Water emergency in Jackson, Mississippi: Water system is failing so now BOIL YOUR WATER – City to be with no or little drinking water indefinitely


Our ecosystem collapsing before our eyes isn’t being talked about enough! Actually, it seems that the government is covering up the  large infrastructure problems Americans are facing and prefer spending the much needed taxpayers’ money (that should actually pay for improving the life of US citizen) for proxy wars in other countries… Shame on you!

In the latest infrastructure collapse and health emergency news: State Health Officer Dr. Daniel Edney is urging Jackson residents to conserve their water resources and to boil their water for three minutes before using it to drink, brush teeth, or cook.

The drinking water system in Jackson — Mississippi’s largest city and home to more than 180,000 residents — is failing, state officials announced on Monday. Thousands of Jackson residents already have no or little water pressure, and officials cannot say when adequate, reliable service will be restored.

The city water system has been plagued with problems for years, including tens of thousands of residents losing water between one and three weeks during a 2021 winter storm.

At a press conference Monday night, Gov. Tate Reeves said the city’s largest water treatment plants may be completely down.

The O.B. Curtis plant is not operating anywhere near full capacity,” Reeves said. “We may find out tomorrow it’s not operating at all. We’ll have better visibility on that when we get in there tomorrow.

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Reeves announced he would sign an emergency declaration for the capital city’s water system and create an “incident command center” to distribute water to the city’s residents beginning Tuesday morning.

Until it is fixed, it means we do not have reliable running water at scale,” Reeves said. “It means the city cannot produce enough water to fight fires, to reliably flush toilets, and to meet other critical needs.

When Reeves announced the system was failing Monday at 7 p.m., Jackson leaders, including Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, had not addressed the public about the failure of the water system. Lumumba did declare a “water system emergency” Monday around 6 p.m., saying in a statement the “water shortage is likely to last the next couple of days.

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Lumumba was not invited by Reeves to attend the Monday evening press conference. While Reeves said he had not spoken directly with the mayor, he did say the city leader had agreed to work with state officials to address the problem. Employees with the Mississippi State Department of Health will be working Tuesday with city operators to try to get the plant back on line.

The operators (of the O.B. Curtis facility) have been heroic, just not enough of them,” Reeves said, adding the city employees will be crucial to get the plant running again.

State Health Officer Dr. Daniel Edney urged Jackson residents to “husband their water resources,” and to boil their water for three minutes before using it to drink, brush teeth, or cook.

Reeves revealed that he became aware of the possibility that O.B. Curtis could fail completely on Friday. State health officials told him that the city was relying on backup pumps because the main pumps had been “damaged severely” around the time the current boil water notice went into place on July 29.

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We were told on Friday that there was no way to predict exactly when, but that it was a near certainty that Jackson would begin to fail to produce running water sometime in the next several weeks or months if something didn’t materially improve,” Reeves said. “We began preparing for a scenario where Jackson would be without running water for an extended period.

The governor said his team began coming up with a water distribution plan over the weekend.

All of this was with the prayer that we would have more time before their system ran to failure,” Reeves said. “Unfortunately that failure appears to have begun today.

On Tuesday, an incident command center will be set up and state employees will go into the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant to try to restore it to full operation. The plant has been operating at partial capacity for a number of days, Reeves said. For more than a month, the city has been under a state health department-issued boil water notice, but on Monday because of the problems with the plant much of Jackson lost water pressure.

Reeves said the first goal is to restore water quantity so that people can flush toilets and take a shower and then to restore quality to end the boil water notice.


As a short-term plan, Reeves said the state will cashflow emergency improvements, maintenance and repairs, which will include contracting operators to assist at the treatment plant. He said Mayor Lumumba agreed to a plan where the city would be responsible for half of the cost of the operation.

Back in March 2021, three weeks after winter storms and freezing weather, residents of Jackson, Mississippi were still being warned to boil any water that came out of their faucets. Some even did not have water at home! Remember:

We will come up with a solution that will be great for the city of Jackson,” said Mississippi Emergency Management Agency executive director Stephen McCraney. The governor, though, did not address long-term plans involving possible legislation to earmark state funds to provide a long-term fix for the troubled water system.

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McCraney added that Hinds County Emergency Management Agency had secured water for potential firefighting needs and that the state would be bringing in both water for drinking and for other sanitary needs.

It seems to me that residents of Jackson, Mississippi are being targeted… Would like to know when they will change the complete water infrastructure… But wait a second, it seems that giving your money to Ukraine is more important right now… [Mississippi Today]

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  1. Manuel mentions the billions of taxpayer’s money used in the proxy war. That money is to cover up criminal activity, like a bribe or payoff. Money laundering, narcotics, bioweapons laboratories, underage prostitution, and other nefarious activities. We are ruled by a kabal/crime family/mafia. It is organized crime. Our media throws shade to these criminals. They are collaborators and equally dirty.

  2. Sponge bath, pee in a 5 gallon bucket and use to fertilize your trees and garden areas— it saves on toilet flushing waste of water. Get an RO unit with UV light to decontaminate water for drinking too. Much of this water crisis is a fear psyop and planned by satanic elitists.

    I’m ranching on an aquifer, with a deep well. I routinely use urine to fertilize around my trees. It works, smell helps to keep predator and pests away too. I did an experiment, and used a control group, and duplicated my experiment. Visible results. Some trees gained 2′-2.5′ of new growth in a short mountain season.
    *Nitrogen is higher in morning urine. Don’t need alot either. 8 ounces per tree seems to work here. I use pickle jars. One 24oz pickle jar is goodnfor 3 tree basins. Then you water it in. If you take trimmed branches and cut them up, you can spread those around tree basins. This will help keep root ball cooler, and allow more oxygen uptake in trees. Water doesn’t dry up as fast after watering, so you can use less water. You can use stones around tree basin as well.

    • If you get aphid problems, Fertilome makes a root drench. You water it in via watering can. Amount is based on diameter of tree trunk. If you see ants crawling up your tree trunk, you have aphids. I call ’em tree ticks. They will suck the life out of a tree. Kill ’em.

      • Another neat trick:

        When planting a new tree, take the empty planting bucket and place it in the tree hole. Fill in dirt around new tree, and your empty tree container will be half burried near base of tree. Fill it half-way with dirt. Throw 2 handful of organic mulch on top of dirt inside container. When you water tree basin, fill that container to the top with water. It will slow leak the water down deep and keep root ball cooler. Every two weeks throw a handful of top soil and organic mulch in that container for best results.

    • Yup. They whine about a fertilizer shortage crisis while flushing literally tons and tons of it down the toilet every day. What’s wrong with this picture?
      And they outlaw outhouses here while requiring a septic system to flush sewage into the groundwater and aquifer.

      • Plebney,

        You are correct. If you observe weed growth in a ranch home’s leech field, it is quite obvious human waste (urine + craps) does a great job at fertilizing.

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