Our entire Solar System is changing rapidly, but nobody is really talking about it


All the major bodies of our Solar System are changing rapidly, but nobody is talking about it. We are in the upswing of Solar Cycle 25. Could it be related?

Solar system, computer artwork, planets
Solar system, computer artwork. by NASA

We are seeing rapid observable changes to almost every single planet:

  • Pluto’s atmosphere has recently collapsed (Astronomy)
  • Neptune’s storms have suddenly begun rotating backwards (SS) and the planet is mysterious cooling down (SS)
  • Uranus’ polar regions are visibly flaring (Texplorist)
  • Jupiter has recently experienced a 700 degree temperature impulse originating from its northern pole, and its great red spot is fading [SS]
  • Mars is suddenly displaying seismic activity (SS)
  • Venus’ planetary winds have increased their velocity by 33% in the last 20 years (Space)

It goes on from there, we’ve recently observed:

  • large-scale changes in the ice cover on Jupiter’s moon Europa (PhysicsWorld)
  • large-scale changes in the polar ice cap on Mars (SS)
  • Saturn is losing its rings (The Atlantic)
  • a mysterious darkening of the atmosphere of Venus (Astronomy)
  • unusual changes in the temperature and pressure of the atmosphere of Neptune (NASA)
  • a brightening of the atmosphere of Jupiter (AGU)

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Here on earth, our own magnetosphere is rapidly losing it’s strength as our magnetic poles continue to race away from their usual positions, wreaking havoc on animal migrations – see all the beached whales this year as well as the spike in reports of unusual bird sightings.

Things have gotten to the point where we are now updating our magnetic models yearly, and soon there will be zones of flux broken bad enough to cause real danger to flying due to constant magnetic reconnection.

Our aurorae are reaching levels of intensity not normally seen, with recent high-energy’pink’ aurorae being observed.

The fundamental electromagnetic nature of this planet – electromagnetism responsible for a variety of effects on life, most especially cardiac and pulmonary health in humans humans, is changing rapidly.

Volcanic activity on our planet is currently at a record, with more and more volcanoes showing concerning lift, erupting, or showing increases in lava flow. Every single active volcano along the pacific rim is showing increased activity. Mount Rainier looks ready soon. The Sisters in Oregon are showing lift.

Given only one of two data points, it would be easy to discount the events as isolated and unrelated outliers with no significance.

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Taken together, however, the total body of evidence becomes impossible to ignore, and, once the presumption is made that this information is known by our leaders, pretty much explains the motivations for their actions.

Everything is changing. Nobody is telling you. In fact, they built us a world where these questions are taboo, where every answer leads you away from the glaring, obvious truth.

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, former director of the CIA, upon being asked what the goal of the agency was (in 1981).

We are in the upswing of Solar Cycle 25. All planets are connected to the sun, eg by what NASA calls magnetic flux ropes – stable energetic connections exchange energy in the form of a charged particle stream. These transfer energy and charged material to the planets and drive their rotation.

Because the planet’s rotation is tied to this inductive transfer, it is highly likely that during the most pronounced moment of a magnetic pole excursion the earth would stop its rotation. This sounds like crazy talk until you read historical accounts of the sun rising in the wrong place.

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The upswing of Solar Cycle 25 seems like the most likely source… What do you think?

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  1. Here on earth, our own magnetosphere is rapidly losing it’s strength as our magnetic poles continue to race away from their usual positions, wreaking havoc on animal migrations – see all the beached whales this year as well as the spike in reports of unusual bird sightings.

    Well, that is definitely a strong hypothesis. Been wondering about these animal migratory anomalies and beached whales. Hope it steers Whoopie and her coven of rabid porkers away from the all-you-can-eat restaurants.

  2. We will soon be sucked in by black-holes of universes… We are destroying ourselves within and without specially UK king loves destruction’s of USA and Iran and World. We are so not educated
    to understand the UK is creating all chaos around world to gain money and also control of world.
    We must not let UK wins to destroy the USA… If we let it shame n us indeed..

  3. HAARP is the cause. Weather warfare by the Deep State/ Illuminati.

    It’s time they were subjected to these earthquakes and thrown into these volcanoes.

  4. Ben Davidson of Suspicious0bservers also points to the changes on our neighboring planets to support his hypothesis about the galactic current sheet. But he cites scientific papers multiple times a week. Part of the theory is that the galactic current sheet and its associated dust recurs every 12,000 years or so. At the peak of our solar system passing through the sheet, our sun micronovas, blasting away the dust that has accumulated around it. All these events unlock the crust from the mantle and the weight of the ice at the poles makes the continents shift.

    The way he presents it, there seems to be a lot of science to support it. Check out his playlist here youtube[dot]com[slash]playlist?list=PLHSoxioQtwZf1-8QeggXIVdZ-abyJXaO1

    My question to the flat earthers is this: why would the world governments spend so much time, money and effort trying to keep the true nature of the earth a secret? What is the danger in letting everyone know the world is flat? Think of all the scientists, astronauts, etc. who have to be bribed to keep the secret.

    • I can answer on your question.
      The government doesn’t care about you and other people in the world.
      The just care about themselves.But now they don’t know what to do with the truth reason of with Climate change.
      The way out is only one.
      Please watch scientific facts on the conference which was on 12.11.2022.
      The Global crisis. OUR SURVIVAL IS IN UNITY

  5. “…have your heard, it’s in the stars, next week Jupiter collides with Mars…” H/T to Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra singing this little ditty from the movie HIGH SOCIETY. What is life without levity? Bleib ubrig.

  6. And the other question is there a second sun? What relationship between our star and this other star exists at say a distance that is Trans-Neptunian and coming in from say the Southern Hemisphere?

    • Stegiel,
      I understand there is a twin to or Sun out in the direction of Orion. At a distance of approximately 19x the distance from the Sun to Pluto. The reason it has been undiscovered is because it is dead. Dark. Some refer to it as Nemisis. Anyway, Nibiru orbits both, in a long sling orbit. Takes about 3600 years. This why Dr Immanuel Velikovsky, in his research saw a pattern of major upheavils every 3000 to 4000 years, but could never figure out why. Guess he and Albert Einstein had long discussions about this. When Einstein passed, he was found at his desk over a copy of one of Velikovsky’s books. Velikovsky is considered a genius on par with Einstein.

  7. What rubbish. Solar system – all these things you can see with the naked eye but millions of miles away so we can make up any nonsense we want….

    • Our solar system is relocating towards a softer energy in the universe….towards the constellation of Andronema. Why is this such a problem to report on today when astro phyicists announced this years ago? Space travel is violent.

  8. Nibiru will be here soon. The destroyer will show up one day and all the entities that live on its seven moons. The average christian reading the bible are told that in revelation, where it talks about demons and fallen angels being loosed, its just symbolism. These christians have been told there are no other gods…not creators but rulers. There are 70. When these christians see gods like Zeus and Athena here, they will turn on the bible and Israel because they will have been taught they don’t exist and Israel is bad and made it all up and the God of the bible is false and Israel is the head of the Illuminati. Bible says Zeus is satan. Read Albert Pike’s 3 world war letter and although they claim its a hoax, a book in 1925 mentions it, so this letter was out before world war 2 and still it followed it to a tee. The letter says they will release the nihilists and atheist, which are blm, antifa and the demoncrates and cause the majority of the good people to have to deal with them and eraticate them, which with all the bloodshed, the people of the earth will loose their moral compass. Also World War 2 cause the holocaust on purpose so the U.N. could charter Israel’s existence back after loosing 6 million people, the world would be ok with putting Israel back on the map. They want Israel back so they can destroy it. The Elite are getting caught doing things on purpose to cause you to anger and to have to fight back. Be wise to this!
    The earth is 5992, which is 8 more years till 6000 years are completed and the seventh day starts.

    • Kevin,
      I understand Nibiru is already here. That’s why all the strange changes in the Solar System. Also, extreme weather here. Volcanos, Earthquakes and Bolides. Just a warm-up. Soon it will move past the Earth on its way back out to deep space. When it does that, we get a Pole Shift. This is what Governments and Billionaires around the world are preparing for. And desperate to keep hidden from us for as long as possible. Natural event.

      • I think you are right. Steve Ben-nun on YouTube channel (Israeli News Live) about 3-4 months ago that Nibiru is here and by December 2022 we will feel the effects of Nibiru on Earth. And God Almighty knows best!

        We Muslims have been told by The Last Messenger to Humanity, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him) that “Sun Rising from the West” as 1 of 10 major sign of the Endtimes.

        Hudhayfah ibn ‘Ubayd (may Allah Mighty and Majestic be pleased with him) said, “The Prophet (pbAbuh) came upon us whilst we were busy in discussion. He asked us, ‘What are you talking about about?’ we said, ‘We are discussing the Hour.’ He said, ‘It will not come until you see ten signs:

        1. the Smoke,
        2. the AntiChrist,
        3. the Beast,
        4. Sun Rising from the West
        5. Descent The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary (pbAbu them)
        6. Gog and Magog (Ya’juj and Ma’juj),
        7, 8, 9. Three landslides: one in the East, one in the West and one in Arabia,
        10. At the end of which fire will burst forth from the direction of Aden (Yemen) and drive people to the place of final assembly.’ ” (Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Musnad, 2/337, p.372)

  9. Show one proof the earth is a globe, not from NASA’s cartoon album, but actually prove the curvature.
    (Note, The flat earth society is nothing but evil liars who want to mock the truth about our earth, the controlled opposition).
    I’m talking about, using your common sense and looking around, can you prove the earth’s curvature?
    We live on a flat plane with a local sun and moon, THAT IS proven over and over and over using common sense.
    Read history books and you will see the information ‘they’ suppress to control you.
    The reason volcanoes and earthquakes are increasing is simple, God’s day of vengeance is coming closer every day.
    The earth will shake and the mountains will melt like wax.
    Mockers can laugh all day… until they won’t.

    • North Shore Girl,
      Go stand on a beach and watch ships going out to sea. Bottom disappears first. Gradually the middle disappears. Finally, the top masts. Watch the horizon and when a ship comes in, the reverse happens. Also, here in the USA, at about noon, give a call to someone in China. Dark and the middle of the night there. If the Earth is a pancake, how is that possible? Or have them call you in the middle of the day there and is middle of the night here. Why does the big heat lamp we call the Sun move across the sky? Lights in a room don’t move across the ceiling. Why isn’t it just centered over the Pancake Earth? It takes a lot of denial:-) In ancient times, they had no telephones and even contact outside their community. No ships going out to sea. So, it was easy to see how the Earth would be viewed as flat. But today, it’s just plain stupid.

      • “No ships going out to sea” to prove the Earth’s some spinning ball around a massive sun. On the Antarctic edge by the military ships, the sun/moon rises from the edge, growing larger into a ball of light. Other videos show the sun setting in front of the clouds. Ancient “stup1d” societies were much smarter than “round/ball earth” public school victims. Ancient architecture was much more advanced.

    • I went to Casper and observed the Seven Salem eclipse. It was awesome. There is another solar eclipse coming April 8, 2024. It comes up out of Texas and out through New England. There is exactly NO “flat earth” model that can predict eclipses past or future. People living north of the Tropic of Cancer can NEVER see the Southern Cross because they would have to look through the ground because the earth is an oblate spheroid.

    • The flat earth “theory” is nonsense. Explain the thousands of satellites miles above our heads ORBITING (?) and providing GLOBAL communications and precise global positioning. Pick 3 spots on the ocean (or any huge “flat” surface) add up their angles. If they add up to more than 180 degrees you are sitting on a SPHERE. Flat earth proponents claim that the Bible says the earth is flat. NONSENSE. “It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth”. Isaiah 40:22 This verse describes the SPHERE of the earth and there are hundreds of verses throughout the Bible that can only be taken to mean the earth is a sphere. I was on a flight from VA to San Francisco and the pilot told us we had to fly at 42 thousand feet because of local air traffic being heavy. I could SEE the curvature of the earth and so could anyone else who flew that high (8 miles is high enough to perceive and to calculate the curvature of the earth). The moon is a sphere; the sun is a sphere, the planets, their moons and the stars are spheres. The very nature of the strong nuclear force relies on the spherical nature of the atom and gravity requires the same. This time/space continuum that God created is spherical in nature, even the galaxies are spherical! You’re going to believe that God made the whole universe to act according to the laws of the strong and weak nuclear force (requiring spherical model) gravity angular momentum and all other laws of physics, all requiring spherical bodies, all following these laws yet he made the earth flat? This nonsense is an attempt to discredit the Bible and to paint it in negative light attempting to associate the Christian with a nonsensical and impossible theory. It’s just another of the constant and historic attacks on God, the Bible (His written word) and the Christian who believes in God and the Bible.

      • Jim,
        Good point. You can go outside on a clear dark night and look up. After a bit you’ll see a Polar Orbit Satellite go past from south to north. Wait about 90 minutes and it will pass again but will be a bit further west because of Earth rotation. Now before man went into space these didn’t exist. You don’t need a telescope to see this. Plus, the dozens of Musks’ Star Link Satellites everywhere. I believe the Flat Earth belief is a Psyops. Gullibility test by the Cabal to see how easy it is to con people. Amazing how many buy it. Somewhere it’s like 1/3 of Millennials. I have trouble believing that. Maybe someone can verify that. Also, if the Earth is a Pancake with a dome over it, why does it cool down after Sunset? With nowhere for the heat to dissipate to, it should be like a giant Green House. And the Jet Stream coundn’t exist is the Earth was a Pancake. It takes some serious denial the buy into this hoax.

      • A circle is NOT a sphere…
        Make a circle out of anything you want; literally pick anything, and it will not be a sphere.
        It funny that you have seen the curve at 42,000 feet and it couldn’t be seen or photographed at over 180,000 feet!

        The Bible says nothing about GOD creating a universe, or planets.

        But HE does create the “firmament”
        [râqîya‛] raw-kee’-ah
        From 7554; properly an {expanse} that {is} the firmament or (apparently) visible arch of the sky: – firmament.

        “And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.” (Genesis 1:7, KJV)

        …or “sky”
        [shachaq] shakh’-ak
        From 7833; a powder (as beaten small); by analogy a thin vapor; by extension the firmament: – {heaven} sky.

        …as here in Job.

        “Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?” (Job 37:18, KJV)

        I’ll leave it at this for now, but the Bible also says that the earth does not move (immovable); that the sun and moon do move within the firmament…and remember that water is both above and below that same firmament according to the Scriptures.

        There is a lot more in The Book, so I choose to believe The WORD.

    • Amen Sister…a flat, non-rotating, dome enclosed earth, just asit is described in the Bible.
      An enclosed system like a terrarium.

      To answer the guys question as to why they would lie about whether the earth was a globe or flat…it’s to convince GOD’S people and those seeking, that GOD’S WORD (Bible) is wrong and therefore there is no GOD, or no God greater than man himself.

      • Nothing about a dome in the Bible. Nowhere. Sorry. I have my grandfather’s old King James Bible. One where you recorded births and such. Anyway, I have compared it to new versions and there are many parts that have been altered! In just 100 years or so. My point is, whatever is in whichever version of the Bible a person reads, does not take away from God as the Creater of the Universe. To think that maybe someone recorded inspired messages to the best of their ability as they understood the Universe at the time, in some way negates God as Creator of All, implies without a Bible there is no God. Come on……

  10. need to listen to Ben Davidson, Suspicious Observers; he’s got the data, he’s got a very interesting take on this; get prepared

  11. Well if you READ more from electroverse.co and realclimatesvience.com you would know that the SOLAR SYSTEM as a whole is experiencing a Solar Minimum called the Eddy Minimum. When the Suns output goes lower than ALL of the Planets are affected.
    Earth and the Gas Giants all have an atmosphere that react to the Suns output therefore THAT is why these things are happening.
    Enjoy cuz the Blizzard in the West/Midwest is just the START!

  12. I follow a guy on YouTube – Ben Davidson of SuspiciousObseverers. He does videos everyday on Cosmology and has been posting this exact type of information for sometime. I saw all this a year or two ago from him. What he has given as a reason for all this and more is that our system is moving through what he calls the Galactic Current sheet. Just as our system has magnetic waves that move around it like a whirlpool, the galaxy does the same thing and then our system moves through it, it effects the whole system. This is what your seeing now and it will only get worse. The poles are shifting and our field is weakening. The only thing you can do is get ready to survive.

  13. Our solar system is the Gateway to Hell!
    Satan’s 1000 years are up!
    He and his Jews are going back to Hell soon, thanks to the brave, white, Christian Russians!
    When Satan and his Jews return to Hell next year, their
    Solar Shithole will return with them!
    Then the Universe and its inhabitants will be free again!

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