EMP attack: Chinese physicists simulate nuclear blast against Starlink satellites

Chinese physicists simulate nuclear blast against satellites
Chinese physicists simulate nuclear blast against satellites. Their computer simulation closely matched the results of the 1958 Teak test. Photo: Wikipedia

A nuclear blast in near space could create a radioactive cloud over an area as big as New York state, crippling or destroying satellites in near-Earth orbit, according to a new computer simulation conducted by a team of Chinese military scientists.

At the Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, a research institute run by the People’s Liberation Army in Xian, researchers developed a model that can evaluate the performance of nuclear anti-satellite weapons at different altitudes and yields with unprecedented detail and accuracy.

The simulation results suggest that a 10-megaton warhead – modestly powerful by today’s standards – could create a serious threat to satellites if it detonates at an altitude of 80km (50 miles).

The blast could turn air molecules into radioactive particles and produce a cloud with a shape similar to an upside down pear, said nuclear physicist Liu Li and his colleagues in a paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Nuclear Techniques on October 15.

In about five minutes, the cloud could rise to an altitude of nearly 500km and spread over an area of more than 140,000 sq km.

The strong residual radiation of the debris cloud may cause failures of spacecraft moving in it, such as satellites, or even cause direct damage that can lead to destruction,” the researchers said.

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A targeted trap

There have been many computer simulations studying the use of nuclear weapons against satellites, but most have focused on an explosion that takes place in space, according to Liu’s team.

A space-based explosion would not produce much of a cloud because of the lack of air. High-energy particles generated by the event would mostly be captured by the Earth’s magnetic field and spread around the globe as a radiation belt, threatening a wide range of spacecraft. This could render nuclear weapons ineffective and too dangerous for an anti-satellite mission.

But because of the presence of air molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere, an explosion in near space would create a cloud with a total mass far greater than the bomb itself, according to Liu.

Due to the high concentration of fission products inside the debris cloud, the released gamma rays and beta particles are strong, making their effects on spacecraft and communications within the affected area stronger,” Liu’s team wrote.

Immediately after the blast, the cloud would rise straight up at a speed of up to 2.3km/s, setting a huge trap for target satellites. Instead of remaining in orbit, most of the air molecules would fall back to Earth, avoiding the radiation belt effect and significantly reducing the risk to other satellites or spacecraft, according to the simulation.

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New threats

A Chinese military study published in May called SpaceX’s Starlink communication network a potential threat to China’s national security and urged the development of capabilities to disable or bring it down.

Starlink aims to put tens of thousands of small satellites in low-Earth orbit. Chinese military researchers worry that these satellites could provide communication services to rivals or slam into China’s space station or satellites, acting as “suicide agents” to disable Chinese space infrastructure during a war.

This video shows the Starlink satellites train seen from earth. Starlink is the name for a satellite constellation that was constructed by Elon Musk in order to provide fast satellite Internet access. The constellation will consist of several thouasands of small starlink satellites in low Earth orbit, which will work together…

Conventional countermeasures such as anti-satellite missiles could take out a limited number of high-value targets, but losing a few low-cost satellites would not affect Starlink’s operations.

Some Chinese researchers have therefore proposed hitting a few carefully selected targets that could produce a small amount of space debris. The debris would hit other satellites in the same orbit and create more debris, effectively creating a gap in the Starlink network. But keeping the debris away from friendly satellites would be a challenge.

Legal questions

The simulation does not mean China will use such a weapon, according to a Beijing-based space scientist.

International law has banned the testing or use of nuclear weapons in both space and the atmosphere,” said the researcher, who requested not to be named because of the sensitivity to the issue.

The results of the simulation apply not only to satellites but hypersonic weapons, many of which are designed to travel long distances at near-space altitudes, said the researcher.

Whether it is legal to use nuclear weapons as a defence measure against a hypersonic weapon attack remains a subject of debate in the research community,” he added.

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China has not tested a nuclear weapon in near space.

On August 1, 1958, the US detonated a 3.8-megatonne bomb at an altitude of 77km over the Johnston Atoll west of Hawaii – an experiment known as the Teak test.

In the second part of this video… But the whole vid is worth looking at…

Some Honolulu residents said the explosion created a fireball that turned from light yellow to red, and a huge cloud rose from the fireball and remained visible for about half an hour.

Liu’s team said their computer simulation closely matched the results of the Teak test, which eventually produced a cloud more than 700km across.
Though the physical process involved in a near-space explosion is extremely complex, the new model could produce an estimate of the range and scale of damage “with high confidence” in just a few minutes, they added. [SCMP]

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  1. The US government created Starlink as a countermeasure to the Russian and Chinese anti-satellite missile Technology. A simple idea to just overwhelm them with hundreds of small communication satellites that could not all be shot down.
    Of course was disguised as a civilian program but the deployment of hundreds of the systems to the war zone proves otherwise.

  2. What sort of trickery was used to show these objects (“Starlink…”) traveling below clouds that can’t be above mid-troposphere?
    Musk’s Starlink satellites are designated to 340 miles.

    • Thank you for pointing this out! If a nuke is detonated in low earth orbit for an emp. Hope the ISS is not in the same region, cause it will be comming down too and its the size of 3 football fields.

  3. A mixture of fantasies and lies. You say the parts are “as seen from space”, so why are there clouds?
    Earth is flat.

    • Go stand on a beach on a calm day. Watch a ship head out to sea. At about 12 miles the bottom starts disappearing. Then the middle. Then the top masts. Not flat. And it can keep going all the way around and reappear on the opposite coast. Top mast first. Then the middle and finally the bottom. Never fell off the edge or ran into a wall. Not sure why I bothered here:-)

      • Gary,

        Good example (the ship), you did the right thing educating the “mis-educated”. Even the Ancient Greeks, Hebrews, and Romans knew the earth was spherical in nature.

      • TZVI,
        It floors me how many have bought into the Flat Earth con! Somewhere I read among Millennials, something like 1/3 believe in Flat Earth. Given that, Geoengineering and Weather Warfare was an easy con. Data there very confusing for most folks. Even Jim Wille and Benjamin Fulford believe in Weather Warfare. Although Cliff High says it’s BS. The real reason will start to become more obvious going forward.

  4. Revelation 18 indicates that the Vatican will be nuked. If the Vatican is nuked, will starlink be affected? It would be a twofer against the NWO especially considering the pope recently ordered all wealth moved to the Vatican bank. Although horrible, a lot of people wouldn’t mind seeing the Vatican reap destruction.

  5. Fear Porn. More distraction. One possible distraction though. As Planet X draws nearer, its tail is full of rocks, and they will probably take out all the satellites. So perhaps they are laying the groundwork for something to blame it on other than the truth.

    • You know when I went down the planet X rabbit hole, that is exactly what I was worried about. The wake of gravitational debris being carried by a massive planetary body.

  6. EMP fear psyop again!

    What could go wrong with homopedosatanists and psychopaths in control of the destiny of humanity?

    • EMP attack could be an excellent opportunity to perpetrate a false flag, fake alien attack, rogue asteroid blame Russia. 90% of people die after 12 months. Bankster mafia gets rich as nobody can withdrawl money with less survivors to make claims on estates. Easy to invade and land isn’t contaminated. Depopulation advocates come out of their bunkers and enslave the remaining population. Pooooof.

      • What if the remaining 10-30 become battle hardened just from surviving, and not controllable by the De-Population agenda crowd? Then we will have our cake and eat it too.

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