Sudden hailstorm buries roads and cars in Estes Park, Colorado in a foot of hail

Estes Park Colorado hail storm on July 26
Estes Park Colorado hail storm on July 26, 2022

Early Thursday morning, the police department of a town at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park shared photos of hail piled so high, that it looked like snow.

In a Facebook post, the Estes Park Police Department shared photos of roads covered in hail with the caption “Who had ‘Elkhorn Avenue impassable in July’ on their 2022 Bingo cards?

People in the community helped drivers dig out cars and clear the street.

Still, a plow had to come in and clear out all of the piles of hail.

In addition to hail, storms across Northern Colorado Wednesday brought heavy rain, flooding, mudslides, and power outages.

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    • Ayhuasca Purple is actually a very nice strain of bud, not all stoner’s are bad. It’s the one’s who use a lot of pharma’s, meth or heroin. Even alcoholics are worse than an average stoner.

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