Freak wave kills 3 injures 17 at South African beach

Freak wave kills three at South African beach
Freak wave kills three at South African beach. Picture via DW

At least three people, including a child aged around 7 or 8 years old, died and over a dozen others were injured after a wave swept them into the sea in the South African coastal city of Durban, South African media report.

The incident occurred on Saturday at The Bay of Plenty, The Citizen newspaper said.

A “freak wave” swept people out to sea at the eThekwini beachfront, which resulted in three dead and 17 injured, the newspaper said citing emergency medical services.

“There was a freak wave that washed some people to sea, three have drowned and 17 people have been taken to hospital,” Robert Mckenzie, spokesman of the KwaZulu-Natal provincial first responders said in a statement to AFP.

The Bay of Plenty is one of Durban’s most popular beaches. A massive rescue operation took place, involving 35 lifeguards. Paramedics also attended to over 100 beach goers, but only 17 were seriously injured.

The injured are in serious and critical condition at nearby hospitals.

Beaches in Durban, South Africa’s third-largest city, have been gradually reopened after being closed due to high levels of E. coli bacteria coming from the city’s sewage system, which was hit hard by the worst floods in living memory, that killed more than 400 people in April. [Sputnik] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. hey guyas i forget who said this but its part of a vision i think that dudaman had a mass of chinese troops were all over americas west coast they had taken it over and they were heading east when the earthquakes started up and then the volcanoes burned em to a crisp…to bad for the people of the west coast now may be the time for the godly few people who are still there to get outa dodge….kuz when cascadia goes off its all gonna tear wide open…the only reason i write like this is at no time in my life has it seemed possible that conus would/could be attacked …well im telling right now its looking that way folks the chi-comms are working with the russians and then there are the norks allmost all of south america has any one noticed how many fighting aged males are amoung the 7500 people a day to cross our southern border or how many great wall buffet resturaunts we have in this country most of there help are pla officers at least 10 years ago or so so they get to know there area and the people who run things it makes good hit list and they becomes invisible to the locals as they have been here for years and is a really nice person ….to stop local commerce and strike terror into the locals ….ive grown old waiting for this fight and i pray the father gives me the strength to do the things i need to do to uphold my oath and defend the constitution and this country and its people you guys better get a higher tower for your radar sets so your horizon is a few hundred miles out and be vigilant…..

    • Things about to get ugly Ray. Like you say, Earth Changes will take them all out. I understand our military has already taken out several thousand Chicom invaders. So maybe that part of prophecy already happened? That’s what the F16 crash was about over Michigan a while back. Bunch of Chicoms came in on the Upper part of Michigan. Also, several thousand dug in on Maine border. Reports say 26,000 or so. Guess the Military smoked them all. Folks reported booms and rattling. No EQ reported. Northern Maine border very remote. More details but too weird for people so will hold back on that:-) Get ready.

    • Ray,
      Buttclown Justine Castro-Trudork was letting 140,000 redchinesey troops Winter train on our northern border a year or two ago. Leftist dems want an invasion. They think they will be spared misery and death. Not so, Americans will delete them first, and move on to invaders.

  2. I used to fish jetties alot, like five times a week for a few years. You study the time for high and low tide. That way you don’t do something stupid and set up in a spot likely to be hit by a big wave. Every once in a while a huge(freak)wave would hit unexpectedly. Probably happened a couple of times. It wakes you up real good. I had really good spots on each different jetty, so if I did get hit, the big rocks in front would disperse the wave around me. Still get wet, but not washed out and dashed upon the rocks on the next set of waves. People have been killed before, so it is hazardous, but the fishing was good and I was in my 20’s. Big freak waves do happen. Spend a few thousand hours out there and you will know what I mean.

    • Yes, they do. Just interesting it happened at the same time as all these other things. So is worth noting. I have read that part of the leadup to the New Madrid event will be changes in the African Plate. Such things would possibly cause unexpected waves. Maybe something similar is always responsible? Probably. But I pay attention when many things happen at once. Looking for the bigger picture. I’m a technical guy. How I role. File it away and see what happens. I like to hear what others think. Add that to the file. Thanks:-)

  3. I wonder if this is related to the big quakes today. Part of the trigger for the New Madrid event, is the African Plate is shifting. The top to the NE and the tail to the SE. Maybe this caused this freak wave?? Guess we’ll see how it unfolds if we are really there. Time will tell.

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