Video: Huge ‘earthquake fish’ caught in Arica, Chile


Is that 16-foot-long oarfish announcing the next big earthquake? A huge ‘earthquake fish’ was caught off Arica, Chile and locals call it a bad omen…

The occurrence of the colossal-sized oarfish is raising concerns among locals as the deep-water creature is traditionally considered a bad omen for tsunamis and earthquakes.

A large number of these fish were seen in the waters around Japan and found dead on its beaches around the time the 2011 Fukushima earthquake hit.

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That’s a scary amazing fish. Oarfish live in the depths. It is said that when they start to the surface it is because the tectonic plates are in movement.

Oarfish can reach lengths of up to 11 meters. They usually live in deep water and only return to the surface when they are sick, dying or breeding.

Giant oarfish captured off Arica, Chile
Giant oarfish captured off Arica, Chile. Picture via Youtube video

Chile is a hotspot for earthquakes because the Nazca plate, a tectonic plate which moves eastwards with a rate of 6.6 cm per year, collides with the South American plate off the Chilean coast. The Nazca plate is submerged below the South American plate, and the pressure building up between the two plates is eventually released in the form of an earthquake.

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So when and where is the next big one going to hit?

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  1. I gather Africa is trying to shift its’ top east but there’s a hook blocking it at the Sini Penninsula. The NE corner of Africa. Stress is building and when that hook snaps, it can make that shift. When it does, it triggers the New Madrid event. So, this Oar Fish popping up for a reason I’m thinking.

  2. Well as oar fish go its rather small.
    It could be a sign.Id think that more would be found though.
    Likely other deep sea fish would be found as well.
    It is a sign it’s just too early to tell if it fits the signs or is perhaps simply a problem disease of the fish.
    Yes Africa’s rift is increasing monumentally.

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