Too devastated! Yellowstone’s historic canyon road may never open again after flooding

Exclusive look at Yellowstone National Park heavy damage after last month's historic floods
Exclusive look at Yellowstone National Park heavy damage after last month’s historic floods. Picture via Youtube video

Inside America’s oldest national park, there’s an urgent push to repair catastrophic damage caused by last month’s historic flooding.

At Yellowstone National Park’s northern entrance, the nearly 150-year-old Highway 89 is in shambles.

This is one of four sections that was severely damaged by the flood event,” said park superintendent Cam Sholly.

Sholly says repairing two miles of highway could take five years and, by some estimates, cost as much as $1 billion with help from the Army Corps of Engineers.

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I’d like to see this canyon restored. Ultimately, you’ve got to be cognizant of what the future threats could be,” Sholly said.

But rebuilding the road may not make sense. There’s concern the erosion is so severe that parts of the canyon could collapse.

A new video on the devastating floods’ damage in the Yellowstone National Park:

The National Park Service said most of its properties and surrounding towns have been impacted from erosion in Florida’s Everglades to drought-fueled fires in California’s Yosemite.

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Business in Yellowstone’s northern gateway communities has plummeted since the flooding.

Everybody has been incredibly resilient in pushing through and trying to figure out, you know, how do we keep going?” said Patrick Sipp, co-owner of Flying Pig Adventures.

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The park is adapting to the loss of a major access road, converting about five miles of a narrow bicycle trail into a temporary two-lane road. The park’s temporary mountain top road will open to tourists by November. Rangers say it may even replace the historic canyon highway.

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  1. Yellowstone and Zion National Parks were awesome mountain bike vacations. Bryce was too, but I had a wreck, and it took a day to heal. It was very hot at Bryce, but the rock formations were kickass.

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