Pelosi attack just before midterms… I call this a political ploy!

Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi husband, attacked at home
Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi husband, attacked at home

Predictions on this case are too easy to make:

  • The guy will be a white supremacist / crazy Christian…
  • The guy will be a Trump supporter…
  • The guy will be a conspiracy theorist…

INDEED! As written by CNN, the suspect in Pelosi’s attack has posted multiple conspiracy theories… LOL! YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP!

David DePape, 42, the man who allegedly attacked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband early Friday posted memes and conspiracy theories on Facebook about Covid-19 vaccines, the 2020 election and the Jan. 6 attack.

Most of the public posts on DePape’s Facebook page were from 2021. In earlier years, DePape also posted long screeds about religion, including claims that “Jesus is the anti christ.” None of the public posts appeared to mention Pelosi.

No pictures of Paul Pelosi showing damage or pictures of suspect? Hardly any details on how the suspect got into the house? This happened right before the elections. Seems very fishy to me.

I’m sure the MSM will hyper focus on this incident to help the Democratic Party win the midterms. So what’s next… Are they going to use this to try and ban the Republican Party? Reichstag Fire Style!!! has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK

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  1. Matthew 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

    Worldwide warp speed mandated covID injections whereby all nations were deceived.

    Divine image destroyed part 1-3 explains vmat2 the God gene, and how this so called vax destroys it.

    Another vmat2 drug delivery method

    More vmat2 inhibitors FDA approved of course here.

    We all know by now the physical adverse effects on our body, the their temple of God that Christ Je’sus talked about.

    Here is another link that discuss the spiritual aspect of Babylons pharmakia sorcery.

    Revelation 18:23 KJV

    for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

  2. David depape was on ibogaine, yet another vmat2 gene ( God gene ) inhibitor. These vmat2 inhibitors are in the PCR test/vaccine And the mRNA covID injections.
    These subjects were used to test vmat2 inhibitors long before they were put in the PCR test vaccine, and covID vax. We are witnessing increased acts of violence, suicides, bloodthirsty warmongers, sadistic satanic, bizarre behaviors worldwide.
    Christ Je’sus said watch.

    • Interesting posts there, Thomas.

      Timothy Leary was another false prophet and advocate for LSD. He was also a deep state satanic abomination/demonskin.

  3. It gets even more rich in prevarication. Turns out some marxist-satanist techno-buttclowns created two blog sites for a 24 hour period and pulled them down. They used the fake blog sites to create the narrative Depeepee was involved in conspiracy theories with right leaning rhetoric. Yep, a completely fabricated set of lies.

    FJB and all the dirtbags involved in this charade.

  4. Nancy reaps what she sows. Nancy opened the door to people to invade the House of Representatives on Jan 6th so someone opened the door for her house to be invaded.

    • Michele,

      It is looking like Depeepee was a “friend” of Paul. Probably sodomite and drug activities were involved too. What would a man be doing in Paul’s bedroom in his underpants?

      Police won’t show bodycam video either. The truth is being supressed.

  5. This is worse than political positioning. This is laying the groundwork for Christian persecution, look at the media’s bullet points.

  6. Person reporting to police made the remark that “Dave was a friend.”

    Who has friends that come over in their underpants with hammers after sodomite bar close in the wee hours of the morning?

    Also, picture of broken window shows glass outside on ground, not inside house.

    Mainstream media klownheads are clearly not reporting properly.

  7. After I spilled the beans about 4kids “Power” Rangers and censorship of Christian/spiritual references from Fox-made dubs of anime and tokusatsu, Pents is speaking on the puppet channel, blaming the radical left wholly (i don’t support the RL anyways) for censoring Christian and spiritual references in kids shows. Give us a break, Faux News and CNN… Novus Ordo Seclorum Masonic duality and side blaming at its finest.

    Even NHK World Japan is advocating new vaxxines for future plans, framing it as a good thing. Shame since we enjoyed their Japanese countryside/culture videos. It’s becoming the next CNN.

    • Never on topic. Never pertinent. Shameless drivel-trolling. Go watch your anime and smoke your dope, Anonymous imbecile.

  8. If Paul winds up with a black eye, this was just his introduction into the inner circle of the elitists running the one-world government. Trilateral Commission, WEF, Bilderburgers, or whichever.

  9. Some people on a newsworthy site mentioned Paul Piglosi may have been interested in having some kind of perverted sex with this assailant weirdo. After all, the sodomite bars close around the time the incident occured.

    Those rich satanic elites have plenty of money, and are jaded beyond belief. No telling how this weirdo got on to their property, to break-and-enter with a hammer. Or was the hammer a sex toy?

    You would think the personal protection for satanic elitists would have a perimeter set up on property, and be prepared to thwart entry on to the property.

    Clearly, we are not getting the entire story here.

  10. Shocking truth about Hiroshima and Nagasaki: (THE NUCLEAR HOAX: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI)

    The Novus Ordo Seclorum plan that reshaped Japan? Population annihilation? I am super convinced that Japan will eventually replace the U.S. at least in the Appalachian and midwest regions, creating a New Japan/New Nihon in America after our violent, rage-filled, uneducated, unfetteredly-multicultural society destroys itself from within. I believe Japan’s government before 2025 will purchase up the majority of the U.S. starting with the Midwestern regions, as there is already much more “Japan” on the west coast and NYC – and that US states, regions, towns, etc will be renamed to Japanese names. Americans keep begging for more Japanese stuff as they’ve been programmed into helpless sheeple Medicare/Medicaid/SSI slaves and no longer produce almost anything.

    • Always you post crap that has no relavence whatsoever to the topic at hand.

      If I was sys admin I’d ban your IP address. Such a loser dickhead-troll.

      • Keep insulting and making depth threats at me all you want. I thought this was a free speech site! And cuss words everywhere. I’m more concerned about the bible and the “forest trees” than your idols and massive cussing. L0L stands for “Lucifer Our Lord” too.

      • You’re a leftist troll. “Depth threats” my ass. Your spelling sucks too.

        You are a fake Christian dirtbag! Anonymous sod. I call a spade a spade.

      • Anoymous dirtbag,

        Yes, it is a free speech site. However, when you spam every comment thread with dull, lackluster drivel comments, I am exercising my free speech to castigate and insult your stupidity!

        GFY idiot.


    Here is a direct link to degenerate pictures of the assailant. Apparently he likes to be around other nude degenerates. He is a Castro supporter. He hangs out with a woman who wears a purple strap-on dildo. Her mate looks like a LSD sodomite hippie dopermaggot. Depape has that Berzerkley street bum panhandle kind of flair in a couple of his pictures.

    No small wonder the Pinnochios in buttclown media don’t show his pictures. No Conservative, that’s for sure. Probably a satanist by the look of this degenerate doped out weirdo.

  12. Notice how the Pinnochios in buttclown media refrain from posting a picture of Depape?

    Also, his social media was scrubbed. So, collusion between the perverted technofascists and media to hide the truth and portray this imbecile as a Conservative.

    The imbecile probably looks like a dopermaggot and has penis rings in his face like most of the lefty imbeciles walking around in san fransicko the land of buttmonkey-pox.

  13. The assailant broke a window to gain entry to the Piglosi residence. He was reported to be wearing his underwear, armed with a hammer. He is also reported to be a nudist and Berkley-ite. Hahahaha, yeah he sounds like a Conservative to me.

  14. Fire fighting fire, ashes to ashes. The political Nephilim/reptilian puppet show to distract braindead HFCS/vaxxed sheeple away from reading the Bible or even using Bible Gateway. Only Yeshua Jesus saves – and who rolled out operation warp speed?

    Vaxx free blood out of supply thanks to the 4th industrial rev.:!-New-WEF-puppet-installed-in-UK!-and-more-720-Handbrake:6

    Want to actually help Americans including ASD victims? This website sells sensory tools and ASD therapy/travel tools including cute puppy neck pillows/lap pads:
    And a disability led crafts store:

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