CDC: Suicide attempts, sexual violence and ongoing feelings of sadness are increasing among teenage girls – Boys too actually

Suicide attempts, sexual violence and ongoing feelings of sadness are increasing among teenage girls
Suicide attempts, sexual violence and ongoing feelings of sadness are increasing among teenage girls

From the article:

  • 30% of teen girls seriously considered suicide in 2021 – a 60% increase since 2011
  • 22% of LGBT terns attempted suicide in the same time period
  • 57% of girls said they felt “persistently sad or hopeless”

ETA the following from the source study:

  • Ever forced to have sex: 14% of girls (up from 12% in 2011), 4% of boys (unchanged)
  • Experienced sexual violence in the past year: 18% of girls (up from 15%), 5% of boys (up from 4%)
  • Persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness: 57% of girls (up from 36%), 29% of boys (up from 21%)
  • Seriously considered suicide in the past year: 30% of girls (up from 19%), 14% of boys (up from 13%)
  • Made a suicide plan in the past year: 24% of girls (up from 15%), 12% of boys (up from 11%)
  • Attempted suicide in the past year: 13% of girls (up from 10%), 7% of boys (up from 6%)


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  1. Old news!
    That was in the Bible 2000 years ago!
    They called it “The End Times”!
    When Satan’s Children take over the planet!

  2. First off, any stats from cdc political/medical satanists should be disregarded as bogus. Teen kids have hormones racing through their bloodstream. They may not have coping skills to deal with stress. Each generation gets softer and softer. Boys have been pussified. Girls have social media bombing them with got-to-keep-up-with-the-popular-girls. Pharma-sorcery pumps them full of drugs which are harmful too. Teenage angst is normal and predicatable. This report is drivel.

    • On Topic of Suicide:

      This cretin (look at its face) is a 37 year-old Yale professor. Tell me that is NOT the face of a psychopath! We have plenty of stinking thinking in America, Canada, and Europe. All people that want to depopulate earth, and espouse this type discourse must show us by their actions— go jump in the suicide pod first!

      Baxter writes goooood articles! Sean does too. Thess guys put out real stories worth reading!

      • If this man is a Japanese American, I wish this dirtbag was raised in Japan instead of whatever pri.velleged place he grew up in. Disgusting disgrace to what is no longer the greatest small East Asian country in history. His mother must regret giving birth to him. I hope this evil Yale professor gets dementia/Alzheimer’s and respect for the aged.

    • Disgusting vile hormones in that age are the same satanic toxins as all drugs produced by big pharma, if not worse. They were programmed into DNA by the same pedosatanic forces to extremely cynically mock entire creation.

      • Funeral Conductor,
        Yeah, now pharma-sorcery wants an mRNA poison for every virus they create. It is all for depopulation and to make money killing people. I take zero Rx medicines.
        Notice all the pharma-sorcery ceo have the dicknose too.

      • I don’t want to burst your bubble nor promote el gee bee tea, but Yah created such hormones (ones produced naturally by the body at that age and above) to physically and mentally mature the people he created. Before 1986 I haven’t seen so many, if any, kids and teens with such severe/multiple mental and developmental disorders, even with that funny p. word causing hormonal and emotional swings in both boys and girls. New York Post is promoting a pharma-made “miracle drug” meant for epilepsy, for an a. word developmental disorder the “alternative” news barely talks about anymore – rather than getting the aluminum/graphene out – and it disgusts me since it’s a solution by the same people who created the problem. Pharma playing “bad cop, good cop” with these defenseless b. damage victims.

      • I was talking about developmental disorders and “veckseens” not social media. You’re basically the spawn of Mario Brisson/TVC who was exposed by Colcasperky for blasphemy, hypocrisy, vanity, deviancy and more.

  3. SS please put article for happy Valentine day… You forgotten it !lol.. Any way happy Valentine to all
    buy roses for you loved ones…

    • More shootings and killings since liberal dipshits let criminals go free instead of punishing them like we are supposed to do. You know, jail, prison, electric chair, firing squad, gas chamber, gallows, lethal injection!

      • Not just liberals, but also the entire political establishment. You cannot be a U.S. president unless you are pro-childhood/CDC schedule veckkcine and pro-Is.real (the corporate nation rather than the family/tribe of Yahweh).

        I don’t recognize today’s Japan nor today’s America anymore, Japan looks like Mars on Earth with its harsh weather and living conditions, massive soeyside rates and cold heartedness, horrible place to raise children, it looks completely alien to me when compared to 1970’s/80’s/90’s Japan and its once great culture.

  4. Covid 19 vaccine related.
    The Vesicular monoamine transporter 2. Vmat2 suppression means the God gene has been separated in the frontal cortex of the brain via the pcr test (nasal vaccine) and the shot (covid 19 shot. The shot heard around the world, satans war on the saints without firing a single bullet). Thus separated from God eternally in the so called vaccinated. They have no Holy Spirit or moral conscience.

    Therefore Increased crimes like Matricide, Suicide, Homicide, arson, theft, rape, etc, and other violent crimes are on the rise.

    I do not take on terms like pure blood, which is from the “harry potter” novel.
    You are either marked or unmarked. I am unmarked.

    Fluorase (from scorpions), is what sets apart the marked from the unmarked. That is fluorescence that can be revealed by strong UV light exposure, knowing who is marked by the shot or otherwise (no need for biofacial recognition or vaccine passport). DNA changed from what God has made, to man altered DNA. No longer made in the image of God, no longer qualifying for salvation. I know what is the eternal consequences of the mark. I rather be knowing, than glowing.

    • Harry Potter is being praised as “anti woke” but is filled to the rim with occultism, freemasonry/masonic themes, and witchcraft. Reminds me of the disgusting “Christian Witches” in the Episcopal church cult.

      “Pure Blood” is blasphemous unless you’re talking about Yeshua/Yahweh. He’s the only genuine “pure blood” the world has seen and will again see. My blood is heavily tainted with sin, as is everyone’s except Yh. I have been trying to warn 50cal that “safe real” marks have been handicapping and demon possessing (“mental illness” and “” in today’s terms) countless babies and children for decades, but he (and others) still uses the foolish term “fake v.xxsine” to describe the mark i shall not take.

      It’s very possible the fluorase/luciferase alongside the other potion stuff, is “mutating” the victims eventually into gigantic sized, muscular, flesh-eating, Hulk-like, enraged zombie super soldiers to violently take out the unmarked, even if they “dyed sud” before their resurrection. Black lights are linked to cancer and gene mutations too – and they’re everywhere, even inside buses.

      What has decades of “safer smaller” marks done to our children, and where are the funds going to? WHO/UN/CDC/WE.F and many other “goodwill charities”. Christian charities, according to Health Impact News, are the most guilty of marking children with the “charagma”/”thorn in the arm” and its many flavors, not just the new ones but all the “safe essential decades old” witch potions too.

      • I agree, Christ Je’sus is the only pure blood. I am thankful I am covered with his blood as well.

        The Holy Spirit proves that scorpion fluorase gene expression is what the mark rna replicates in the human body. I also was led to a friend showing me the video of people walking through an airport being scanned under a CCTV UV light system. The screen was indeed showing UV exposure, as opposed to thermal imagery.

        Alot of people in the vid had bare arms and bare heads, most of them had a notable UV glow in those areas. If you ask me, that fits exactly as the Holy Bible foretells in Revelation 13. The Greek word for hand is Cheir (arm/hand), and the word for forehead is metopon (upon the head).

        Another example being found in II corinthians 12:7 KJV, when paul summarizes the attacks by the messenger of satan, as being described as a thorn in his flesh. Messenger RNA technology in all the shot and PCR test.

        Revelation 9 mentions the marked people being tormented, as a scorpion when he stingeth a man (meaning injected with a deadly poison without certainty of time of mortality).

        Also, scorpion fossils still have active fluorescence in their remains, despite advance decay and subsequent preservation. It’s still there.




        We have power over the enemy, to tread upon serpents and scorpions. Luke 10:19 KJV

        God bless you in Christ Je’sus Name.

    • How many Pa.trio.tic and Repu.blican churches have injekted their cult members, including seniors, babies, and children with thorns of the dragon? The “red-pilled” people are just as delusional and spiritually lost as their “opponents” as they tune into their television gods, “patri.otic good men” id.ols known as pres.idents and go.vernors, nation worship/flag worship/anthem worship/constitution worship is all and reminds me of the freemason’s apron and his many gods/Hinduism’s/Shintoism’s huge amounts of gods you can worship which will all lead you into hellfire.

      Yah will destroy U.ESA Babylon and he will judge all nations without any exceptions. Ja.pan is the absolute worst and unhealthiest place to raise children right now, at least if you are bringing them up in a public “school” and city rather than home education and countryside, and especially if they have developmental disorders/chronic medical conditions. The 1995 Sarin attacks by – satanic cult Aum Shinrikyo – has spiritually destroyed that country, and another cult from that country, Happy Science, promotes the worship of multiple gods alongside the only true one, and Happy Science wants to publish books for the U.S. too I read somewhere.

      Rawn Deesantus is a j.elw freemason and he has ties to Catholicism (mother of abominations) and corporate Is.reel and both Is.reel and are both wicked to the core. He wants to weaponize laws against residents of his region while championing “free speech”. He and all his surgeon general/med team is 100% pro “safer smaller whakseem” as is Del Bigtree and his cash-grabbing network the Highwire. CHD almost never talks about the a. word dev. disorder that is harming and stealing the futures of millions of children and adults around the world, but eagerly boasts about “climate change” and feminist propaganda. Ja.pan will fall very soon as will her mother U.ES.atan

  5. And by the way, just look at that humble list how modern Poland (called ironically Ukropolin) look like:

    – judging Polish citizens according to foreign penal codes (Ukrainian),
    – flags of foreign countries (Ukraine) in offices,
    – flags of foreign organizations (EU) in offices,
    – one of the world’s largest vaccination compulsions, including spending children and adolescents in schools for vaccinations like cattle,
    – one of the largest taxes and fees in Europe and constantly increasing them and inventing new ones,
    – paying taxes and fees by companies regardless of income, a fixed amount instead of a percentage,
    – the world’s first invention of compulsory education (KEN established in 1773),
    – adopting a garlic nation when other nations were throwing it out because of the enormous damage it was causing,
    – the greatest dependence on the Vatican in Europe and in the world,
    – the largest disarmament and the most difficult access to weapons in Europe or in the world,
    – the most expensive highways in Europe,
    – the most expensive electricity in Europe,
    – the stupidest and most complicated obtaining of a driving license in Europe or in the world, extermination and destruction of students by pathological examiners,
    – the most stupid bureaucracy when it comes to a motorhome driving license,
    – one of the highest rates of depression in Europe,
    – 3rd place in terms of suicide in Europe (oficially only Lithuania and Belarus are higher),
    – 1st place in Europe in terms of mentally ill youth,
    – a huge and rapidly growing amount of rudeness, pathology, dullness, dirt, stench, drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and sexual deviation in children and adolescents,
    – nightmarish and frightening slave, masochistic and workaholic mentality of almost the entire nation that rejoices in its misfortune,
    – the national Stockholm syndrome and longing for bondage and suffering,
    – crazy hatred for those who want to do well for themselves and develop in something,
    – eternal and ubiquitous brawls, rudeness, aggression, frustration, dissatisfaction, stress and haste, everything disturbs everyone,
    – frustrated and very aggressive road drivers, especially young ones,
    – the complete absence of any intelligence and self-preservation instinct, attacking and insulting other people and countries despite own terrible physical, mental, intellectual, health and economic condition,
    – a phenomenon called patodeweloperka (gray and white prison-like blocks and housing estates with an area of even 8 sq m, costing PLN 40 thousand (about 10000 $) per square meter and even called apartments),
    – one of the largest extermination of forests and greenery in Europe,
    – extermination and destruction of intellectuals and geniuses in schools,
    – exterminating and destroying college students and leading them to depression and other mental illnesses,
    – one of the largest number of working hours a year in Europe and in the world, work for 12, 14 or even 20 hours a day for 6-7 days a week is already common,
    – one of the worst working conditions in Europe and in the world – a lot of rudeness, exploitation, mobbing, informing and a toxic atmosphere, very often gross deficiencies in health and safety and the requirement of miraculous competences in the total absence of training,
    – almost complete lack of own industry, selling out everything own for shit money,
    – complete political, economic, financial, military, religious and decision-making dependence on the USA, Israel, Germany, the Vatican, the EU, NATO, and now also Ukraine,
    – humbly paying fines to the EU for smoke emissions from chimneys,
    – humbly paying “compensation” to Jews for the harm done by the Germans,
    – humbly paying huge sums to the Vatican as part of a concordat,
    – evidently the stupidest and most badly managed army in Europe or in the world,
    – distribution of stolen money for pathology (500+ etc.) and total impunity for this pathology,
    – fines, arrests or even pounding for crossing the red light, riding a bike on the lanes or parking where blue men do not like,
    – huge and still growing fines for everything,
    – evident protection of criminals by the courts, police and other services,
    – punishing crime victims for self-defense and even for the fact that the attacker did something to himself during a robbery, e.g. he tripped and broke his head or fell off a fence and broke,
    – punishing meteorologists for unintentional murder caused by allegedly too little warnings, because of lightning strike that killed someone,
    – breeding, promoting and special protection of all rabble and pathologies in schools, allowing and even encouraging this pathology to abuse others and punishing those who dared to defend against this dung (comments in the journal, lowering the mark of behavior, public ridicule at appeals, school work, summoning parents, sending the police, etc.),
    – general poverty and misery,
    – the worst spiritual / psychic / dowsing energy in the world (only the USA and Israel have a similar one),
    – prohibition of burning coal and wood in an increasing number of stoves and fireplaces,
    – smoking and drowning Marzanna is forbidden under the pretext of not teaching children aggression,
    – examining the composition of smoke from chimneys with drones controlled by various services (municipal police, police, environmental services), and then, if the composition of the smoke is not liked by these services, imposing huge fines of up to PLN 20000 (about 5000$) or even more, which usually means the loss of all property and homelessness of the victim of such a fine,
    – prohibition of abortion and contraception, promoting the reproduction of dullness and pathology,
    – the possibility of being accused of being an onucowe (Russian) agent for anything and then expropriating the property,
    – a complete lack of historical policy, because we know very little about the pre-partition times, except for a few important dates, and about what happened in these lands before 966, we know practically nothing, not to mention the pompous celebration and glorification of the lost uprisings, and at the same time marginalizing and skipping won uprisings,
    – a complete lack of cultural policy, where Polish culture is massively marginalized, ridiculed and eliminated, and even, as we can see now, Americanized and Ukrainized,
    – the terrifying bureaucratization of literally all areas of life,
    – frighteningly large and still growing inflation,
    – deliberate causing environmental disasters by companies staffed with party apparatchiks so that they can earn money and expropriate someone or destroy his life in other way,
    – omnipresent keeping dogs chained,
    – Act 1066, which allows foreign (NATO) troops to use force and shoot Polish citizens in the event of major protests and riots,
    – Act 447, authored by the USA and introduced in Poland, which requires to give up of all goods, land and property to Jews, if they are recognized by the USA as the property of pre-Holocaust Jews,
    – bizarre, pathetic and extremely infantile blame for all of the above-mentioned external factors (Putin, Russia, pandemic, global warming, summer heat, aliens, Reptilians, etc.),

  6. Well well well… So pedosatanic, zionist, communist, marxist and globalist crap CDC pretends that is worried about devastation of mental health? Hahaha, they are co-responsible for this and probably are proud of their results!

    What can be expected in this disgusting, extremely stupid, pathetic and dystopian world which becomes only worse and worse in all fields? Only this. I`m so happy that there is something like death and crippled human bodies will be a carrion sooner or later.

    And to make a summary, probably following reasons of this are obvious:
    – extremely idiotic laws, more and more bans or mandates to something,
    – covidian paranoia, a complex phenomenon consisted of: lockdowns, sensory deprivation, extreme detention, fearmongering, social segregation, persecuating and attacking unvaxed, forcing shots etc,
    – extreme and still growing taxes, fees and fines and inflation,
    – school mandate – absolutely critical point, extreme destruction of freedom, time, sleep, dignity, personality, health etc, schools just have to be leveled to ground like in Ukraine immediately,
    – vax mandates – not many talk about this but this leaves enormous traumas in children, when parents who allegedly are to protect them, bring them to poisoning and hold them when they struggle to escape,
    – overwork – absolutely critical, spending all life in work and living only for work is not optimistic vision of life, especially in atmosphere of exploitation and/or mobbing,
    – drugs,
    – omnipresent sex,
    – propaganda of “only righteous” silhouette, hairstyle, clothes, phones, cars etc,
    – cameras and surveillance everywhere,
    – domestic violence in some families,
    – overpopulation,
    – lack of space because of city, extreme small flat and lack of yard,
    – lack of nature,
    – lack of sun,
    – lack of fresh air,
    – lack of motion because of omnipresent bans, cameras, lack of space and depression,
    – idiots and boors everywhere,
    – destruction of culture – flash games have been “killed”, no epic movies and games like in years 1950s to early 2000s,
    – inability to use simple devices and to do simple things without special apps, accounts, connection to internet etc,
    – and of course like 50 Cal said – lack of God, spirituality, spiritual friends and authorities etc.

    Did I forget something?

      • Thanks! There is also a list about polish reality above. Some people on jewtube said that many countries in Europe look similar.

    • When I was a kid, I was saddened and depressed by numerous children’s video games not being released outside of Japan or being released in substandard dubbed versions, and so have many others. Not just Mother 3 but many more obscure and rare kids games that would’ve been bestsellers in the USA and Europe, if not for Nintendo’s stingy staff members and foreign release policies. I had to play such games online on game emulators and enjoyed it very much, but such websites later got taken down due to “copyright” when Nintendo approves bull butter like “Lil Gator” whose character is pushing el gee bee tea and neuron diversity into kids brains. Nintendo publishes a lot of M rated Switch Games now I refuse to play, but not alot of rare/obscure family friendly games.

  7. Boys numbers aren’t “up” they’re simply being reported. For decades young boys and men were silenced when they were hurting. The only reason they are being reported now is because times are getting tough and the girls/women can’t cope and people are starting to notice hence the boys / men are now being noticed and thus reported.

  8. Public school constantly messing with their minds as well. Child abuse centers. Twisting girls to be like boys. Making boys more feminine. Like 12 different sexual identities. Can’t say he or she. Doom and gloom on the earth and society. Get them out of Public Schools.

    • Marxists run the union. All marxists are sex perverts or incels. Like our dopey one-track dickweed troll, visitor— that magically popped up again!

      • You’re so ignorant you think ALL Japanese anime is somehow p.rnographic. Zero critical thinking skills you have. You have probably never watched Hamtaro or Studio Ghibli.

    • True, but it has no borders in the “first world”, same thing in Japan and its public schools except it’s even worse there than in the already bad USA school system. Even less emotional/disability support there than for students in Europe/America… and Loss Of Brain Trust/Anne Dachel warns there is massive special school place shortages in the UK and lack of support there too. Many U.S. states require/have required “safer smaller decades-old” witch brews to be placed into children for many years, even homeschooled children, especially in West Virginia and Mississippi.

      People with more severe ASDs/disabilities in Japan have almost nowhere to go other than cheap manual labor – same in USA but Japan is much smaller and filled with earthquakes, mass-social-withdrawal and volcanoes and has a severe shortage of children. “” re.pu.blicans want children to begin working in factories again, to the point companies won’t be held accountable for loss of life or injuries on the jobs. Yuval Noah Harari praises sick, lost modern Japan for its “live through computers” lifestyle and its unhealthy, isolated, neo-socialistic socially-withdrawn society.

      There are numerous ways to eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire, whether it be the blue/red pill, politicians, celebrities, idols…

  9. Root causes:
    Godless, take drugs, and watch mind poison on video or tv.

    That’s my guess. CDC are a pack of satanic abominations too. F’ them and that dicknose witch bitch.

    • Can’t possibly be all those wonderful public “schools” and “safe real” things kids are forced to take just to attend them, such as the flu ones and ones filled with neuron-destroying aluminum and deceased baby cells. Many people in USA and even Japan don’t have much nutritious organic food gardens, so kids diets are mainly over-processed and glyphosate/related pesticide filled foodstuffs nowadays, even in Japan too. Mainichi News warned – not too long ago – that chronic constipation and obesity is striking more Japanese children, look up the words “constipation” and “obesity” on that site yourself, it hurts my heart too much and makes me very sad.

      It’s not just America with its public “education” systems destroying children’s lives, this is also a major problem in Japan. This is worldwide and the telly/ipad/etc won’t stop hammering “Japan is way better than America/Europe” into poor young people’s developing brains. (Japan schools grapple with attendance of kids in alternative education)

      Unbelievable rules in Japanese “schools”: (‘Unreasonable’ school rules to be abolished at Fukuoka municipal junior high schools)

      • Most Americans and Japanese live in cities unfortunately. I live somewhere smaller than Japan, and yet there’s still plenty of nature and space for organic gardening, not “overpopulated”. I feel horrible for both mainstream American and Japanese children and the “lives” they face. I also feel horrible for parents who willingly vecks their kids with “safer smaller” ones just as much as the new ones, Health Impact News warned that 95% of US parents WILLINGLY vecks their kids. Severely disabled people in Japan have nowhere to go except very repetitive cheap labor/cleaning toilets/group homes especially with the Sagamihara incident, I know several Japanese families who escaped Japan (or its schools while staying in that country) to homeschool their children or send their children to “free schools” for hikikomori children, similar to social groups for children and teens in the US. It’s not any better over there than here.

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