Scientists have developed an energy source which could allow astronauts to live on the Moon for long periods of time

Moon base: Bangor scientists design fuel to live in space
Moon base: Bangor scientists design fuel to live in space

Scientists at Bangor University have developed tiny nuclear fuel cells, the size of poppy seeds, which could provide the energy needed for astronauts to live on the Moon for extended periods.

This development is part of the NASA-led Artemis Program, aiming for a Moon outpost by 2030. Bangor University, collaborating with partners like Rolls Royce, the UK Space Agency, NASA, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, has sent a nuclear fuel cell known as a Trisofuel for testing.

This technology may also be used to power rockets, potentially reducing travel time to Mars. The Moon’s resources and the commercialization of space present both opportunities and challenges, highlighting the need for updated space laws. [BBC]

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