Video: The aftermath of the Pfizer date that they didn’t want you to see


Yesterday, Pfizer’s head of research admitted the company was exploring mutating Covid virus for vaccines… And make always more money from it

Well not it seems they have removed the Project Veritas video on Youtube

Here is the video of the interview on Twitter:

Now, the next video shows the aftermath of the Pfizer date that they didn’t show you yesterday. This is wild…

Here’s the Youtube video:

here’s the Twitter video:

“I’m just someone who’s working in a company that’s trying to literally help the public.”

“You fu*ked up!”

Meanwhile, mainstream news articles on the Project Veritas Pfizer incident are being scrubbed hours after publishing.

We need to archive everything we can from mainstream media on this story.

MSN & the Daily Mail both posted articles on this that were scrubbed hours later:

I managed to save the Daily Mail article but I wasn’t fast enough to catch the MSN one (it was probably the same one, no?):

I’m not sure what’s going on right now but I know we should be trying to save what we can.

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  1. .50cal They are punishing over 100 Million Americans while over 50 percent of population of world has no vaccine. This is like flu shots that keep saying do you want free flu shots? Now many hospitals use regular vaccine such as polio or any hep vaccines B and A adding to it Covid-19 without telling you. It i an experiment going now… It is Martial Law in every direction for all world. we the 100 Million plus citizens of great USA will defend this country when by 2025 150 Million people will die like China.. Also ER news Iran it seems last night Israeli Jets were over Iran and sirens were going in many cities.. If this is truth WW3 is in full progress after DAVOS meeting?

    • Nobody is buying the propaganda, except idiots. The suicide shots are for idiots. You link to the same links as our resident troll. He has been using a new moniker. You must be pals.

  2. An increasing number of unvaccinated people are being hospitalized or dying from COVID-19 in the United States.
    This has sparked discussions about whether doctors have the right to refuse care for patients who choose to remain unvaccinated.
    Although some healthcare professionals can choose which patients they will see, denying treatment to certain groups is seen as unethical.
    Doctors also have a duty not to discriminate based on race, gender, or religious beliefs, among others.

    Now that vaccines are widely available and accessible in the United States, many healthcare professionals are experiencing compassion fatigue when patients who knowingly choose to remain unvaccinated wind up hospitalized with life threatening COVID-19 complications that could have been prevented with vaccination.

    One doctor in Alabama said he will no longer treat unvaccinated patients.

    “We do not yet have any great treatments for severe disease, but we do have great prevention with vaccines. Unfortunately, many have declined to take the vaccine, and some end up severely ill or dead. I cannot and will not force anyone to take the vaccine, but I also cannot continue to watch my patients suffer and die from an eminently preventable disease,” the doctor wrote in a letter sent to patients.

    Although many healthcare professionals across the country are experiencing compassion fatigue, part of the job is meeting patients where they’re at.

    Independent physicians can technically choose who they do or don’t treat, but all in healthcare have an ethical and moral obligation to treat patients regardless of their beliefs and behaviors.

    Consequently, most health experts don’t expect unvaccinated patients to face barriers to accessing medical care.
    Can doctors refuse to treat patients?

    Most healthcare professionals agree that it’s unethical to deny patients care, regardless of their beliefs or behaviors.

    “Physicians and providers do not randomly decide that they are not going to not treat people who smoke or eat in ways that are unhealthy,” said Craig Laser, PhD, RN, a clinical associate professor at Arizona State University and associate director of the Health Innovation Program.

    Martial Law and Global Martial law is in full progress and all nations are ready for WW3 and final battle of mankind against New World Order … of bunch of rich rich that wipe their az with 100 bills?

    • Don’t go to doctors. Most chose the side of satan by not speaking out against fake vax, and going along with the con. Sure they were pressured about being written up, losing their license. However, that shows you what they are made of. 90% Pile of shitbag pharma-sorcery sales reps.

  3. You shouldn’t advertise something and claim that since God created it, using it is “fine.” You are failing to love your brother in Christ because not everyone can bear it. 
    It is good neither to eat meat nor drink wine nor do anything by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak. – Romans 14:21

  4. Pfizer is a very bad bad pharmaceutic that kills mankind.. Any thing they made is to make sure you die… from Blood Pressures to useless COVID19 —– BCJ people put they will not get tuberculosis and COVID-19… If you put Botox shots for TMJ or other health issues you will not get COVID-19…..

  5. Stern Letter to Pfizer:

    Ah yes, here we go. Marco Rubio Boobio sent a stern letter to dicknose Bourla and the satanists at pfizer. Usually, these stern letters are kabuki theatre. The usual BS we have come to expect from our elected installed buffoons. Nothing will come from this baloney ?? show.

    Speaking of ?? looked who dropped in. Our resident trollbecile and ?? now using the moniker of Visitor.

    • Visitor,
      Nobody censors you, stupid paranoid schizophrenic dumbass. Spew drivel all you want. People laugh at you and the other fagoids linking to your lame websites.

  6. Print the article if you cna get it and add it as a pdf file on your website.

    + backup it up like all else.

    Then it will be there forever and ever

  7. Well done for the archive file. We can always trust the media whores to obey their puppet masters and hid ethe truthf rom the public.

    We are in a war and for the moment only side punches the other.

    It’s time we give back the punches.

  8. P.S Zeta’s group official one banned me from their group, I pointed out too many things they stole and using as current information which was pre-2000’s. I also pointed out to Manuel they were stealing a lot of his content, for current use on the telegram group they run. The lady who runs Zeta at the moment, is a fraud and only looking for money. Can’t say that about the owner of this site.

    • That’s because you are a hater. In 25 years Nancy has never asked for money. You are a TROLL. But now I know.

  9. Radio news picked up the (flaming pfizer coco-puffer going apeshit on video) Bwahahaha.

    They even mentioned he was on a date with another butt burglar. I thought the whole thing was hysterical. Laughed my ass off. Shows you how these poop-kooter demons have infiltrated and ruined our society and culture.

      • Have read the entire Site. Took 2 years. You are a liar and a Troll. Touched a nerve as what’s at that site the Establishment doesn’t want people to know. Absolutely terrified. And Zero are Flat Earthers. So now we know who you are.

    • Hey Gary,
      This here article is where that Protocols of the elder shitheads comes in handy. As far as making diseases and profiting from cures via pharma-sorcery.

  10. .50 cal, if there is full signs of nuclear war. Make sure that you make your way to the southern hemisphere, If you go to Australia. I will be more than happy to help you out here, Perth is far away from most of the U.S military sites minus the Port for servicing. Much love, though one personal note: I do have medicinal cannabis; it’s the people who use Meth,Crack,Heroin whom are the big issues more-so being the meth/crack users. Alcoholics can be very similar to people who use heroin with the stages, everything else I love what you say but the wake and bake. Not so much.

    • Well, thanks. Medical use marijuana is not problematic. It’s when people abuseit. I tried some(brownie) for sciatica, but it didn’t work. Praying to Christ did work. Haven’t had a sciatica flare up in over a year! I tried the ointment as well. No luck. However, a worker has had success with his ailments. God made it, so then it is a natural organic plant. I don’t fault you at all. Not worrying about nuclear war. I think rational thinking will prevail. Proxy wars will always be happeneing as it feeds the money laundromats.

      • You got ripped off, if you got proper stuff. It helps a lot especially with permanent injuries. Never buy from random back street person or who claims to be the best, buy from legit people who source the genetics from the breeders whom supply the medical industry. When it’s done correctly, it can cure a lot of things which typically either synthetic anti-depressants or opioids are used. When they set the correct type of strain and style to use, you can get life back to usual and often even kick other addictions such as alcoholism. If you can find a way to private message me, I will contact you via telegram and we can chat more about your life experience with nature/hunting/balance and I’ll be a younging to chat with.

      • Sciatica is nerve pain. That is why Christ intervened and helped me. I could feel the effects, but pain was still level 8 despite the brownie.

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