‘Temperatures drop, crops die, oceans freeze’: Scientists warn nuclear war would be enough to plunge the whole world into a ‘Little Ice Age’ as NYC releases PSA for what to do in case of a nuke attack

'Temperatures drop, crops die, oceans freeze': What would happen in a nuclear war
‘Temperatures drop, crops die, oceans freeze’: This is what would happen in a nuclear war. Picture: Burnt Pineapple Productions

A nuclear war between two countries would be enough to plunge the world into a “Little Ice Age”, scientists have warned.

Researchers found that even nations not involved in the dispute would suffer crop failures and plummeting temperatures, as the soot and smoke from nuclear firestorms thousands of miles away would block out the sun.

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In the first month following nuclear detonation, average global temperatures would plunge by about 13F – a larger temperature change than in the last Ice Age, warned experts from Louisiana State and Rutgers universities.

As the planet became colder, sea ice would expand by more than six million square miles and 6ft deep in some basins, blocking major ports including Beijing’s Port of Tianjin, Copenhagen and St Petersburg.

The sea ice would spread into normally ice-free coastal regions, blocking shipping across the Northern Hemisphere – making it difficult to get food and supplies into some cities.

The sudden drop in light and ocean temperatures, especially from the Arctic to the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans, would kill the marine algae which form the foundation marine food web – creating a famine in the ocean, effectively bringing the fishing industry to a halt.

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‘We must do everything we can to avoid nuclear war’

It doesn’t matter who is bombing whom, it can be India and Pakistan or Nato and Russia,” said Prof Cheryl Harrison, lead author from Louisiana State University’s Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences.

“Once the smoke is released into the upper atmosphere, it spreads globally and affects everyone.

We must do everything we can to avoid nuclear war. The effects are too likely to be globally catastrophic.

The study is the first to gauge the impact of today’s nuclear weapons and simulated the impact of a war between the US and Russia, where 4,400 100 kiloton weapons might be expected. It also looked at the effect of a war between Indian and Pakistan, where around 10 times fewer missiles would be expected.

Researchers estimated that even the smaller war would see between 11 billion and 103 billion pounds of smoke and soot ejected into the upper atmosphere, blocking out the light from the sun. A war between superpowers could see three times that level.

Ocean recovery would likely take decades at the surface and hundreds of years at depth, while changes to Arctic sea ice will likely last thousands of years and effectively be a “Nuclear Little Ice Age”.

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‘The world simply cannot go down that path’

“Nuclear warfare results in dire consequences for everyone,” added Alan Robock, co-author and distinguished professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers University.

“World leaders have used our studies previously as an impetus to end the nuclear arms race in the 1980s, and five years ago to pass a treaty in the United Nations to ban nuclear weapons. We hope that this new study will encourage more nations to ratify the ban treaty.

“A nuclear war would be a significant planetary tipping point. With Russia at war in Ukraine and President Vladimir Putin threatening to use nuclear weapons, these findings are a strong warning that the world simply cannot go down that path.”


NYC releases PSA for what to do in case of nuclear attack

Forget “duck and cover”; “get inside” and “stay tuned.”

If a nuclear blast befalls the Big Apple, New Yorkers should immediately seek shelter indoors and stay put.

That’s according to a new public service announcement the city released Monday outlining the three key steps New Yorkers should take in case Gotham gets nuked, either by a foreign power or a terrorist with a “dirty bomb”:

“As the threat landscape continues to evolve, it is important that New Yorkers know we are preparing for any imminent threats and are providing them with the resources they need to stay safe and informed,” said the city’s Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol in a statement on July 11.

While the likelihood of such an attack in or around the Five Boroughs is “very low,” according to the Emergency Management Department, the agency released a short video online to show that they have a plan in case it does.

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The clip begins with deserted city streets and sirens howling in the distance, when a narrator walks into frame explaining the situation.

“So there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why, just know that the big one has hit,” she says.

The matter-of-fact guide notes that you should get into a building and move to the center, away from the windows, adding that staying in a car is not a safe alternative.

The main concern from a nuclear event, should you survive it, is highly-radioactive fallout from the explosion that could dump lethal dust on an area for up to two weeks. Merely staying inside isn’t enough, even with windows or doors in tact; you’d have to get to the middle of the basement, or a shelter, to stay as protected from the fallout as possible.

Anyone caught outside during the blast must clean themselves off immediately, removing all outer clothes and bag them, to keep radioactive dust or ash away from their body.

Wash off the fallout gunk with soap or shampoo — assuming your shower still works at this point.

Then the waiting begins. The narrator tells viewers to follow media for more information, sign up for the city’s emergency alert system Notify NYC, and stay put until officials say it’s safe to reemerge.

“All right? You’ve got this,” she then signs off.

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The video doesn’t address a nuclear blast survivor’s nutritional or medical needs — which figure to be potentially catastrophic after a nuclear event.

The public messaging echoes Cold War-era films that told Americans to “duck and cover” in case of a nuclear detonation.

The 1950s campaign by the Federal Civil Defense Administration famously showed people quickly dropping down and covering themselves in several everyday situations, such as kids in a school classroom, or a family having a leisurely picnic where the dad uses nothing but a newspaper to cover his head, all of which are set against an upbeat tune repeating the line “duck and cover.”

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The federal government’s Department of Homeland Security now has a more detailed guide for what to in case of a nuclear blast that is similar to the city’s guidance.

Well, a nuclear war would solve environmental problems almost instantly…Do you think our politicians are crazy enough to launch such an attack just to fight climate change… It’s maybe in their agenda… [AGU Advances, LSU, Yahoo, Amny]

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  1. 11 Minutes of Unvarnished Truth – The Most Blistering Assessment of the USA Ever Aired on Radio
    World NewsDesk 13 July 2022 Hits: 14735

    As most Americans remain blissfully unaware that nuclear war is likely just weeks away, The Hal Turner Radio Show aired the most blistering assessment of the situation ever spoken on radio. It is eleven minutes of absolute radio gold. Truth for the ages.

    “The USA has become a woke cesspool of 3rd world slums, meth/herion junkies, rabid feminists, and neutered femboys.

    Am I really supposed to care if 90% of it is annihilated in a nuclear fire?

    But, people say, but “muh freedums . . . ‘mercia, fuck yeah!”

    Well, that place has been dead a long time. Maybe it’s time its rotting carcass be put on a funeral pyre.”

    There’s more . . . much more.

    Here is the most ferocious, brutally honest, political/social/cultural assessment ever spoken on radio:

    • In Mid-Feb, Hal Turner did a big article on how Hassidic jews were evacuating Brooklyn due to a pending nuclear event in NYC. BEFORE Russia invaded Ukraine. And he was correct. Jews had also begun evacuating Ukraine to Israel in January.
      Then it was discovered that heavy radiation sources were ‘occurring’ on the subway trains in NYC (R line). In 2020, troops at the Javitz Center were conducting Operation Gotham under cover of Covid aid. Well Op Gotham Shield had also been done in 2017-8 and was drills for a nuke device detonated in NYC.
      The city has sensors all over MTA system to monitor all WMD microbes, so if there is a nuke device? THEY KNOW ABOUT IT- OR PLANTED IT THEMSELVES. Jewish Holiday of “THREE WEEKS” Tammuz July 16- Aug 7 Tisha B’av is right here, so the timing is perfect. Just like 911, they got out of town just in the nic of time (source of that info ? JEWISH press of Israel).
      Wake up folks. they’ve wanted war w/ Russia for yrs, and they will false flag us to get it.

    • Radio gold? Hardly. he just spoke the obvious. In a nation of lies, I guess that means he’s the next ‘genius’.
      WTF are the other comments that were on here?
      HAL TURNER exposed that JEWS were evacuating Brooklyn and NYC back in Feb over coming nuke “event” in NY. THAT was far more valuable info than his grandstanding rant.


  3. PSA announcement was a recycled fear psyop. Deep state could EMP America and blame Russia, Russia, Russia for the false flag.

    Then the satanic elitists disappear into their well-stocked bunkers with gold, jewels, and cash to ride out the apocalypse. Look how much taxpayer’s money bozobiden and the EU are throwing into their azoz-nazi money laundromat, ukraine and their jackoff bastard and pervert leader zelinskie.
    ?F ’em all.?

  4. There will not be an all-out nuclear war. Just saber rattling to cover other events going on. Such as increasing earth changes. The real elephant in the closet.

  5. Well no Shit Sherlock!
    Trump had the World at Peace…Biden has started the whole ‘War everywhere’ cycle again.
    I voted trump – who did YOU vote for?

    • I definitely would not had voted for Biden and I don’t even live in your country. I’ve seen his muppet face around the shady many times before he became presidumb

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