Arizona: Coldest day in the Valley since 2019 – Tonight could also be the coldest night in four years


It’s been one of the coldest days in the years here in the Valley and we’re still not done with chilly temperatures.

The official high at Phoenix Sky Harbor on Monday was 50 degrees, making it the coldest daytime high since February 22, 2019, when Phoenix only warmed up to 47 degrees.

Tonight could also be the coldest night in four years. If it does freeze tonight in Phoenix, it would be the first time since January 2, 2019, that temperatures dipped to 32 degrees or colder here.

However, the longest stretch without a freeze in Phoenix was over a span of nearly 8 years back in the 1990s.

Freezes were more frequent back in the day, too. Over the past 30 years, there have been 17 days with temperatures at or below 32 degrees, but from 1962 to 1992, Phoenix officially froze 226 times.

That’s 13 times as many days compared to the last 30 years.

Temperatures will slowly warm up the rest of the week with highs back in the 60s by Wednesday. [ABC15]


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  1. World War 3 every one is preparing it for?Russia put all hyper sonic missiles atom bombs on the all over USA and is surrounded? It does not matter any more Arizona has more less than sub zero temperatures. Russia Moscow is -60 Celsius so Iran will close Hormuz waterway to order flame of WW3… UK orders to enemies of USA in USA to trash USA.. UK will destroy all over world… King Charles is your new Masters now… Mas shootings in California and West coast of USA other shootings what is going on , we must come as all one nations under one Constitution of USA and under one God.. Less than this UK wins we all are looser soon.

  2. reply to gary and 50cal…. did you guys know that your government has rights to take all your gold, in national crisis.

    check out the laws about it and you might reconsider noting that you have any via online means. they will take it from you, if shit hits the fan and more than likely it will be corrupt officials just pocketing it all.

    • They didn’t confiscate gold in 1933. That is a common misconception. They forced people to exchange it for paper money at equal value. Then illegally forbid private ownership. And they had a reason as gold was the official currency. The more they had in the Treasury, the greater their solvency to the world. That is not true today. Although it was unconstitutional what they did. Many coin dealers push this lie, as they want you to buy collectibles or numismatic coins at a much higher premium. As such they fall outside the bullion coin call-in-rules or so-called Confiscation.

      Corrupt officials like everyone else will mostly be hungry. With the coming Earth Changes, only real things will have value. Money and gold will be worthless. Can’t eat gold.

      • Hear ya, but now there is a new policy that under an emergency they can seize everything you own. Saw it on health ranger website 2 weeks ago. Think it was done under the homobama regime. Forgot to bookmark it. It has an acronym beginning with letter “N.”
        Communists did this in Cuba late 1950’s.

      • Well, we will get Martial Law with the New Madrid Event. But they only have so many people and most of the Country will be in chaos. So just stay out of the traffic zones. Plus, I have read that of those surviving the Pole Shift, about half will be some degree of crazy. This includes the Government types. Also, many will be worried about their own families, and disappear and go home. So, there will be little organization that lasts for long. Just stay out of the way.

      • Also, if you live near a small town and you prepared, the locals will know you’re eating regular. They will organize and move on you in the name of “we have no choice”. So, the further out the better. Certainly, gold will not be on their radar:-) Appears gold may make a move up just before. So, the goal is to use it for whatever you need before SHTF.

  3. Off Topic: 50cal, I see gold is still pushing up against all efforts to smash. Hope it holds. But they are having their way with silver. $24 appears to be their line in the sand. Jim Willie thinks the East will soon be setting Spot. That should help.

    • Like I said, $24.50-$23.50. Short sellers.

      I bought 40 silver scrap quarters today. This lady likes me, and always throws 4-7 silver quarters in AU-BU/MS65 in there. No key dates, but I just like George Washington, and the ping those silver quarters make on a granite countertop. Never gets old.
      Gold will get some legs as supply dwindles for companys wishing to back their money with gold.

      • About 30 years ago I was living in western Montana. About 20 miles south of Missoula in Ravali County. Anyway, we were at the supermarket in Hamilton, and I pulled out my pocket change to round out the total. Dropped a couple of quarters on the counter and one of them sang that sound that only a silver coin can make. I said hold on a second and picked it back up. Sure enough, it was a pre 64 quarter. I quickly swapped it for copper and nickel ones. Still have it.

  4. I remember it snowed in Snottsdale around 1997-1998. I was helping my grandma (broken hip) and we looked out the kitchen window, and it was snowing. Probably amounted to a light dusting, but it was very unusual.

    • We got snow in the mountains. Had to break ice in the water tubs for the ducks and geese. My favorite chicken died after 7 years, and she still laid a few on year 7. Cutest little hen. I brought her back to life when she was a few days old. She got too cold and went limp, but I rushed her to a heat lamp, and prayed while breathing into her beak, and rubbing her chest, and she popped back to life, and always wanted to be held and pet. Probably plant a cherry tree on her when it warms up.

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