Mount St. Helens magma chamber is recharging! More than 88 earthquakes rattled the dangerous volcano in last 30 days instead of the 17 quakes reported normally on average


According to PNSN, 88 earthquakes rattled Mount St. Helens in the last 30 days. As shown in the map below, they all lie within the crater.

Mount St Helens earthquake swarm in July-August 2022.
Mount St Helens earthquake swarm in July-August 2022. Map via PNSN

PNSN also explains on their website that:’[…] on average (not during eruptions or their precursors) they locate about 17 earthquakes a month at Mount St. Helens […].

So 88 quakes are a lot more (a difference of 71 from the monthly average)…

These latest tremors hit at a depth between -1.8 (-1.1 miles) and +10.6km (6.6 miles), with the majority of them being in the depth range 2-4 km (1.2-2.4 miles).

These quakes are related to stresses generated by magma recharge into the main crustal magma system.

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According to PNSN, such recharge seems to have taken place during the periods: 1989-1991, late in 1995 in 1997 and perhaps a few periods since the end of the last eruption such as mid 2014 and 2016. And also perhaps beginning of this year, as shown in the diagram below:

Mount St.Helens earthquake counts
Mount St.Helens earthquake counts. This graph doesn’t take into account the quakes that hit last week. There were 2 periods of enhanced seismic activity in 2022. beginning of the year and a more pronounced period going on right now!

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  1. I wouldn’t be worried yet. These volcanoes have an ebb and flow to them with earthquakes. A few years ago it was Yellowstone that was going to blow. Then it was the Canary Islands a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

  2. The West Coast faults are under extreme pressure as South America pushes against the North American Plate, to the west. Fun begins when the New Madrid finally rips. Soon after, they say, the West Coast events trigger. It is expected that this will happen in 2022. I’m not sure but you can definitely see the pressure building. Events appear to be on a short fuse.

  3. Born and raised here. I remember when she erupted as well. Seen the eruption from my home back in 1980.

    I can only hope Helens, Adams, Baker and Rainier all go. And unzip the cascadian subduction zone fault line, starting a chain reaction all the way to California.

    Washington state has become a hellhole with this imbecile governor we have. Plus all the drag queens, gay marriage, pride parades, tweakers, continued funding of child sacrifice, luke warm christians, wealthy snobs, environmentally insane greenies, mandated lethal injections/soul mark, bag tax, fuel taxes, breathing taxes, and bill gates of hell himself.

    It’s okay if I go as well. I’m ready to go home. The good perish with the wicked.

    Isaiah 57:1 KJV

    • “Isaiah 57:20-21,

  4. The first eruption I remember very well. It rained ash for a solid week south of Mt. St. Helens in California. It wasn’t just a little. The sun was blcoked like a hazy sunshine type of day too. TV news recommended people stay indoors, and refrain from outdoor exercise, like running. I was coaching my little brother’s Little League team back then, after factory work. March 27, 1980.

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