Cashless society apocalypse: One of the largest Swiss retailer, COOP, loses 100 million $ in 24 hours after digital card payment fails to work

Anyone who wanted to shop at Coop on Monday had to pay in cash because the digital payment system didn't work. The electronic payment system collapse is expensive for the retailer.
Anyone who wanted to shop at Coop on Monday had to pay in cash because the digital payment system didn’t work. The electronic payment system collapse is expensive for the retailer.

Globalists are pushing their cashless agenda. And the propaganda seems to work perfectly with always more people paying electronically with cards or apps. Indeed, everything is easy, fast and transparent. But what happens when the technical system collapses? This ‘perfect’ world becomes chaotic and apocalyptic, for both the buyer and the seller.

In my opinion, crash, technical failures and cyber attacks will only increase with our cashless future. Card companies, police, IRS, and governments will have all of our cash information and we will only get problems.

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The latest major example took place in Switzerland on Monday, during which one of the two largest retailers in the country (COOP) lost about 100 million CHF (about 100 million $), because their digital payment system didn’t work.

The outage lasted 24 hours (Monday morning to Tuesday morning), during which you could only pay with cash at Coop throughout Switzerland.

Over the last two years, cashless payments have skyrocketed in Switzerland. Nobody has cash anymore. Many Swiss believe cash is a hassle, is annoying, uncompact and stinks too.

Perhaps all those who advocate cashless payment will learn a lesson from this. There should be a lot more disruptions like this. Then people would learn to have some cash in their pockets again.

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The state wants everything digital? Be it with ID to cashless … Pay everything with a card? No thank you.

Could crypto be the solution? Well, it may be… But every few days you hear about a major hacking attack… I think it isn’t ripe yet.

Was it a ransomware attack? COOP says no.

So why this power outage? They were probably practicing for the coming power outages that will happen in winter when we have no electricity/energy to support the electronic payment systems.

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It might indeed be a “little foretaste” of what lies ahead. We are in an energy crisis and every transaction needs electricity…

In other words, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE ENOUGH CASH READY FOR PRECISELY SUCH CASES. I THINK SUCH COLLAPSES WILL GOING TO HAPPEN MORE AND MORE OFTEN… [20MIN] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Told you so.
    They believe there version of law and order will prevail.Designed for Marshall law.They are just as stupid as they ever have been.
    Ever try finding a totally offline bank?You wont.
    Supposedly money is the root of all evil.Actually the desire for unbridled power may
    Supercede it.Forced respect that they don’t deserve even as a human being don’t get me started on earned respect.
    Control of the monetary system is only part of it.They think everything belongs to them and they just need to get the incontinent persons who actually do own anything out the way.You will face threats to your freedom your property your drivers license your kids your family.They will try to force you into therapy you don’t need Ala re-education camps.You will be accused of sex trafficking drug dealing pretty much whatever they think they can attempt to get a stranglehold over you for.They will court shop like an addict doctor shops.They will falsely accuse you of warrants that areny yours civil suits that aren’t yours create a whole fictional family to justify the unjustifiable.The fake family is so that they can force you into re-education therapy as well as other frauds.They will diesel train charges all out of state and not yours.They do this to see if they can nail you for something.
    It’s not just about money either otherwise they would choose the ultra rich.No it’s all about power and destruction
    It’s all It’s about

  2. Doh-rumpf: “I am the father of the vickseen. My soul brother will help me go golfing on Mars.”

    Coming soon to bring order out of chaos/NWO communism to America and its youth yearning for that sweet, sweet escape to transhumanist “savior” Japan:

    Mass shootings are staged events to usher in the MOTB:

    Mass harvesting of damned Jab/MOTB souls into the Metaverse digital lake of fire:

    Hidden History:

    Japan is not a savior – soon it will be the next CCP:

    Nanobots that can specifically attack neurons/organs based on a wrong thought/wrong action:

  3. I’m a cash guy. Cashless yields tremendous power to the Satanic Bankers. Final step to total slavery. Whether intentional or by accident as in this article, you can be shut down in an instant. Anyone they target.

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