Chaos ahead across UK: Emergency siren alert test to be sent to ALL UK phones / tablets April 23rd

Emergency siren alert test to be sent to ALL UK phones and tablets on April 23rd
Emergency siren alert test to be sent to ALL UK phones and tablets on April 23rd

* Alert test which will take place on April 23. The test is expected to take place in the early evening.

* Phones and pads don’t even have to be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi to get the alert.

* Phone users will have to acknowledge the alert before they can use other features on their devices.

* Vibration and a loud warning sound that will ring for about 10 seconds, even if the phone is set to silent.

*People can opt out by searching their device settings for emergency alerts and then turning off alerts !

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The system is now ready to be tested across the country following successful tests in East Suffolk and Reading, as the Government continues to strengthen its resilience capability, making sure it offers the best possible protection against an ever-evolving range of threats.


I can see this being another sh*t show… Can you imagine if this thing goes off when people are driving (either back home after a day of work or for work)? Like, Oh! where is my phone?

As I wrote above, users will have to acknowledge the alert before they can use other features on their devices…

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But did you know that you can’t touch your freaking phone when you’re driving in the UK now (risk of fine /points on licence).

So what is going to happen… Is everyone gonna pull onto hard motorway shoulder to stop this thing ? Or just stop dead on other roads? What about PANIC?

I see chaos ahead to get this thing to stop… [GOV, BBC]

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  1. America has the EAS .The Emergency Alert System is a national warning system in the United States designed to allow authorized officials to broadcast emergency alerts and warning messages to the public via cable, satellite, or broadcast television, and both AM/FM and satellite radio.

    this has been tested ands now ready for full scall deployment when needed. like crowd control acustic, high power microwave Weapons types/directed energy weapons on steroids.
    Im old, but does anyone remember the Gwen Towers? They never went away. Just improved technology and renamed to cell towers.

    from 1982

    cell towers,5&6g can reach far and wide. Depending on the frequency band, Ultra low frequency (ULF) Extremely low frequency (ELF), Infrasound frequency ( ISF ) signals can effect everything from humans, animals, birds, plants, weather, plate tectonics, planets and so on.
    In combination with the tech in the vexxines and pcr, it will be unlike any other time in the history of Earth.

    now you know.

  2. the word on the pipeline has it that they are increasing the mhz frequencies over 5g/6g everywhere in April. it will effect those who were vexxinated and pcr tested.

    the cell

    keep your radio, tv, computers off, and dont answer your cellphone.

    are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?

  3. I hope they don’t use some Voice of God, mkultra hypno commands on these dang phones, and make people go berzerkers.

    • the tecnology started in 1958, Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone in Bellaire, Texas when he was 14. It was to help the deaf, by bypassing the cochlea, transmitting sound into the skin, and bone so the deaf could hear!

      long read, but very informing. dont forget to click on the link to read the frequencies page too.

      The military took over, then weponized, and renamed as voice to skull technology

      smartphones, and cell towers were originally for DARPA in military applications. DARPA also has teams of researchers to develope vaccines.

      vaccine/pcr and 5g

      6g towers have been installed around the globe, recently new york city. yes just in time for all the protests and chaos.

      • Florida is also filled with 5g towers too. DJT and RD are also Antichrist/Jesuit agents but we’re not allowed to say that on a MAGA cult platform. Free speech is done.

        • Nobody censored any of your posts. Probably the usual paranoid hallucinations or more drama queen drivel. You don’t vote, work, or contribute to society. You simply trollbecile your way through life and whine, slander, and spew drivel. ?

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