Weather chaos! Massive blizzard storm dumps 3 FEET of snow at the end of May in northwest Wyoming and in the South Hills of Idaho – Dozens of travelers rescued


Can you imagine that? A massive blizzard dumped more than 3 feet of snow in northwest Wyoming and in the South Hills of Idaho… And that at the end of MAY!

snow blizzard Wyoming. Picture: Thomas Cooper

Massive storm dumps 3 FEET of snow at the end of May in northwest Wyoming

A major spring snow storm dumped more than 3 feet of snow on northwest Wyoming over the Memorial Day weekend, stranding dozens of travelers on the Chief Joseph Highway.

Springtime blizzard and rescue under way on Chief Joseph Scenic Highway (WY296) northwest of Cody.

Dozens of people caught in the storm that closed Wyoming Highway 296, which connects Cody to Cooke City, Montana, and the Beartooth Highway, had to be rescued by Department of Transportation personnel, according to Cody Beers, a department public relations specialist.

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There were vehicles blocked there last night and spun out on the road,” Beers told Cowboy State Daily midday Monday. “There’s at least two feet of snow up on (Dead Indian Pass) and there was a pretty good line of cars, 10 to 12 cars backed up.

To make matters worse, Beers said a pickup with a camper in the back had spun out, blocking the road for oncoming traffic.

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As of late Monday morning, however, Beers said a WYDOT loader had arrived and was clearing the road so vehicles could pass.

Getting news from the Burgess Junction operators that the wind and snow are making it difficult to keep the roads open today. So we have closed 14A for everyone’s safety. To give you an idea of what’s happening up there. Here is a webcam shot of Granite Pass on US 14. WDOT

He’s been digging a trail down through the road,” he said, “and I’m sure he’s going to go clear to the bottom and see if there’s other people spun out on the switchbacks on the backside of Dead Indian (Pass).

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Additionally, Beers told Cowboy State Daily a power line had come down on the highway due to the heavy, wet snow, creating dangerous sparks.

They had to wait for Rocky Mountain Power to remove the line,” he said, “So (snow removal crews are) trying to catch up now.

The National Weather Service and Cowboy State Daily’s Don Day had predicted a major winter storm for the state’s northern and central mountains.

There were warnings put out for 1 to 2 feet in the mountains and it looks like the National Weather Service hit a bullseye,” Beers said, “because it’s deep wet, heavy snow.

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I mean, it’s multimillion dollar snow right now for our farmlands and our mountains,” he continued, “but it comes on a holiday weekend when a lot of people are out there camping, weather forecast be damned.

Beers urged people to stay off the highways if possible.

I’m sure people made the decision to try to get out of (the mountains), and then it only took one vehicle to get stopped, to stop the entire convoy of vehicles coming out,” he said.

Chief Joseph was only one of the highways closed due to weather this weekend. Sylvan Pass closed at 6:30 a.m. Monday, cutting off the only access to Yellowstone from the East Gate; U.S Highway 14A was closed from Lovell to Dayton over the Bighorn Mountains, and Beartooth Pass, which was scheduled to open for the season this weekend, remained closed due to the winter storm.

South Hills in Idaho kicked off the unofficial start of summer with 30 inches of snow

The South Hills south of Twin Falls kicked off the unofficial start of summer with a good old fashioned snowstorm. Camping season may have to wait a little longer in this area.

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Memorial Day weekend is considered the unofficial start of summer. You know, time to start camping, barbecues, outdoor activities, water activities, etc. Looks like Mother Nature had her own plans. Hopefully not too many people got stuck in the South Hills over the weekend because over 2 feet of snow came down.

Photos shared by the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Department show just how crazy it got up there. The 5th Fork area definitely got hit hard. 2 and a half feet of snow fell there.

But the snow isn’t the only concern right now in the area. Trees were downed over the roadways and the trails. It is best to avoid the area as much as possible.

It looks like it might be a while before we start talking about camping in the South Hills, at least in the higher elevations, for a while. The snow may melt but the trails and the roads are going to need some time to try out. The mud could be problematic, especially for higher profile vehicles, RVs, and such.

The bottom line really, is that Idaho does need the precipitation. While these temperatures and weather patterns aren’t going to solve all of the drought problems, it will help put Idaho in the right direction.

If you do plan on going out this weekend and testing the conditions, make sure you stay safe. Tell people where you plan on staying, be prepared for situations like getting stuck, and apparently bring snow boots along with your mountain bikes. You never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at us right now. [CowboyStateDaily, KEZJ]

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  1. The Chemtrails have aluminum in them. They are not, nor do they have the ability to modify weather on that kind of scale. All part of advancing earth changes. Earth’s wobble increasing. Planet moves about in a giant figure 8. Atmosphere gets mixed and produces erratic weather. Why the weather guys are having a lot more trouble predicting weather patterns. Even heard a weather guy start saying, “and due to the earth wobble”…..Pause, then he changed subject. A major slip. So weather going crazy. Everyone says, “Weather Warfare”! “Climate Engineering”! “Geoengineering”! Well, volcanos and EQ’s are off the charts as well. Guess they control those also. And the number of bolides coming down have broken all records! Guess they are in space throwing rocks at the earth. The Feds and Billionaires are getting off the coasts for a reason. The coasts are not going to be safe. But the Elite/Deep State/Satanists/etc do not want the common man or woman to figure this out until it’s too late.

  2. Chemical ice nucleization sprayed by geoengineering airplanes makes the freeze fry temperatures and the heavy wet snow that clings to tree tops. Test the snow. Is it full of aluminum. No mother nature. Only the delusionally minded following demonic orders.

  3. Let’s not overlook the record amount of volcanic ash that has been spewed into the upper atmosphere, in last few months. Historically it results in a year without a summer. Three weeks away from the summer solstice, and it’s cold. There may be some or many warm or even hot days, but the trend appears to be a cool summer. Natural events unfolding. Man has nothing to do with it.

  4. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH Global Warming my Hind end!
    When people realize we are in the Eddy Minimum, 6-10% colder than the Maunder Minimum, they will do bad things to those who lied to them so…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

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