Power grid shuts down as Iraq temperature exceeds 51C (123.8F) in heatwave from Hell

Iraq heatwave August 2022
Iraq heatwave August 2022. Al Arabiya

Iraq’s power grid has been fried by extreme temperatures exceeding 51C (123.8F), in a heatwave that’s forced authorities to step in as millions swelter.

Millions were left without power on Saturday as the electricity grid failed in the southern provinces of Basra, Dhi Qar and Maysan.

Reports of mass food spoilage and illness have forced authorities to take measures to keep the population safe due to the “noticeable rise in temperatures”.

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This first video shows Iraqi people taking to streets and burning tires in Basra to protest lack of electricity:

Local reports say residents were battling the heat by driving around their city for the sole purpose of using the air conditioner.

On Sunday morning, the governor of Dhi Qar province announced a public holiday for state employees would be extended until the religious festival of Muharram begins on Tuesday.

The Middle Eastern nation ranks fifth on the global list of the most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change — and it is now facing faster-rising temperatures than most.

The dire scene has seen southern marshes in the southern in Dhi Qar province dry up at a much faster rate, lining cracks for miles on end.

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Weather forecasts indicated most of Iraq would experience temperatures of around 45C (113F) or higher this week, but the sudden spike has caught even the most experienced by surprise.

The electricity grid is not the only public service in trouble, with hospitals also under strain as they battle an influx of heatstroke cases.

Heatwaves have also crippled Europe this summer, bringing a number of nations to a halt

Faced with a historic drought and threatened by desertification, Spain is now rethinking how it spends its water resources, which are used mainly to irrigate crops.

“We must be extremely careful and responsible instead of looking the other way,” Spain’s Minister for the Ecological Transition Teresa Ribera said recently, about the impact of the lack of rain.

Like France and Italy, Spain has been gripped by several extreme heatwaves this summer after an unusually dry winter.

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That has left the country’s reservoirs at 40.4% of their capacity in August, 20% points below the average over the last decade for this time of the year.

Officials have responded by limiting water use, especially in the southern region of Andalusia, which grows much of Europe’s fruits and vegetables.

Reservoir water levels in the region are particularly low, just 25% at most of their capacity.

The situation is dramatic,” said University of Jaen hydrology professor Rosario Jimenez, adding both underground aquifers and surface bodies of water were running low.

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The situation is especially worrying since it is part of a long-term trend linked to climate change, she added.

Parts of Spain are the driest they have been in a thousand years due to an atmospheric high-pressure system driven by climate change, according to a study published last month in the journal, Nature Geoscience.

Greenpeace estimates that 75% of the country is susceptible to desertification.

Spain has built a vast network of dams to provide water for its farms and towns. During the 20th century, 1,200 large dams were built in the country, the highest number in Europe per capita.

In England, temperatures this summer spiked beyond 40C (104F) for the first time ever.

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The country’s hottest temperature ever measured was previously 38.7C (101.7F) at the Cambridge Botanic Garden in 2019.

The Government feared the “unprecedented heatwave” could have sparked a series riots and a meltdown of emergency services as millions sat in unprecedented heat.

Global health officials fear that “hundreds or thousands” of people could die as a result of the extreme temperatures — with the conditions likened to a 2003 heatwave in France in which 14,000 mostly elderly people died — prompting the government to trigger the first ever national emergency heat red alert. [WT]

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  3. Thanks for the videos. I also agree with many of the comments that ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ is a LIE, and that GEO-ENGINEERING is 100% real. ‘They’ the controllers manipulate the weather by altering the position of the Jet-stream which is 200 miles high up in the atmosphere. Above the Jetstream it is cold, below it is hot. The problem is that just because we get some artificially ‘hot weather’ extremes, does not mean that the opposite can’t also happen in the coming winter – extreme COLD by contrast. These mad scientists and their ‘controllers’ in their arrogance are playing around with the weather – in order to try and convince the world that ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ is real. Whatever man does to the earth will cause the opposite reaction. some call it GAIA. Could we in fact be on the verge of an ICE-AGE? ‘If you want to know what the truth is about any given issue, then see what the MAIN MEDIA is spouting off and the TRUTH will often be the ‘exact opposite’ of what you are being spoon fed’
    Best Wishes, Steve

    • Right on! 110%! What you said is truth at it’s core. What most people refuse to believe is “no human could be that monstrous”! Guess what there is nothing saying that these monsters are or were ever human!

  4. that is not unusual temperatures in that region, it’s just silly they haven’t safeguard their power sources properly from nature or work with it.

    • Whoever the ‘writer’ is is an AGW freak. Wait till THEY realize the Earth is in the Eddy Minimum that will be 6-10% colder than the Maunder Minimum…and maybe colder than the Little Ice Age!!!
      Both safe sights with FACTS & Historical evidence.

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  9. I bet if Saddam was still in power they would have electricity, but Bush Jr. F’d that up for his own pleasure. I also find it odd how as soon as the left scream climate change, you have all these weather problems right on cue. I think it could be weather warfare more than climate change. It could be China, Russia, or the US doing this or all 3. The US could be doing weather warfare to try to prove their climate change theory.

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