Is the Cascadia Subduction Zone about to blow? Swarm of hundreds of small earthquakes rattle Vancouver Island


The Cascadia subduction zone is a convergent plate boundary that stretches from northern Vancouver Island in Canada to Northern California in the United States.

According to many scientists, the next rupture of the Cascadia Subduction Zone will spell the worst natural disaster in the history of North America

So those interested in tremor and seismic swarms will have noticed an episode under North Vancouver Island that has been progressing for 9 days.

earthquake swarm vancouver island Cascadia subduction zone
Total seismic activity from 12/28-01/06.

Activity has been very moderate. It has exhibited an interesting pattern, tending, for whatever reason(s), to seem to be segregated by the Nootka Transform Fault that separates the Explorer Plate to the NW from the Juan de Fuca Plate.

I’ve posted below screen shots of the activity by day for you to see the evolution of the swarm…

And here the overall situation again…

earthquake swarm vancouver island Cascadia subduction zone
Total seismic activity from 12/28-01/06.

This kind of tectonic tremor occurs at multiple subduction zones on the planet. ‘A’ theory is that it’s related to fluid movements in porous rocks at the subducting plate interface with the overlying crust. If it means more than that scientists haven’t found data to substantiate/prove that/those conclusion(s).

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  2. The world is collapsing, Martial Law for world and great quake of West Coast are tipping point of our issues… We need peace if spent 1 trillion Dollars for world peace , we saved 3 trillion dollars and put it on SSI of people that we have over 8 trillion short? Yes third shaking of planet is in full progress ready or not?

  3. Total fear mongering, visit the Griffiths Observatory in Los Angeles. Everyday thousands of small earthquakes happen in California alone. These quakes are mostly under 3 in magnitude, a number you cannot feel. Remember the scale for earthquakes in logarithmic or exponential in scale, it is not linear. What this means for the mathematically impaired is that small earthquakes are normal and constant.
    Talk to me when the quakes start massing around the magnitude of 5 or greater and then I will take note.

    • Ken,
      I think so on the fear mongering part, and small earthquakes part happening frequently. This has been going on for deacdes in the media too. Lived through Sylmar and Northridge, with plenty of 5.0+ mag quakes in between. Moved over 30 years ago too. Sick of the government corruptocrats.

    • Those who chart EQs show a massive uptick in the last few years. I noticed the USGS quit reporting the little ones as there were so may. And evidence indicates they shave points off the big ones, so the increase is not obvious to those who chart such things. And many have watched them delete quakes off the USGS web site. I have seen them do this. Not fear mongering. something going on.

    • I agree, it is fear mongering they’ve been saying we’re going to have the big one in the cascadia long before I was even born and I’m 52, and they’ve been having micro-quakes probably everyday since it’s formation

  4. I live @90 miles SSE of Vancouver and should the feared earthquake strike in my area my house will probably remain upright as it is a log home built in a manner far more flexible then conventional stick frame home are constructed with. Additionally I’d probably end up with ocean front property as the Pudget Sound would become much larger in area. I’m at an elevation that would very likely become the new shoreline.
    Sadly I’d be on an island and haven’t a boat…

  5. I’m thinking we are getting more rumblings that are announcing the big event is getting closer. This and those large ones in Northern CA over the last couple of weeks. I read some time ago that activity increasing on the West Coast was a prelude to the New Madrid event. We’ll see soon enough.

      • It’s all interlinked. The whole world. People think EQs are just local events, but as I understand it, they are all pushing and pulling and a movement in one place does affect another. Tremendous stress being put on the whole planet as Nibiru draws nearer. Right now, until the New Madrid happens, the plates are out of balance. This is why the Sunrise and Sunset is so far south currently. Like a wash machine not loaded right. Starts wobbling.

      • Yeah, interlinked like Ring of Fire. I notice when we get activity on that R.O.F. we tend to see domino effects on other parts in subsequent days.

  6. And the “big one” that was predicted to hit between San Francisco and LA earlier this week?????????
    Nothing, crickets. So much for the prediction models.

    • lack of the proper scientific equipment using longitudinal propagation detection antenna arrays (advanced tech)
      But having this equipment gets you on the radar and unexpected visits from certain people

  7. Hard to say? My hypothesis is small clusters of seismic activity (as shown) take pressure off plates. However, with extreme cold and thaws you get expansion and contraction too. Definitely worth watching closely. I remember in California two quakes occurred after heavy rainfalls. My hypothesis was that the saturation added more weight and pressure. I am no expert, but did score A’s in college level courses in Geology, Astronomy, Oceanography, and my favorite —Anthropology.

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