Powerful M6.8 earthquake kills one in Michoacan, Mexico just three days after a M7.6 shook the same area, killing two – M5.8 quake rattles New Zealand

Strong M6.8 earthquake hits Mexico
Map of the epicenter of the strong M6.8 earthquake that hit Mexico on September 22, 2022… The latest quake hit at almost the same place than the M7.6 earthquake that killed 2 people 3 days ago. Map via USGS

A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.8 struck Mexico early Thursday, causing buildings to sway and leaving at least one person dead in the nation’s capital.

The earthquake struck shortly after 1 a.m., just three days after a 7.6-magnitude earthquake shook western and central Mexico, killing two.

The U.S. Geological Survey said Thursday’s earthquake, like Monday’s, was centered in the western state of Michoacan near the Pacific coast.

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The epicenter was about 29 miles (46 kilometers) south-southwest of Aguililla, Michoacan, at a depth of about 15 miles (24.1 kilometers).

Michoacan’s state government said the quake was felt throughout the state.

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It reported damage to a building in the city of Uruapan and some landslides on the highway that connects Michoacan and Guerrero with the coast.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said via Twitter that it was an aftershock from Monday’s quake and was also felt in the states of Colima, Jalisco and Guerrero.

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People stand on the streets outside their homes in Mexico City after a strong 6.9-magnitude earthquake jolted Mexico.

Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said via Twitter that one woman died in a central neighborhood when she fell down the stairs of her home.

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Residents were huddled in streets as seismic alarms blared.

The earthquake rattled an already jittery country. Monday’s more powerful quake was the third major earthquake to strike on Sept. 19 — in 1985, 2017 and now 2022. The 2017 and 2022 Sept.

19 quakes came very shortly after the annual earthquake drill conducted every Sept. 19 to commemorate the devastating 1985 temblor that killed some 9,500 people.

M5.8 earthquake hits New Zealand

M5.8 earthquake New Zealand on September 22, 2022
M5.8 earthquake New Zealand on September 22, 2022. Via USGS

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake has been felt in Wellington and throughout Central New Zealand.

Newstalk ZB Wellington reporter Nick James described it as “a good shake“.

According to GeoNet’s website, Thursday night’s quake had a magnitude of 5.8. It struck 30km northeast of French Pass at 9.07pm at a depth of 51km.

The quake was reported as being felt by more than 44,500 people by 9.50pm, according to GeoNet’s website, with 44 of them reporting “extreme” shakes.

Geonet called it a “strong earthquake”.

You may have felt that quake! Caused by a M5.8 earthquake in the Marlborough region. It was moderately deep and felt over a wide area – typical of earthquakes of this size and depth. It caused strong shaking and has received around 44,000 felt reports,” Geonet said.

A Fire and Emergency spokeswoman based in Wellington felt the quake and said “it got very strong and then petered off”. It lasted for just under a minute, she thought.

A passenger on board an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland scheduled to land in Wellington at 9.10pm tweeted that the plane was diverted to Christchurch after originally circling while the runway in the Capital was checked for damage.

Recent scientific analysis shows there’s a 75 per cent likelihood of a magnitude eight earthquake in the next 50 years along the Alpine Fault, where the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates meet beneath New Zealand’s west coast.

A woman named Bernice, from Lower Hutt, was speaking to Marcus Lush on Newstalk ZB as the quake was happening.

It was a bit of rumble then boom. It’s over now though,” she told Lush.

Jeepers that really happened, an earthquake happening live on radio. What are the chances,” Lush exclaimed. [APNews, NZ Herald]

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  1. @ Gary

    You sound very knowledgeable on the subject. I have a theory: They got everybody to transition from lead-acid chemistry to Battleborn/LiPO for solar storage…but I think if there is an EMP these battery banks will be very susceptible. With the old system it’s just cathode/anode and very heavy bus…but the LiPos have feeble balancing leads and electronics….so it wouldn’t require much as regards transient voltages to ruin a battery bank.

    • Very correct. Good ol lead acid in wet cell, AGM or Gel Cell are very solid. And 1/10 the cost for a given amp/hr rating. Wet Cells are the most rugged from an electrical standpoint, but you do have to check water levels. Lithium Ion do have feeble electronics. EMP will not hurt a Lead Acid battery. So yes, you are very correct. I personally just put in a new bank of AGM batteries for my system. AGMs are sealed so no need to vent or check fluid levels. Little more expensive. As a note, the Telecom Industry in their backup site power systems us Gel Cells. Which is a lead acid battery but with a gel for electrolyte instead of liquid. Also sealed and can be mounted in any position. They don’t use Lithium Ion…………Lithium-Ion shine if you are going to use them hard. Deep discharge them every day. But there’s still the original point.

    • One correction on price. They are about 4 times more for an equivalent amp/hr rating. But because they can handle deep discharges every day and still last 10 years, they generally use a smaller amp/hr rating for a given system to keep costs down. They spec them in watts. You have to convert the watts to amp/hrs to make a comparison. Lead acid are spec’d in amp/hrs over an 8-hour and 20-hour discharge rate. The 20-hour rate is most applicable to an Off Grid solar system. You get the best mileage from a Lead Acid bank if you only routinely discharge them at 20%. That’s what I do. And Lithium Ion are more efficient on charging. Waste very little power there. Guess I went way beyond the original question.

      • Gary,

        Well, I learned some new things. I run 4 lithium ion now on 48v system. The old system was 12 lead acid on 24v. Lead acid and checking fluid levels was a royal pain here. My problem is my aching back. Especially when stooped over and checking water levels. I tried doing a quarterly reminder alert check via my phone. Once you screw up (like I did) and water levels dip below the desired level, you can ruin the entire bank of batteries. I had 4 years and 3 months on them, so they were rated for 5 years anyways. Still, now I have more power and no maintenance. Should be able to have 10 years of power according to my solar guru. EMP will probably destroy the system, and American infrastructure. So even if I got lucky, most infrastructure would be destroyed. Would only be a matter of time before 90% of the population died. I would be in camping mode for at least 18 months. Probably be able to make it if I got lucky and had plenty of critters to hunt out here.

      • I had some Lifeline AGMs. Best AGMS on the market. Have also used Battleborns. Again, very expensive. LiPo4s require a different charging profile and ususally float at 13.6v. In comparison, I’d say the Lifelines seemed more “robust”…as in, able to discharge very high amperage easily. The Battleborns seemed less capable at high current draw. One thing I always hated with AGMs (or any lead-acid)….you have to take the rated AH and cut that in half. Why?…because you can not discharge them below 50% (as you well know) without doing permanent damage.

        Lithiums, you can discharge 100% every single day if you want. Also, those AGMs were literally the heaviest batterys I have ever seen in my life. The Lifelines died at the 4-year mark. LiPO4s are also typically rated at no less than 400% more charge cycles. In most regards, the lithiums win hands down. That’s why they’ve become so popular.

    • OverHere,

      Yes, you can run the Lithium-Ions into the ground every day for 10 years at least. .50cal made an excellent choice. I’ve been getting 7 years plus from lead acid, but I am very kind to them, and daily routine is under 20% discharge. Change of subject………….Military convoys heading to Beijing today. Canceled domestic and international flights. Shutdown rail system. Tonight, thousands of troops being deployed in London right now. And of course, Moscow locked down earlier this week. Something big going on tomorrow it appears. Not the right kind of preps for a war scene. So, something major politically or economically. I’m hoping for the Supreme Court ruling. We’ll know soon enough.

    • .50cal,

      Yeah, wet cells are a pain:-) You’ll get good service from those Lithium-Ion units. Truth is, I don’t believe an EMP will be an issue. Not going to be a nuclear war. The Earth Changes are the elephant in the closet. All the nuclear talk is saber rattling. Governments know what’s getting ready to happen. That’s why China built those Ghost Cities. Russian giving away land in the NE to get folks to relocate to a safe area. And the US Government quietly moving to Denver to get off the coast. I realize this conflicts with some built in belief we are going to start throwing nukes all over the world. Some just can’t let go of the idea. But they have done an excellent job of hiding the Planet X issue. So, everyone is convinced the world goes down by nukes. Notice they don’t try and hide or defuse that idea??? That should tell you something. Even in the Bible as you say it talks of EQs and drought and pestilence. Mentions the earth moving about. This takes down all Governments and organizations of Man. We’ll all be in survival mode. It’s expected to kill 90% of the population. But realize 85% live within 100 miles of a coast. And at least half of those that die do so because they just sit down and don’t do anything.

      • Gary,
        I agree with your assessment on nukes. It makes sense that governments would not want the population to know about Niburu. Otherwise if they did broadcast news, people would go berzerk, quit paying taxes, quit work, and hunt down every marxist-satanist traitor. It also explains depopulation and genocide before Niburu or planetary disruptions. The less people fighting for resources, the easier it is for elitists hiding in their bunkers with the loot hoarding their survival resources. Less competition. I know if shtf here offgrid, I will likely be fighting local inbred retard hillbillies that will be trying to steal from me.

  2. .50 cal

    “If quakes don’t get the left coast, dopermaggot feces throwing cannibal zombies will”

    Thanks for the uplifting show of support, .50 cal!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’ hoping for a tsunami then. I’ll make an inflatable with my raincoat and some contact cement, and go where the tide takes me. Everybody knows zombies can’t swim. I can survive off of Fukushima-killed fish that float to the surface, and watch the nukes going off–I mean the “beautiful sunrise…in the distance.

    In all seriousness, though…it’s about to get real, boys!

  3. Mexico is going through it. US is next. Thoughts and prayers to the Mexican people. Notice how these large Mexican quakes produce Earthquake lights in the sky. Don’t fully understand them, but know they occur because of electromagnetism.

  4. I’m expecting property values to rise. My California desert neighborhood will probably be beachfront property. I’ll be able to look out from my front porch and see Chinese amphibious landing ships and Russian subs. Ah, what a life!

    • Overhere,

      If you go with the map of USSA that clairvoyant Edgar Cacey’s predictions spelled out, you will need more distance eastward, and higher elevation. My area near four corners area should be ok. However, you should be much better off if a huge tsunami hits. I read 50 miles inland is safer.

      • Basic rule is 100 miles from any coast. 100 miles from any volcano that has been active in the last 10,000 years. And at least 675 feet in elevation.

  5. West Coast quakes are supposed to happen after the New Madrid. It triggers them. Almost immediately they say.

    • If quakes don’t get the left coast, dopermaggot feces throwing cannibal zombies will.

      Smart people are fleeing blue zones. Real estats prices are sinking. Red zones home prices are increasing.

    • Off topic:

      Lightning arrestors work on solar systems. Two of mine fried yesterday during a storm. Lightning does not have to be a direct hit either. Pretty lucky as manufacturer warranty covers cost on those two lightning arrestors. Seven years old too. We have had storms from left coast hit here recently. We do get plenty of lightning up here. I used to go outside and snap pix. Not anymore. Had a bolt hit a tree 40-50 yards away. I had my shirt off, and could feel the heat on my chest. The picture was awesome, but was lost when phone burned up in a small interior house fire.

      • Good to know. I’ve had solar for 24 years. Haven’t lost anything in that time. Been working 100%. Been through 3 battery strings. Maybe the reason is I have my system with no ground reference. A floating ground as we call it in the techy bis. Nowhere for a lightning strike to go. Everything rises and falls at the same time. No current flow through equipment. Have seen this happen during lightning storms. Otherwise, you have to ground things just right or you will zap expensive equipment. Follow the single point system. Any mess up there and will zap stuff in a lightning storm. If you live at high elevation with very rocky conditions, it is hard to get a good ground. Chemical rods help.

      • @ Gary

        My system solar/well house is off ground. I think the lightning it the solar panel array on my metal garage roof where the array is located. The lightning arrestor was attached to the rack area.

        The lightning arrestor inside on the inverter was also fried. The equipment was so far unscathed.
        The new system was just installed. I had those arrestors since 2016. They were on the old system.

        Glad they worked. Spent money on this new inverter with the spendy lithiium ions. I hated the lead acid. I can run so much more at the same time now. My old system sucked compared to this one.
        Offgrid, so solar and propane is what we have and it isn’t cheap. I can probably add two more refrigerator freezers no problem.

      • My solar guru is replacing lightning arrestors asap. He reported other people lost their systems this week from failure to use lightning arrestors. That made me feel better about my preparedness. He did also mention they are only about 80% effective against a big strike. So, that kind of sucks. Lol.

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