Amazing STEVE appears over Bozeman, Montana during most intense geomagnetic storm in nearly 6 years


Steve Quayle is a friend of mine who helps me a lot in my life and online. Thank you!

On March 23-24, during an unexpected G4 severe geomagnetic storm – the most intense in nearly 6 years – not every light in the sky was the aurora borealis. There was also STEVE…

And the mysterious sky phenomenon appeared just over Steve Quayle’s hometown: Bozeman, Montana. This is no coincidence! This is a divine tribute!

Steve Bozeman Montana
Steve over Bozeman, Montana by Joseph Shaw via Spaceweathergallery

STEVE (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement) looks like an aurora, but it is not. The phenomenon is caused by hot (3000°C) ribbons of gas flowing through Earth’s magnetosphere at speeds exceeding 6 km/s (13,000 mph). These ribbons appear during strong geomagnetic storms, revealing themselves by their soft purple glow.

Steve over Bozeman Montana
Steve over Bozeman, Montana by Joseph Shaw via Spaceweathergallery

This remarkable and surprising storm began on March 23rd when magnetic fields in the space around Earth suddenly shifted. In the jargon of space weather forecasting “BsubZ tipped south.” South-pointing magnetic fields can open a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere and, indeed, that’s what happened. Earth’s “shields were down” for almost 24 hours, allowing solar wind to penetrate and the storm to build to category G4.

Steve over Bozeman, Montana
Steve over Bozeman, Montana by Joseph Shaw via Spaceweathergallery

These developments may have been caused the close passage of an unexpected CME. The storm cloud could have left the sun on March 20-21 when SOHO coronagraph data were unusually sparse. We didn’t know it was coming. For aurora watchers, it was a welcome surprise.

Steve over Livingston, Montana
Steve over Livingston, Montana by Samuel Egeland via SpaceWeatherGallery

March 23-24, auroras spread into the United States as far south as New Mexico (+32.8N). Other notable mid- to low-latitude sightings were made in Virginia (+38.7N), Colorado (+40.4N), Missouri (+40.2N), Colorado again (+40.6N), Nebraska (+42.4N), Nebraska again (+41N) and North Carolina (+36.2N). More than half of all US states were in range of the display.

Red and green aurora over Bozeman, Montana
Red and green aurora over Bozeman, Montana by Joseph Shaw via Spaceweathergallery

The cause of the storm is still unclear; it may have been the ripple effect of a near-miss CME on March 23rd.

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  4. FACT: The Earth, Sun, and solar system are coming to the end of a 12,000 year cycle. The Earth’s magnetic North & South poles are shifting dramatically and have been since 1859. In addition, the Earth’s magnetic field is down by 30% in strength and will continue to weaken. This is also happening to all the other planets in the solar system. On good CME (we were missed by a CME that was approx. 40 times stronger than the Carrington Event just a few weeks ago) – hit most if not all the Earth would have lost all it’s electronic infrastructure because of the Earths weakened magnetic field. We have approximately 20 years left before the 12,000 year cycle comes to an end obliterating any evidence that human kind ever existed. The Sun will nova (micro-nova), the seas and oceans will wash over the land and the Earth’s crust will indeed shift. BTW, just because a Sun or star nova does not mean the star or Sun will be destroyed. Even NASA has recently recognized this fact. Everything mentioned here has been proven by the scientific & geologic record. Einstein even recognized this scenario as a fact and tried to identify what would cause the Earth’s crust to shift. There is no anthropogenic global warming and worrying about the governments attempting to alter the Earth’s climate with chemtrails or HARP is a waste of one’s time IMO. NOTHING will stop what is coming except God. For more information on reality look up Ben Davidson & Suspicious Observers.

    • Ben,…..thay’s a good bio as per your intellect.
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  5. Mountain biked through logging roads in Bozeman back in 1988 or so. Wonderful area and people too. We saw the aurora borealis. The phenomenon in the pictures looks outstanding. Good job!

  6. All the result of Planetary Progressions and decline of earth magnetic field and slowdown in rotation of earth’s magnetic core. Not from manmade global warming and climate change hoax. Nor weather engineering. Nor Yawhew ordered punishment. Just the normal course of our travel through the galaxy at a speed of 375 oer second [along with the rest of our solar system] towards the virgo cluster

  7. Missed another great aurora show here in Southeast Alaska, because of our constant cloudy rainy weather. Makes Seattle weather look dry. Without it though, wouldn’t be so pretty here. And, everyone would move up here. Have a great weekend youse guys’s.

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