Pornhub users in Louisiana now have to submit government ID to access the site

Pornhub users in Louisiana now have to submit government ID to access the site
Pornhub users in Louisiana now have to submit government ID to access the site

Watching porn in Louisiana just got a lot harder – unless you’re alright with submitting your driver’s license or a government-issued ID in order to access porn sites.

This is thanks to a recently passed law that requires age verification for any website that contains 33.3 percent or more pornographic material (a digression: we’re seeing a strong opportunity here for sites featuring only 33.2 percent pornographic material).

Pornhub’s parent company, MindGeek, runs a large Age-ID verification subsidiary and also provides VPN… They are doing the classic double move any programmer knows. They build the age verification software, and the VPN software to get around it at the same time. Money loop hack!

They nailed it on GBN: It’s incredibly easy to get around porn blocks…

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  1. Ban public access to pornography but promote the heck out of it in public schools….fag queen story hour, books on homosexuality, masturbation, and anal sex taught to elementary school. It sucks living in Gomorrah….Truly – Hell Is For Children.

    • Pistol,
      Sadly, you are very correct. At one time some dude walking into a school full of children dressed as a drag queen with little on would have had a quick visit to the nearest tree. Absolutely EVIL agenda here.

  2. 50cal,
    At one time I didn’t think it mattered. But now I do. You’re right. It’s bad for you. Not to mention the depraved industry it creates. Just like drugs.

    • I think so. When I was younger 30 years ago, I felt ambivalent. Now, I am old enough to know better. Also, it does not correspond to my moral code now.

      • I like bikini or lingerie. Leaves something to the imagination, and doesn’t degrade the ladies. Watching my old original series Star Trek episodes, and they had some hot outfits with the female guest stars —like Barbara Luna. (Mirror, Mirror epsidode). That looks good even now. That’s fine for me. Khazarian mafia pigs made the hardcore porno widely available, which is prevalent now.

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