Did the Big Bang ever happen? Here some scientific papers that the space censors don’t want anyone to read… Even refused on the ‘free’ arXiv pre-print website

Big Bang censorship
Big Bang censorship. Via Wikipedia

Cosmology is in crisis. Almost every week new observations contradict the “concordance model” with its mysterious inflation, dark energy and dark matter.

The solution to this crisis is in abandoning the basic failed hypothesis of the Big Bang itself.

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Without a Big Bang, the phenomena that we see in the cosmos – the large-scale structures, the abundance of light elements, the cosmic microwave background – can all be explained in quantitative detail.

These phenomena are the products of physical processes that are well-known in the laboratory and within our Solar System: electromagnetism, gravity and nuclear fusion.

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In particular, the magnetic pinch effect, which forms magnetic vortex filaments on all scales, has been critical in producing the universe that we now observe. These same filaments are also critical to the fastest route to using fusion energy for humanity.

The plasma physics concepts that can banish the dark and mysterious universe of the Big Bang can as well pave the way for a brighter future here on earth.

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Papers that the cosmology censors don’t want anyone to read…

  1. The first one predicts what the new JWST telescope will find — further refuting the Big Bang, expanding universe, hypothesis. (‘Will LCDM cosmology survive the James Webb Space Telescope?‘ By Riccardo Scarpa and Eric J. Lerner (download PDF here)
  2. The second paper shows, with the latest data, how large-scale structures could not have formed in the time since the hypothesized Big Bang — and how they really formed from plasma filamentation. (‘The Big Bang Never Happened — A Reassessment of the Galactic Origin of Light Elements (GOLE) Hypothesis and its Implications‘ by Eric J. Lerner (download PDF here)).
  3. The third paper summarizes the evidence against the Big Bang hypothesis, which is contradicted by at least 16 independent sets of data and supported by only one. It also shows how a universe without a Big Bang evolved into the one that we currently observe. (‘The Big Bang Never Happened — A Reassessment of the Galactic Origin of Light Elements (GOLE) Hypothesis and its Implications‘ by Eric J. Lerner (download PDF here))

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These papers were refused publication even on the arXiv pre-print website that supposedly allows all researchers to publish without peer review.

To get a non-specialist summary of what the papers show, watch our new video below.

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