The climate change movement is now scraping the barrel… Listen to that!


Jane Fonda: ‘If there was no racism there’d be no climate crisis. If there was no misogyny there’d be no climate crisis. It’s part of a mindset.

Lol! I think she is making fun of herself… But like Ari Melber, I still wonder what message she wanted to deliver with her masquerade… has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Clown world in Japan: hiring people to procrastinate on the job: (Japan snack company Calbee now ‘hiring’ people to sleep)

    “Those selected will join the “Sleep performance improvement program” under the supervision of Masashi Yanagisawa, a renowned sleep researcher and professor at the University of Tsukuba’s International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine. While sleeping at their own homes, participants’ will have their brain waves measured using a tool over the course of several nights. Information on sleep quality and the study results will be delivered over social media.”

    The heartbreaking result of this stupid sleep experiment: (Fatalities from being hit by cars while sleeping on road spike in Tokyo)

    “To help prevent such accidents, the MPD has made a public information video. It features the comedy duo Cowcow and calls on people not to fall asleep on the road and to take other precautions, accompanied by their popular joke material. The video will be run on the in-vehicle monitors of some 60,000 cabs in Tokyo and other areas until Dec. 31.”

    Japan: from warriors to pansies. Japan (and the west) is all doomed.

  2. “Conservative” Washillton Examiner subliminally denies that Hebrew History/Old Testament Biblical History is largely American (according to Kurimeo Ahau’s true old-world videos and research). Never-ending violence, wars and rages from both parties.

    “That’s right. Because America had slavery 156 years ago, has a “history” with Native Americans, and has been wrestling with a fabricated narrative about police brutality, people need to stop complaining that Qatar used slave labor, resulting in the deaths of more than 6,500 migrant workers, to build massive soccer stadiums after bribing FIFA officials to give them the World Cup.”

    Interestingly USA won’t sanction China, but sanctioned Honduras/Ecuador over alleged sugar plantation slavery (according to Alaska Prepper).

  3. Strange how there were almost no AT Bills nor anti ab0rtion bills prior to 0peration Warp $peed, what “lord and sav1or” R0nny is doing is being staged to create violent civil war in F.L. alongside a mass birth of al1en M-RNA monsters from the vaxxxed moms…

    Expect to see endless pro-trains riots, pro-neur0d1ver$ity riots, and mass sh00tings against Republican organizations across FL throughout 2023.

    • R0nny D. looks like an F.TM while his $urgeon general 1llum1nati puppet – who is fine with women and girls and old men being injected with MRNA al1en Neph1l1m DNA by recommending against it ONLY for young men – looks like an actual man. R0nny D probably had these same procedures his S.G. recommends against.

  4. They seem to be having trouble getting people to latch onto a narrative so they can maintain control. It’s getting extremely stupid at this point. Of course, it does at least provide a distraction. Keep folks engaged so they don’t look around too closely. Might see something they want hidden.


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