ANOTHER SIGNIFICANT CME IS COMING – AND THE STORM CONTINUES! Strongest X-flare of the series unleashed today with Earth-directed component



Giant sunspot AR3664 unleashed another X-flare today (May 11th @ 0139 UT)–its strongest yet.

The X5.8-class explosion produced a significant CME with an Earth-directed component:

strongest x-flare solar storm
strongest x-flare solar storm

The snowy speckles in this SOHO coronagraph movie are caused by energetic particles hitting the spacecraft’s camera. The particles are being accelerated toward the spacecraft (and toward Earth) by shock waves in the emerging CME. They are a sign that it is a potent storm cloud with an Earth-directed component.

This CME could reach Earth on May 13th, adding new power to the ongoing geomagnetic storm.


A CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on May 10th, sparking the biggest geomagnetic storm in more than 20 years–an extreme (category G5) event.

It is subsiding now (currently category G3), but it is not over.

More CMEs are expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field during the next 24-48 hours, and they could push the storm back to extreme levels.

Hey friends, it’s time to wake up!

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