Powerful X-Class solar flare erupts from the sun and triggers strong M6.8 earthquake in Argentina


Sunspot AR3006 exploded on May 10th (1355 UT), producing an intense X1.5-class solar flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash:

X-class solar flare May 10, 2022
X-class solar flare May 10, 2022. via NOAA

Radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a shortwave radio blackout around the Atlantic Ocean. Radio transmissions at frequencies below ~30 MHz were attenuated for more than an hour after the flare.

black out map solar flare May 10, 2022
Map of black out triggered by solar flare on May 10, 2022

Since the flare occurred, a mish-mash of CMEs has billowed away from the sun’s southern hemisphere. It is unclear if these CMEs are related to the X-flare or instead some other, lesser explosions that happened at almost the same time.

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There was a filament eruption to the right of the X-flare, and a C4-class solar flare in a different sunspot to the left. NOAA analysts are busy unraveling these events using computer models to determine if one of the CMEs might hit Earth.

Solar storm triggers strong quake

Meanwhile a powerful M6.8 earthquake hit Argentina on May 11, 2022, just 12 hours after the big solar eruption…

There is currently some scientific evidence that link space weather and earthquake activity. Several studies have provided significant evidence that seismicity depends on solar cycle phase, solar wind and geomagnetic activity.

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Other studies have provided significant evidence that most of the EQs occur outside the maximum phase of the solar cycles, in particular during the decay phase of the solar cycle.

Finally, the Sun is the principal energy source in our solar system and, therefore, the agent of many physical processes taking place in Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere.

In my opinion there absolutely is a correlation. From how I see and experience it, huge amounts of Highly Charged Particles that penetrate our atmosphere not only impact/destabilize our GeoMagnetic Field and disturb Electronic Devices and affect our Well-Being, but they somehow also need to discharge their load.

Just as normal Lightning does on a small scale, find the weakest spot in the neighborhood, so does the Highly Charged Solar Radiation in huge amounts find its way to the weakest spots on a Global Scale, and these are along our Tectonic Plate Fault lines.

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This explains why incoming increased Solar Winds not only create GeoMagnetic Turbulence but also trigger more massive Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions and even increase Tropical Storms.

In any cases, Friday the 13th could be a lucky day for auroraphiles. A CME launched by yesterday’s cluster of southern explosions on the sun might graze Earth’s magnetic field on May 13th. [European Physical Journal]

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  2. 6.8 is a big quake. I’m not sure of there is correlation to solar flares, but it does seem plausible. Been worried more for my 7 year-old lab. I think she has a front brain tumor. She suddenly has gone blind, after having had 2 seizures. At first I thought my neighbor (inbred retards and felons) poisoned her with meth/meth byproduct/waste. Now, I am not sure. Our veterinarians off grid suck too. Not worth calling them here.
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