San Francisco Target: They are now locking entire aisles behind security glass amid shoplifting crisis

San Francisco Target Store Puts Products Behind Security Glass
San Francisco Target Store Puts Products Behind Security Glass. via Youtube video

A viral TikTok video shows a Target store in San Francisco, with at least one entire aisle of products behind security glass amid years of failed social justice reforms that have sparked a shoplifting crisis.

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Footage of the store’s interior posted to TikTok last week showed at least one aisle of cosmetics and toiletries under lock and key. The New York Post reported the store’s “entire inventory is on lockdown.” The store is located on Folsom Street near the city’s Mission District, an area known for lawlessness.

In a statement to Fox News, a Target spokesperson said:
Like other retailers, organized retail crime is a concern across our business. We’re taking proactive measures to keep our teams and guests safe while deterring and preventing theft.

These mitigation efforts include hiring additional security guards, adding third-party guard services at select locations, and using new technologies and tools to protect merchandise from being stolen.

The shoplifted items are then sold online or at local flea markets:

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The spokesperson continued:

We are working with legislators, law enforcement, and retail industry partners to support public policy that would help achieve our goals of creating a safe environment in our stores and keeping our doors open in communities across the country.

It comes as no surprise that Target has a history of contributing millions to “national social justice initiatives.” Some of these progressive initiatives, aimed at reforming policies in predominantly liberal urban areas, have had unintended consequences. For instance, the easing of theft rules in California led to a surge in shoplifting.

Target may be hesitant to shutter its stores in San Francisco due to its commitment to progressive values. However, other retailers have had enough and have fled the metro area. Just last week, Whole Foods closed its flagship store in the downtown district due to “high theft” and hostile visitors.”

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  1. How many homeless people have autism spectrum disorders? This chaos and anarchy will be absolutely everywhere if the MOTB is enforced in “free red” states as well, just to purchase food and other necessities.

  2. We need Martial Law in USA soon. The criminals will took over the USA no one is safe indeed specially after dark you can not take walk or open your door to no one at any time. Please watch Huseler on you tube. Learn how criminals Husle people… California is finished due to immigrants illegally own USA. USA is not USA any more , Democrats or Republicans mission of UK is accompished end of america duck duck it?

  3. Retail shops (in blue shitholes) are closing their doors. Too dangerous. Too much “shrink.”
    It actually hurts the poor people leftist political buttclowns pretend to care about.

    Laws need enforcement. All that “defund the police”, and “kick felons loose” baloney bail reform doesn’t work!

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