Farmers in the Netherlands fight against another governmental attack on food security and supply

Netherlands farmer protests
Netherlands farmer protests

I am not sure if this is getting enough attention but the Dutch government is deciding to get rid of a lot of farmers.

Officials have created a ‘nitrogen crisis’ and are blaming the farmers as the sole culprit of this emission crisis. As a result, Dutch farmers see their livelihoods threatened by plans for new regulations limiting nitrogen oxide emissions.

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Of course, cowshit releases ammonia, but the country’s largest emitter of NOx are the industry and transportation.

In the span of five days, the initially peaceful protests have escalated, resulting in tractor blockades on motorways, the burning of hay bales, the emptying of a slurry tanker on the street and violent riots outside the house of Environment Minister Christianne van der Wal.

According to De Volkskrant (national press), the protest have gone too far:

This is no longer a normal protest but an attack on democracy. … There is no simple solution. The most radical farmers are coming together in a cocktail of feelings of injustice, anti-state thinking and a totally alternative idea of reality. Social media play a major role here, and the search for an antidote has barely begun. … To get the genie back in the bottle the police and the judiciary need to first of all show the protesters where the limits lie.

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Of course, similar to the FREDOM CONVOY in Canada, the government and other related news websites are only showing the rough side of the protests for their propaganda to make the population think, farmers are the bad guys…

The perfect but vicious divide and conquer tactics to split the people against each other.

The NRC Handelsblad also aks the state to assert its monopoly on the use of force:

This crisis requires stronger leadership. [Prime Minister Mark Rutte] should have reacted much more harshly: made it clear that violence and threats to public order can result in the confiscation of tractors, fines and prison sentences. The Netherlands is in for a big, difficult debate in the next few years about how to restore the destroyed balance between nature and agriculture. … What the farmers hope to achieve by threatening politicians and blocking motorways is a mystery – it certainly doesn’t arouse any sympathy.

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Well, to me, that’s clearly another attack on a country’s food production, supply and security and fits perfectly in the 2030 agenda. Why tf would you trigger a food production halt when we’ve been warned about food shortages for months!

These farmers should continue to fight for their/your rights like the Canadian, US, NZ truckers did during their respective FREEDOM Convoys…

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Meanwhile, the farmers have given an ultimatum to their government puppets… If the nitrogen plans are not off the table by Monday morning, July 4th, they will shut down the whole country. [OmbroepBrabant, Eurotopics] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Would love to see those farmers pull out the pitchforks and make some real hay. This worldwide criminal mafia expects us all to lay down and die on command — ala Jim Jones.

    It would be the high point of my day to see a bunch of these “useless people” (like Schwab, Harari and various politicians/bureaucrats) burned at the stake.

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