Alex Jones calling out corrupt Israeli and Arab governments the day after 9/11


Then he got silenced. If he continued he would be shot, not just deplatformed like now…

Well sorry the Youtube video has been deleted by Youtube. Here is the message they sent me:

Here is the same video from Twitter:

Guys, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. We can see since our massive predictions without changing it , and Iran was started ww3 and now
    when we see all puzzels that i did to inform all of you. it does make sense now. Hell is broken loose
    and we will see the marchings and demonstrations will be soon to be global riots and global Martial Law is in full progress. Canadian knows me when i predicted Canada will go to martial law and the
    world is never going to see again peace and the point is we must accept Global Martial Law .
    As we can see everything i said will come through , Only for readers of this web sites. Jesus Christ
    soon will be on hearts and mind of Iranain . Iranain can not change Islam religions to Christianity.
    But very soon Islam of Ayatoolahs will go to trash of history and Iran will be great nations that each
    citizens of wolrd wished to be Iranian? Iran will be soon become getaways for the silk road again.
    We ask IRGC and all Iranian army you have still oath to Shah of Iran and we ask COUP now and prevent world war 3? KOODETA KOODETA only way to prevent ww3 !

  2. I was right , i stayed ww3 will start from Iran and Ayatoolahs will be last breath soon. WW3 is started
    and Israel will turn GAZA to a desrt soon. Iran terrorist regime can do nothing.. Ayatoolahs must be bombed to hell or they will turn us to hell. Iran is head of snake is in Jamaran and is also cancer of
    middle east. By By Ayatoolahs and we ask Iranian to sabotage all of atomic sites and make Iran
    in darkness. World riots with world martial law and tanks in street of USA and world. Are you ready
    to accept martial law? World martial law started in Canada that Canadian truck drivers discontinue
    todrive for Covid-19 , I see also Global Covid-19 come back in North America and Europe , Russia
    and …. So i ask all to be ready for global WW3? Prepare now or never!!! Gas will be 15 dollars in
    California and 10-11 in other places. get at least cash 2000 for each member of house holds.
    We warn you all or we will to have experienced it alone.

  3. buses full of jihadis moving toward Israel.. Iran is sending 3 Million Army Man of Imam Mahdi soldiers going to Israel as well… This is it WW3 in the world starts from Iran and Iran said to Israel time is up? Black ISIS flag over all Masques in Iran is actually flag of ISIS.. We Iranian people never volunteer to go and Kill Israelis.. We People Iran
    in Iran and World are pro Israelis.. Please help us to get raid of Ayatoolahs anD WW3 wiill stop??

    Get your Pottassium iodine… 130 MG or 65 MG ready … WW3 will start from IRAN and closing of
    Persian Gulf by Ayatoolahs and supported by British Imperialists who gave Khomanie free ride to Iran by Air France how come me and you can not get free ride by Air France? Aytoolahs are made in UK and USA and Jimmy Carter now Joe Biden still love terrorist regime of Ayatoolahs. Why when every one say Iran is responsible for massacre of Israeli citizens he says we have no evidence? PR Joe Biden all missiles soon will be raining down to Israel by same terrorists that Jimmy Carter installed it for 44 years? Question Everything!!

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