Stop your propaganda! MSM says ‘Zoe’ becomes the world’s first named heat wave, but we already had Apocalypse 4800 in Italy and ‘Lucifer’ in 2021 across Europe


The climate change propaganda is all around MSM right now! And they are lying again.

In the last 2 days, many newspapers claimed that the world’s first named heat wave occurred in 2022 (and was nicknamed ‘Zoe’).

For MSM, the world first heat wave to be given a name (Zoe) occurred in 2022
For MSM, the world first heat wave to be given a name (Zoe) occurred in 2022. That’s false

But that’s not true…

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I live in the center of Europe (Switzerland is not really part of it but we are geographically located in the middle of Europe (at least of the western part of it).

I can recall that we had last year a heat wave nicknamed ‘Lucifer’. As described by VOA news:

The extreme heat in the Mediterranean region continued to trigger wildfires, with dozens of people killed in Algeria, Greece, Italy and Turkey in recent days. The weather system, nicknamed “Lucifer,” has unleashed record temperatures, and on Thursday it was moving slowly west toward Spain and Portugal.

Back in 2017, the Guardian also spoke about another heatwave named ‘Lucifer’:

The ‘Lucifer heatwave’ saw temperatures fail to drop below 30C for three days and nights in the hottest spots, and was linked to a 15% surge in emergency hospital admissions in Italy. Prolonged heat is known to be very dangerous to health and a severe heatwave in Europe in 2003 was linked to 75,000 deaths by subsequent analysis.

Lucifer was particularly awful, especially since it was nearly 6°C hotter than Zoe

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Local vs global

As reported by NDTV news:

Spanish city of Seville has become the first in the world to name and classify heatwave – in the same way tropical storms and hurricanes are named.

To me, this sounds local and not worldwide… Again, it’s the first time that Seville in Spain has named a heatwave, but not the first time that a heat wave was named around the world…

Heatwave name Apocalypse 4800 Italy
Heatwave name: ‘Apocalypse 4800’ in Italy in 2022

For example, in Italy right now, journalists have a major hard on for naming heatwaves. They usually have Lucifer, Caron, Scipio, Hannibal… But in 2022, they have invented something out-of-this-world: APOCALYPSE 4800.’ This stupid name is based on the measurement of the freezing level (0°C) at 4800 meters above sea level during the heat wave.

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Bottom line: This is all a lie. ‘Zoe’ is not the world’s first named heat wave. It was maybe the first named heatwave in Spain, but not around the world. Stop your lying climate change propaganda… Soon, they will say: ‘From now on, the heat waves will go in reverse alphabetical order, we will be at A by next month… has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Meh, we call this crap a heat wave. Heat waves have occured throughout history. These klowns just want another weather related psyop, so they can call for emergency climate lockdowns.

    • Maybe they are copying the futurama episode, in which the humans had to keep mining ice from a hayleys comet. By chucking huge chunk of ice, into our ocean.

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