What to Do About Increasing Infertility Rates

How to increase infertility rates
How to increase fertility rates

Articles about increasing fertility rates can be stressful to read for want-to-be mothers and fathers. If you are worried about the news that infertility rates are increasing and you are yet to get pregnant or are currently trying to conceive, here is a guide that can put your mind at rest and help you take action and find the best solution to your fertility problems in 2023 and beyond.

Is Infertility Increasing?

You might be wondering whether the rates of infertility are increasing across the United States and on a global scale, and why. According to the WHO, one in six women now struggles with infertility, and the CDC suggests that women in 1950 had an average of five children. However, now, women, on average, have two children. Although this could be related to changing ideas around motherhood and the perfect lifestyle, as well as improved medications and lifespans, meaning that women do not need to have as many children and can now focus on their careers, it could also be due to certain chemicals in the body which can disrupt people’s hormones. This does not mean that having children has to be difficult for you, though, or that it is impossible for you or your partner to get pregnant if you struggle with infertility issues.

What You Can Do

There are many steps that you can take to treat fertility issues and to try and make childbirth and becoming a parent a reality for you. Read on for more information about the top steps that you should take toward your dream of having children this year.

Visit a Doctor

The first step that you could take to be proactive when you believe that you cannot have children, or you have been trying to conceive for over a year is to visit a doctor. A doctor can help you to understand your situation and whether there is cause for concern. They will be able to give you advice on lifestyle changes and will be able to ensure that any concurrent health issues are diagnosed and treated. They will also be able to refer you to the best specialists for you and will be able to give you treatment options that will allow you to thrive and that will ensure that two lines appear on your pregnancy test before long. By seeing a doctor, you might also get access to talking therapies that can help you with the impact that infertility has on your mental health, and you will be able to get all of the support that you need from the start to the end of your infertility journey.

Sort Out Other Health Problems

Often, infertility can be caused by other health conditions that you might have. For instance, women’s health concerns, such as endometriosis, while causing you a lot of pain and discomfort, can also limit your fertility and leave you struggling to conceive. By getting an endometriosis diagnosis, you might be able to get surgery to keep the endometriosis-related womb tissue that has grown in your ovaries at bay. Conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome can also cause a variety of symptoms, such as irregular periods, and is related to your hormone levels. Due to these irregular periods, you might struggle to get pregnant. However, with the correct management, such as medications to correct ovulation and the ability to maintain a healthy weight, having children should still be on the cards for you and your family.

Improve Your Health

However, if you want to avoid infertility issues and you have no other health conditions, it could be as simple as improving your overall health. For instance, you should try to limit stress, as this could impact your periods and their regularity. You should also try to cut down on poor habits such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol, and you should also try to maintain a weight that you are happy with and that does not contribute to further health issues. It is also vital that you exercise regularly to stay fit and in good shape, and that you eat healthy foods that can boost your chances of getting pregnant and ensure that your body is able to function at its best.

Look Into Surrogacy

However, if you are struggling to get pregnant and you have been trying to do this for a long time, you might consider looking into infertility treatment options, rather than trying to conceive naturally. You might consider introducing a surrogate into your life if you have had a lot of miscarriages and struggle to carry a baby full term, or if you do not have a womb. By looking into surrogacy, you will be able to introduce a child into your life without the risks of getting pregnant, while enabling you to form a connection with the person who is going to become a surrogate for you. Although surrogacy can be expensive, by going through the right organization, you will be able to get all the support that you need throughout the process. This means that you should look into gestational surrogacy cost, as this can help you to budget for this treatment and to recognize whether this could be an option for you and your partner.

Freeze Your Eggs

If you are worried about infertility in the future, for instance, if you have cancer and need to have chemotherapy, or if you are not ready to have children yet but are worried that your chances of conceiving are declining, you should look into freezing your eggs. Freezing your eggs can mean that your eggs are there whenever you want to introduce a child into your life and that you are able to capture your eggs while you are healthy and fertile. These eggs will be extracted from you using a process similar to IVF, and these will then be made available to you for a certain time period, after which they will be disposed of. This can stop there from being such a strict time limit on when you are able to have children.


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