Hobbs' attorney says Lake's election misconduct claims are speculation
Hobbs’ attorney says Lake’s election misconduct claims are speculation. Picture via Youtube video

Attorney Thomas Liddy gave the closing remarks for the county today after two days of evidence provided by Kari Lake’s team that showed that the 2022 Election in Maricopa County was as messed up as 2020 Presidential election there.

Liddy is the son of G. Gordon Liddy, one of the main characters in Watergate.

Watch the train wreck below:


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  1. On the Topic of Corrupt Elections:

    Anybody watching Brasil? They had massive election fraud. People of Brasil have been marching in protest against the criminal Lula. Do you see any mainstream media covering that story? Gateway Pundit has been covering it. That is the only one I can see.
    Our Lamestream pedomedia will not cover that story. They probably don’t want to upset their handlers and sponsors. Like our corrupt government, satanic khazar mafia banksters, and the liberal shitbags that hate our Constitution. Brasil Patriots are doing what Americans should be doing! Millions of Brasil Patriots are fighting against their oppressors. Praise to Brasil!

  2. Judge dismissed Kari Lake’s case. Probably on the sørøs payroll, like Kattie Dykefish Hobbs and the maricopa klownhead board of stupidvisors!

    Lake will appeal Thompson’s ruling.

    • Probably something like this happens, a person calls the judge and says, you will dismiss the case or we will expose you on video cheating on your wife, or a video of judge doing something with a kid. Most political buttclowns are compromised too, same way. Sex extortion goes all the way back to babylon and all the satanic abominations that lived there. Same shit, different flies.

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