. climate change or energetic galaxy change. Here comes the judge.

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  5. More hurricanes in my area (gulf coast area) and along the east coast. Insurance rates are going higher and unaffordable for some.

  6. Umm…those selfies won’t take themselves! Better get that power back on so people can charge their iphones and get all them selfies taken. 98% of folks will never bother to know there is a problem until there is one.

    • Really, and why would that be? Is the dropping water level just gonna stop in spite of the drought conditions? I’ll bet almost no one ever thought it would get to the point it is now. I can’t say as I’ve ever heard of drought conditions stopping because something is “highly unlikely.”

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