Switzerland: 3000 more deaths than expected! Unprecedented excess mortality is a mystery for scientists but we know why

Unprecedented excess mortality in Switzerland in 2022
Unprecedented excess mortality in Switzerland in 2022. picture: Marvin Ancian

The Federal Statistical Office had actually forecast a “death deficit” for 2022… But like in many other countries around the world, in 2022, Switzerland experiences an unprecedented excess mortality.

Since the beginning of the year, about 3,000 more people have died than expected. In the last eleven weeks (summer), 1,700 excess deaths have been recorded and scientists don’t know why.

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According to the epidemiologist Christian Althaus, there has never been such an excess mortality in recent history.

The causes behind the unusual phenomenon are still unclear. Epidemiologists speculate that the Covid-19 virus, in combination with the heat wave of recent months, has caused the additional deaths.

Deviation from forecast is extreme

Excess mortality has already been recorded in Switzerland (for example in the hot summer of 2003, during the severe flu epidemic in winter 2015 or during the last two pandemic winters) BUT NEVER AT THIS SCALE!

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Right now, the deviation from the forecasts is extreme:

  • In 2020: 1,500 EXCESS-DEATHS
  • In 2021: 1,300 EXCESS-DEATHS
  • In 2022: Already 3,000 EXCESS-DEATHS AND COUNTING… The numbers have doubled!

And how to explain that 1,700 excess deaths occurred within the last 11 weeks?

Scientists: Heatwave & Covid are a deadly mix

The epidemiologist Christian Althaus suspects that the hot summer and Covid caused the excess mortality.

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Studies have shown that a previous Covid infection massively increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. The people affected are therefore also more vulnerable to the effects of the heat wave.

In my opinion, it is quite possible that former Covid sufferers tolerated the heat less well,” speculated another Swiss epidemiologist.

Weird that these so-called specialists don’t speak about the Covid vaccines and the deadly blood clots they create across our bodies. 

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Those 1,700 additional deaths in the last eleven weeks are definitely “worrying”, especially since it is difficult to assess how the situation will develop in the coming months.

And of course, the Federal Statistics Office will only publish the cause of the excess deaths for 2022 in one and a half year at the earliest. When people will not care about it anymore… [BFS, 20min]

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  1. We don’t know what is causing all the death around the world but we do know it’s definately not the vaccine.

  2. The cough-cough is a major, ongoing distraction from the violent, regressive autism crisis that’s silently slamming schools around the world.






    “Photos keep pouring into Channel 13 from local teachers showing classrooms destroyed, and fresh bruises and scars on the educators’ arms and legs. Parents in Winterset recently attended a standing-room-only school board meeting to voice their frustrations with disruptive and violent classroom behavior. ” This was pre plan-demic.

    • Most certainly planned. Amazing there is not even a Covid19. No lab on earth has detected one. Just a Media blitz and a phony test and poof, everybody lines up for the Death Shot. I saw some documents from the IMF about Covid 19 preparations and a list of countries that had gotten test kits. Date on Letter Head was 2017. The few people that did get sick just had seasonal flu or pneumonia. Same as every year. The official death rate from all causes in the USA, per their web site in 2020 was slightly less than the previous several years. But when the shots came out, it has almost tripled. And will increase going forward based on what we are seeing. Front Line Doctors figure 1/2 of those who got any shots, will die of some complication within 3 to 5 years. Another Doctor figures all of them will. Time will tell. And yes, seems to be severe lack of mental abilities among those who took the shot.

  3. Swiss temperature police will be putting people in prison soon. People will freeze this Winter. Even if you use a wood burning stove! Wow, that’s going to be rough on the older people. I recommend sleeping with two big dogs on your bed. One on each side. A dog’s body temperature is 101°. So, it is actually very smart. Done it every Winter for many years. Usually a wood stove goes out around bedtime for safety. I have a furnace, but I don’t like to use it. I turned off the pilot light. Get extra blankets and wear layers of clothing, you will need it.

  4. I just can’t imagine any greater Evil than what was done to all these folks. Most alarming part is how cooperative our medical institutions were and still are! Instead of referring to them as hospitals, I now refer to them as Merchants of Death. Stay healthy. Needing a hospital should be resisted as long as possible.

      • Actually they ALWAYS have been. Just a well kept secret. 500,000 deaths a year contributed to “hospital/doctor” “mistakes”.. That’s why they call it PRACTICING. Human Guinea Pigs..

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