‘Mini-Auschwitz’ near Kharkiv: New fake Ukrainian propaganda wants you to believe that Russian soldiers pulled out people’s GOLD TEETH like NAZIs during WWII…


This is no good publicity for Ukraine… The following picture suggests that Russian occupiers pulled out people’s GOLD teeth.

'Mini-Auschwitz' near Kharkiv is fake news from Ukrainian side
‘Mini-Auschwitz’ near Kharkiv is fake news from Ukrainian side. Picture via Twitter

The picture was posted via Twitter by Serhiy Bolvinov, head of the investigative branch of the National Security Service in the Kharkiv region.

Defense of Ukraine‘, the official Twitter of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, wrote in a Tweet: “A torture chamber in Pisky-Radkivsky. Two photos. A gas mask placed on the head of a victim who was covered with a smoldering rag and buried alive. And a box of gold dental crowns. A mini-Auschwitz.

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Here’s the original Tweet by Serhiy Bolvinov with some additional objects found onsite:

Here’s the translation of the above Tweet:

Translation of the Tweet above.

If you compare both Tweets, ‘Defense of Ukraine‘ forgot about mentioning the giant dildo and all the other stuff that was found onsite by the investigators… Moreover, they added ‘A mini-Auschwitz’… And that’s terrifying! 

By using ‘Mini Auschwitz‘, the Ukrainian chief investigator suggests that Russian troops were torturing Ukrainian civilians and military personnel and pulling their teeth, similar to what NAZIs did to Jews in concentration camps during WWII.

But don’t forget who are the NAZIs in the Ukraine (NATO+West) vs Russia conflict…

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Meanwhile, a Ukrainian dentist from the region disagrees. The teeth are those of his patients and were stolen by Russian soldiers when they vandalized his home.

Bolvinov didn’t like the dentist’s answer and now wants to clarify the matter with him: “We will speak to the dentist and clarify whether the dental crowns come from his patients or not.

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Apparently Bolvinov and other investigators are sure of what they say. If I were this dentist I would run away. Otherwise, he will also probably lose all of his teeth in a torture chamber…

Bolvinov and ‘Defense of Ukraine’ are just very important pieces and muppets of the Ukrainian propaganda. What they say is fake… Just fake… Who are the freaking NAZIs? Please tell me! [20min, Bild]

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  1. Let me know when the only war worth fighting begins, it’s when the hugely outnumbered fake leaders get removed by any means necessary, and then we go after the central banks.

    Never in my few remaining years. So the mountain of sh*t and snakes populated by sleeping clowns continues…..

  2. Alinsky tactics. The azov nazi are accusing the Russian of being the nazi. Our leftists nazi perverts do this here with their lies. The Alinsky tactic is to accuse your enemy of what you are doing.

    Alinsky was a satanist, and pedohomo. He dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals to lucifer, and it has been repoted that he was a homosexual pedophile too. Of course, that is why our satanic abominations on the left worship him.

    Burn in hell! For all eternity!

      • Smellinsky is now calling for a NATO preemptive strike on Russia. This coming from a klown that dresses up like a sodomite, and bangs his pecker on a piano.

        ? Klownshow!

    • Theater. Have already lost, so all they can do is up the fear campaign. Seriously, would they be openly talking about something they were really going to do? I’m going to nuke you. No, I’m going to nuke you. Back and forth. Stupid. Meanwhile the world economies are melting down.

      • Gary,
        Good point about that. Why would they be talking about nukes/tactucal nukes?

        To keep the fear psyop going, and of course, the money laundromat, child sex trafficking, drugs, and whatever else these criminals have up their sleeves.

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