Megadrought worsens across Southwest and central US as scorching heat dome leads to record-breaking highs

Heat dome usa July 8-14 2022
Heat dome in the US between July 8-14 2022

At least 10 heat records were broken in cities across the Southwest and central U.S. over the weekend, and more could fall this week amid continued forecasts of searing heat.

Cities and towns in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas all saw record highs on Friday and Saturday. Some broke temperature records set nearly a decade ago and others exceeded previous highs by up to six degrees. The high temperatures are largely the result of a “heat dome” – a persistent region of high pressure trapping heat over the area.

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While the daily records broken weren’t necessarily widespread, given July is already a hot time of year, the conditions created by the heat dome have still been conducive to approaching and meeting record numbers in many areas.

The heat dome has been there from late last week into this weekend, and it’s going to remain there through this coming week, and that’s what’s going to keep it hot in the West,” Bauer said. “It’s been an extremely warm summer this year.

What heat records were broken?

In Colorado, Denver International Airport reported a record-breaking 100 degrees for July 9, according to the National Weather Service, surpassing a record high of 98 degrees for that date just last year. Colorado Springs also reached a record 97 degrees on the same day, breaking a record set in 2021.

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Parts of Texas broke records from almost a century ago: Austin’s Camp Mabry military base hit a record daily high of 106 degrees Saturday, breaking a previous record of 105 degrees set in 1925 and matched in 2009. Waco, Texas, reached 108 degrees on Saturday, far exceeding a record high of 104 set in 1917, 1935 and 1978.

Some states saw not just broken records, but shattered ones. At Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Riverside Airport Friday, the temperature reached a record 105 degrees, widely surpassing the 2001 high of 99 degrees for July 8. The surrounding cities of McAlester and Muskogee in Oklahoma as well as Fayetteville, Fort Smith and NWA Airport in Arkansas also broke records by spans of one to six degrees.

When will this heat wave be over?

A cold front moving through North and South Dakota on Sunday could bring some relief to the Denver area this week, according to Bauer, but the strength of the heat dome is forecasted to spike temperatures in the area again in the following days, possibly up to another record-breaking level.

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There isn’t much relief for the Austin area either, according to Bauer, who said Accuweather is forecasting temperatures “into the hundreds” through the next week, approaching record breaking numbers yet again.

The heat dome is likely to shift and expand to the West as the week begins, and temperatures will be on the rise in Arizona, Nevada and Utah, according to Accuweather.

The heat dome is strong enough to keep out cold fronts that approach areas affected by the dome, thus keeping heat balled up in places like the Great Plains, Bauer said – an area already suffering from a long period of drought.

“It’s unfortunate to see this setup, as there’s not much relief in sight,” he said.

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How should you prepare for extreme heat?

As extreme heat and humidity can challenge the body’s ability to cool itself, it is valuable to know the signs of excessive heat exposure and how to treat heat-related illnesses. Knowing the warning signs for heat stroke and heat exhaustion, and the differences between the two, can help you to protect yourself and those around you, experts say.

Those at greatest risk of heat illness are people 65 or older, under the age of 2, and those living with chronic diseases or mental illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Ways to prevent heat-related illness include drinking water, utilizing air conditioning, limiting outdoor activity, spending time in the shade when outside and cooling off in a pool or other body of water.

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Keep an eye on your pets, too, amid high temperatures and humidity: The Humane Society of the United States suggests limiting exercise for dogs on hot days, providing ample shade and water for your pet and keeping an eye out for signs of heatstroke, including heavy panting, glazed eyes and a rapid heartbeat.

About 100 cities could see record highs through Wednesday, the weather service predicted. In other words, they are using weather weapons to enhance the already unprecedented megadrought across the Southwest. Water and food will soon become some of the rarest commodities around… Be ready and stock up! [AccuWeather, USA Today] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Flash flood warning today, 1155hrs. Radio station just issued the warning. Severe injury or death. A few inches, (5″) inbound for my area.
    No drought in sight today.

  2. “The California Dream” Has Become “The California Cesspool”
    Once upon a time, California was the hottest destination in the entire country. Millions of young people poured into California in search of a new life, and today it has the largest population of any U.S. state by a very wide margin. But now “the California Dream” has become “the California Cesspool”, and residents are moving to other states on a permanent basis in very large numbers. In fact, at this point a lot of California residents are even choosing to move to Mexico in order to escape the state. Decades of really bad decisions have turned the Golden State into an endless nightmare, and there appears to be no hope on the horizon.

    Just look at what has happened to San Francisco. It is one of the wealthiest cities on the entire planet, but everywhere you look there is squalor.

  3. AS THE NIBIRU MINI SOLAR SYSTEM approches,EVERYONE will see weather changes beyon anything recorded in history,MOVE to the higher mountains NOW,when the roads are ruined it’ll be to late,MOVE NOW…

  4. This is work of Satan indeed? What do you think.
    we warned you 7/11/2022 and many events happened.
    Mass shooting at Argentinian football match leaves teenager fighting for life and seven others injured

    An 18-year-old is fighting for his life after a mass shooting at a football match
    The Argentinian fourth division tie between Lujan and Alem saw serious violence
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  5. In the Zuni Mnts , SE of the 4 corners have thus far been quite temperate this Summer. Monsoon season started in mid June, and is still in effect.
    It started to warm up this am (7-11-22), yet by 1130 hrs MNT the T storms arrived.
    Has not been above the low 90’s or below the high 40’s this Summr here in the Zuni Mnts.
    Today is a good day for Gully washing & watering the Trees & Wildflowers.

  6. afaic, nature will always regain equilibrium with a whiplash effect.

    Monsoons do break through, spectacularly.

    Desert dwellers in the greater Death Valley Area are acclimatized to it.

    Or, the best tv subscriptions and coolers are considered survival interests, like when people use heating fuel, back east.

  7. Up in the mountains (4 corners area) we are having a mild summer. We also have monsoons with abundant rain. Sun with clouds today. Chance of thunderstorms. Yesterday it rained around my ranch, but not on it. You can see rain dropping all around too. When we get a monsoon storm that hits just right, roads get swamped. Generally speaking July and August are the two hottest months. Not seeing it as far as compared to previous seasons. To me it is almost like the 2016 season.

  8. Extremes worldwide as Nibiru moves closer. And they are breaking all historical records. It is going to get worse. Natural cycle that happens every 3600 years. Get off the coast. And at least 100 miles from any volcano that’s been active in the last 10,000 years. This is what the Federal Government and Billionaire’s have been doing. Why???

  9. Stop with the ‘record breaking highs’ please the late 30’s and 40’s were the hottest time on record in America…PERIOD.
    AND we have AC now and people who live in a Desert region needs to know…it’s hot & dry in a DESERT!!!

    • Texas and Arizona are always a furnance in the flatlands now. 118°-122° is not unusual in peak summer temps. People get used to it. Some people do expire from not taking precautions. Especially lefty hikers.

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