Deadly M5.3 earthquake strikes Afghanistan – At least 8 dead and dozens injured

Afghanistan earthquake kills 8 on September 5, 2022
Afghanistan earthquake killed 8 on September 5, 2022

An earthquake in northeastern Afghanistan killed at least eight people early on Monday, and the toll could rise, the state news agency quoted a regional official as saying.

Deadly M5.3 earthquake Afghanistan on September 5, 2022
Map: Deadly M5.3 earthquake Afghanistan on September 5, 2022

The quake of magnitude 5.3 struck near the eastern city of Jalalabad in the early hours, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said.

“Sunday night’s earthquake has caused financial and human losses in Kunar province,” Mawlavi Najibullah Hanif, the spokesman for the provincial governor, told the Bakhtar News Agency, adding that casualties could rise.

Meanwhile, another strong earthquake killed at least 43 people in China, on the same day. Here’s another impressive video of the jolt!

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