Severodonetsk is about to fall! Ukrainian forces refuse fighting – No weapons, no leaders, demoralized


The MSM propaganda is collapsing…

Ukrainian soldiers refuse to fight in Severodonetsk
Ukrainian soldiers refuse to fight in Severodonetsk. Picture via Youtube video

And it seems that the surrender of the Asov soldiers in Mariupol has driven down the morale of the Ukrainian troops currently fighting against Russians in other battles, especially in the Donbas…

Already on May 16th, the Ukrainian 1st battalion of 1st company of 115th Brigade stated that they weren’t able to carry out the orders of their leaders due to poor resources, lack of fire support and lack of weapons.

Yesterday, Ukrainian 3rd Battalion of the 115th Brigade made a new statement and refused again to fight because of lack of protection and adequate equipments.

The morale of the Ukrainian troops currently fighting in Severodonetsk is very low. They have been encircled. They won’t get any new weapons and they will have to surrender like the soldiers in Mariupol. In contrast to everything we are hearing in the MSM propaganda, the city is about to fall in Russian hands.

But this raises another question. Ukraine is constantly receiving weapons from the West… Where are they? Where have they disappeared? Are they already killing people in other wars, far away from Ukraine? is now running ad-free CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

Qfiles is another great site for alternative news and information

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  1. Billions to the ukraine money laundromat. Screw over taxpayers. Our leaders are neck deep in corruption too. R and D party are self-enrichment specialists. Fck ’em all.??

  2. Most of the weapons the US sent to Ukraine are being sold on the black market to international terrorists. They will be used in the US on Americans. The weapons that are making it there require extensive training to operate them properly. That is not happening on a large scale. Also, Europe is sending them their junk. (Portugal: WWII howitzers, Germany: 1970s Leopard I tanks it pulled out of moth balls, many of which do not run, Poland: 1970s Mig 29s which lack modern weapon systems, on and on.)

    Now, half a Ukrainian brigade is refusing to fight. The Azov Nazis have surrendered (the New York Times calls it ‘Ukraine is ending military operations in Mariupol.”) But American news media says Ukraine is winning?

    • It is quite straightforward that new weapons needs some half year of training before operational use in actual fight (and I’m not talking about tactical nor strategic use, in last case time of training is simply unpredictable beforehand). Biden had enough time to send weapons to Ukraine, instead he decided to fearmonger and sent support too late to be actually helpful. Business as usual…

  3. In the Ukraine there is ethnic cleansing going on. They are not arming the gentile fighters/soldiers, they only arm the so-called Nazis, who are in reality, the asknaNAZI jews. They want their homeland, Khazaria back. All the goyim are going to be ethnically cleansed by both Russia and Ukraine, in this FAKE war. Ukraine will be the new Israel. The christians and gentiles are all being moved out and the war is only about doing that. They are destroying the homes of the non jewish Ukrainians and making them flee the country. They are getting ready to weaken NATO and the USA, to bankrupt the USA, and then WW3 will begin for real. Russia could win this war last week, if that was the intended goal.

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