Researchers in Japan uncover giant 8ft Dakoken sword on 16ft wooden coffin

Giant sword and mirror on 5-meter-long coffin found in Japan
Giant sword and mirror on 5-meter-long coffin found in Japan. Image Credit : Nara prefectural Archaeological Institute of Kashihara

What kind of giant was able to battle with such sword? Archeologists from the Nara Municipal Buried Cultural Properties Resaerch Center working in collaboration with the Nara Prefectural Archeological Institute of Kashihara, have uncovered a giant 2.3-METER-LONG Dakoken sword during excavations at the Tomiomaruyama Butial Mound in Nara City, Japan.

The Tomiomaruyama burial mound dates from the 4th century AD during the Kofun Period (AD 300 to 538), the earliest era of recorded history in Japan.

The mound has a diameter of 86 meters and rises to a height of 10 meters, with previous excavations uncovering farming tools, utensils, cylindrical copper ware, bronze ware, and several decorated mirrors with god-and-animal motifs.

Recent excavations have uncovered a giant 2.3-meter-long dakoken sword made from iron, along with a shield-shaped bronze mirror in a layer of clay that covers a 5-meter-long wooden coffin.

Typically, bronze mirrors found at archaeological sites in Japan are rounded, however, the one from the Tomiomaruyama burial mound is shield shaped and measures 64 cm in height by 31 cm in width. The center of the back of the mirror is raised, with two rounded patterns that are identical to the patterns typically inscribed on “Daryukyo” mirrors from the Kofun Period.

Shield-shaped bronze mirror – Image Credit : Nara prefectural Archaeological Institute of Kashihara
Shield-shaped bronze mirror – Image Credit : Nara prefectural Archaeological Institute of Kashihara

According to the researchers, the surface of the shield-shaped bronze mirror is the largest of any known bronze mirror found in Japan, with the only comparable example in size being the bronze mirror discovered at the Hirabaru ruins in Fukuoka.

The sword, which is around 2.3 meters in length has a slightly bent blade like a snake, a typical example of a “dakoken” sword related to the worship of the snake god. The sword is the largest discovered intact in Japan, with experts suggesting that it had a ceremonial purpose to ward off evil.

The archaeologists are yet to open the wooden coffin, but believe that its contents remain intact as there is no evidence of grave robbing. The team plan to study the coffin’s contents at a later date, with the sword and mirror currently undergoing restoration.

Seigo Wada, Director of the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Archaeology, told Asia & Japan Watch “I wonder about the status of the person buried with the objects, as the individual was interred with a very unusual sword and mirror. There is a high expectation for the study of the contents of the coffin.” [HeritageDaily]

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    • Was thinking they peeked or xray for sure. If there were a giant in there we will never know the truth, unfortunately.

  1. I have seen a number of 7′ long German swords from back in the day on display in Rothenburg an den Tauber, one of the very few small German towns not blown to bits by US/UK terror bombers. As Tacitus, the Roman historian, noted, the ancient Germans were giants.

  2. “The team plan to study the coffin’s contents at a later date”……….. of course they do , wouldnt be very good for the globalist narrative to be showing 14 foot tall skeletons ……….the elites greatest fears from project looking glass are coming through , no matter how hard they try to stop it ………… the great awakening of humanity to their pathetic , evil lies…….. we know who they are , what they do and what they have done……… we know the world will be a much better place when we eradicate them , their entire bloodlines , from existance

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