The terrifying preview of hackable humans! Tesla owner implants chip in hand to unlock and start car – Has already one to open his home frontdoor in the other hand

Man implants Tesla key into skin to unlock car by raising hand
Man implants Tesla key into skin to unlock car by raising hand. Picture via Youtube video

This is what they want us to become… Hackable cyborgs… After implanting a chip implanted in his hand that allows him to unlock the door to his home and holds his contact and medical information, such as COVID vaccinations, now he implanted a chip in his other hand to unlock and start his Tesla!

A Michigan man never again has to worry about losing his car keys after he had a chip implanted in his hand that unlocks and starts his Tesla.

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Brandon Dalaly had the chip implanted under local anesthetic at a tattoo and piercing parlor. A few days later, his hand hardly sore, he could use it to open his Tesla by hovering over the door pillar.

You can’t lose your hand, so you always have a way of getting in your car,” Dalaly said.

Though he’s been mocked online as an Elon Musk groupie, Dalaly says he’s actually just a huge technology nerd. What he really wants is for the chip to be updated, so the implant will work for credit cards.

Until that’s possible, Dalaly will settle for using it to start his Tesla by holding his hand over the console.

Getting a lot of comments saying, ‘What if someone comes after you and chops off your hand?’” Dalaly said.

A great book about the terrifying future we are facing: XENOGENESIS – Changing Men Into Monsters

He already has a chip implanted in his other hand that allows him to unlock the door to his home. It also holds his contact and medical information, such as COVID vaccinations. It glows green, so you know the phone is reading it. [KCRG]

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  1. I believe it will be a persons eyes for identification. The iris is wonderfully made and unique in every person. I have seen the movie minority report many times and not seen a date until last night. When tom cruise is walking off the subway and the cameras are clicking and identifying everyone, the year 2037 popped up on a subway screen briefly. Hollywood is very tied in with globalism and the new world order.

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