Terrifying video shows olive grove turned into a Gigantic Canyon after Turkey’s earthquake split land in huge rifts

Earthquake Turkey giant canyon
Earthquake Turkey forms giant canyon in the earth. via Youtube video

An olive grove in Hatay province was split in huge rifts after Monday’s devastating earthquake hit the area.

Footage recorded in the town of Tepehan on Saturday showed the cropland resembling a canyon after the quake created massive cracks in it.

According to local reports, the crack at the Hatay olive field is estimated to be around 186 miles long (300 kilometers long), 98 feet deep (30 meters deep) and 656 feet wide (200 meters wide).

Experts believe Turkey’s land could have moved between 9.8 feet (3 meters) and 13.1 feet (4 meters) due to the earthquake.

On Monday, the first 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit near Gaziantep at 04:17 local time.

The second, slightly smaller M7.5 quake came less than 12 hours later in Kahramanmaras province, destroying many buildings in the city.

Here some more pictures of the dramatic event…

giant fissures in the ground of Turkey via Youtube video
giant fissures in the ground of Turkey via Youtube video
The ground is wide open in Turkey
The ground is wide open in Turkey. via Youtube video
Nothing has resisted in Turkey... Rocks completely destroyed...
Nothing has resisted in Turkey… Rocks completely destroyed… via Youtube video

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  1. Makes you think twice about the Grand Canyon doesn’t it, how many billions of years did it really take for the river to carve that one out again???? Hmmmm

  2. To add to this the Maydanki Dam, in Northern Syria has big cracks in it now. Example of why they are draining dams all over the world. Even Hoover and Three Gorges. And it’s not for underground bunkers.

  3. Bad luck, I love olives. Sometimes I take a small clove of raw garlic and put it in the pit hole, then munch on them.

    186 miles long. Imagine if that happened in SF.

    • Second video of drone flyover the rift shows the scope much better. That won’t help property values. Looks Biblical.

      • Off topic:

        That fuxx news article today is unusual. Rarely if ever have I seen Manuel link to fuxx news? Nothing like FakePublican news. Lol.

    • Raw garlic is a super food. Try 2 normal size raw toes. This slice then and let sit 10 to 15 minutes. 2 slices of toast buttered and then some honey. Lay the slices of garlic on top. Enjoy an hour or so before bed. You will get a very nice glow in all your muscles and sleep well. Very anti-inflammatory.

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