Distractions, conditioning! Timing of Pelosi and Memphis videos is to disrupt the news cycle

mind control, mind conditioning
mind control, mind conditioning; news video Memphis and Pelosi

I know, it’s late Friday night // early Saturday morning… But what the hell is going on!

For an hour and a half straight (except for Pharma and other poison ad breaks) CNN and FOX were non-stop replaying the Tennessee man being beaten to death. Then the lead up to this was the Pelosi video on repeat over and over. What’s the point in play it 100’s of times in a row?

So what has happened or what have they passed/made official today that they don’t want us to know about and that is being distracted from by the cop cam footage?

If I list what is going on now, it is:

  • Biden, trump, pence classified documents
  • US handing billions to Ukraine
  • 5 Memphis police kill a man and in record time they are charged with murder // Cop City
  • Pfizer/ Veritas strangeness
  • Europe putting bugs in food supply

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Do they want to distract us from something? I’m surprised nobody here is questioning why the Pelosi and Memphis footages were released right after the PV Pfizer news broke and the WSJ article showing the boosters were based on BS studies (see link below).

Assuming what PV uncovered is true, the media would need a very juicy carrot to dangle in front of the public.

Enter the Pelosi//Memphis body cam footages

A video apparently by security allegedly shows David DePape using a hammer to break into the Pelosi residence in San Francisco, Calif. where Paul Pelosi, husband of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, was later attacked on Oct. 28, 2022.

Can you trust the people asserting that “the glass was broken from inside” after this? I still see people pushing the theory. They push this fake story to distract us from real conspiracies…

Now let’s look at the video when the two open the door to the police officers… I was not expecting to be more confused after watching the video… Like… Why answer the door if you’re about to attack the guy? Why is he just chilling there with a drink in hand? Why is Paul Pelosi holding a drink? Also, why wasn’t the first thing Paul did is scream “he’s trying to kill me, shoot him!” Why would DePepe wait for the cops to show up to bash his head in? Why would DePepe let Paul call 911 and talk to them? Who opened the door for the police?

You have to watch the video on Youtube because of age restriction (press on the video and you will be redirected):

So let summarize this event we are allowed to watch: The crazy guy breaks in, does nothing, gets his hammer grabbed by an old dude, and then says ‘hi’ to the cops by answering the door. How is that old ass restraining anything and why does the dude waits to attack until the police arrive? Seems SUS AF.

Now, on the Memphis Police release video of deadly Tyre Nichols beating

This looks more like a gang attack than anything else. Did that black guy have information on those black cops they didn’t want him to reveal?

The cause of the beating isn’t the focus here. People should be in the streets raving against police brutality… But they won’t! Because all of the cops in this case are black. There is no race aspect to the assault. That means you aren’t going to see big riots. Race wars are used to divide people. The powers that be do not want people united against cops.

It’s all propaganda, conditioning. These shocking videos hypnotize people. Watching them hundred times in a row is a way to minimize an action, is a way to normalize a lie (Pelosi) or a killing (Memphis cops). At the end, you will believe what you see is true, is really what happened…

Schocking people is also a way to keep people’s attention on something to allow others to flow under the table. It’s a saddistic way to lie and cover up… A way to erase and reset your brain! [WSJ]

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  1. Explosions, Fires At Iran Military Site And Factories
    Updates Iran WW3 situations room for all sources of news
    Reports and videos from Iran speak of multiple explosions and a fire at an ammunition factory in the Iranian city of Esfahan shortly after midnight local time.

    There are reports on social media of explosions and smoke in northwest of the capital Tehran. These reports cannot be confirmed at this time.

    Also, a report by Fars new agency affiliated with the Revolutionary Guard speaks of a “horrible fire” at a factory near Tabriz. Some Twitter users say the factory is used by the IRGC.

    After multiple reports by eyewitnesses after midnight, January 29, that an ammunition producing factory in Esfahan was hit by explosions and fire, Iran’s defense ministry announced that small drones attacked the complex… https://www.iranintl.com/en/202301282372

  2. As we predicted for all here Israel attacked Iran without contact and also arrived in USA the riots
    for killing of Tyre and we do condemn it how ever UK did to Americans to create disunity and havoc
    among us.. Also food is reduced by 80 percents for elderly and many more… This is not coincidence this is was planed right for end of American dream.. We took the bait indeed shame on all of us..
    Pelosi the video is also to try subvert news all from Russia , Iran , North Korea and also Homeland.
    We told you UK will destroy USA… and World..

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywAIXixmGKs Live Israeli Attack on IRAN
    Unsuccessful drone attack on Iran military plant – report say?
    A loud explosion was heard at a military plant in Iran’s central city of Isfahan, but only minor damage was reported There was many army depot on fire on Iran and many damages indeed… We salute Israel for this act Iran can do nothing …We means Ayatollah and Iranian people are different from them.. We want regime change and we want Arms to topple this regime.. We ask all remember real enemy my of Iran and USA and Israel are Ayatollah …

  4. Distractions are the tool of a total psy-op of desperation. There is every reason for these distractions, specially the pelosi attack that happened weeks ago. Never let a crisis go to waste and use it when you have to make a total distraction. Evilsucks..

    • Not much distress on Pelosi’s face either. Looks like he didn’t want to pay his fat hooker. There he is in his nightshirt, drink in hand, in his underpants. Pretty embarrassing moment. Pathetic really. Shouldn’t have married a drunk witch with an ice cream collection, and a pair of sub-zero refrigerators.

  5. Hard to push racism when all the cops and suspect are black. More of a police brutality case. They should have just hooked him up from the drop, and taken him to jail.
    Hiring practices are all hosed since 1980’s. Merit is no longer the basis for hiring as much. Now, it’s racial hiring quotas and affirmative action. Sliding test scores too. Gotta have more female eskimo lesbians for diversity.

  6. Excellent report, Manuel. I’m voting for the Classified Documents and Pfizer/ Veritas thing. And I believe the continuous repeat mode of the Pelosi event is exactly as you say. Tell a lie enough times and it becomes fact. I also think the Establishment is getting desperate to regain control of the narrative. their efforts are getting more transparent. Lost control.

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