Merry Christmas


I hope you will enjoy some great times with your loved ones…

Lots of love, good health and happiness!



  1. Those ridiculous pop-ups are why I would never donate money to Strange Sounds, nor would I ever subscribe to their site.

  2. The following is my reply to a YouTube video titled “The Truth About Christmas – The Start of the Tribulation.” The video was posted on YouTube on Sunday December 11, 2022. Here’s my reply:

    The Canaanites were celebrating the winter solstice ritual in honor of Baal 5000 years ago. In each household they had a tree (phallus symbol), a wreath (vagina symbol), and they exchanged gifts. Many centuries later the ancient Romans were celebrating the ritual in honor of Saturn and doing it the same way (tree, wreaths, gifts). Their name for the ritual was ‘Saturnalia.’ In around 300 A.D. the Catholic Church priestclass renamed the ritual ‘Christmas.’ They did it as an evangelistic ploy to attract people away from Saturn worship. The majority of the Roman people were Saturn worshipers. The temple of Saturn was the biggest building in ancient Rome. The temple priests were very wealthy and the Catholic priestclass wanted to get in on the cash cow.

    The spirit behind Christmas is Saturn (Old Testament Baal). The Apostle John called him ‘The Spirit of Antichrist” (counterfeit Christ who seeks to mimic the Holy Spirit). John also called him the Beast. He is the leader of the kingdom of darkness fallen angels under Satan and he is Satan’s right-hand-man (per Rev. 13:2). He is the principality of idolatry, plus he is the spirit of top-down-control (seeks to operate through men-at-the-top, e.g. leaders of nations, governments, religions, corporations, military, academia, medicine, media, finance, etc.). The ancient Babylonians and Assyrians called him Bel. The ancient Greeks called him Cronos. The ancient Hindus called him Indra. Same spirit going by different names in different time periods and in different cultures.

    It was very important to him to implement the winter solstice ritual as he understood that when a person celebrates (honors) the ritual it gives him automatic rights of access to their human spirit (conscience, intuition, and the ability to commune with the Holy Spirit) and to have ongoing influence on their spiritual life (the kingdom of darkness is all about control).

    As a side note, Jesus was born on September 11, 3 B.C. by the Julian Calendar. Bethlehem is 2500 ft. above sea level so that in December there would’ve been no grass for the sheep to eat (see Luke 2:8-20 in the King James Version). Jesus had nothing to do with Christmas (never did and never will). You can verify this information online, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find information that goes against the system narrative (propaganda/brainwash).

    • Nonetheless, people here celebrate, and wish each other good tidings. Losers like you spew and rant. Reading your drivel is like stepping in dog crap. Go away and jump off a cliff.

    • Jim Yost,
      You’re attaching meaning to trivia and minutia. What does it matter what day? The warm feelings and good will is all that matters. It’s the message not the day. Satanic Service-to-Self folks love rules and days. Symbology, so called “Sacred Geometry”, etc. That’s because they lack EMPATHY to live by, so attach rules, numbers and dates to things. They are meaningless to all but them. They need them. We don’t.

      • He just wants to be a Grinch and spoil people’s Holy Day. They are a dime a dozen. Seen this type of jackoff bastard every Holy Day for over a decade trolling Christmas.

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