M6.9 earthquake strikes off southern Philippines – 7th mag. 6+ in area within 30 hours after deadly M7.6 hit on Saturday

Giant earthquake swarm Philippines
Powerful earthquake swarm following M7.6 earthquake in the Philippines. Could it be linked to the insane solar activity currently going on? map via USGS

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck off the coast of the southern Philippines, following a series of strong quakes in the same area. Early morning on Monday, the 6.9 magnitude earthquake jolted the southern Philippines early Monday, the United States Geological Survey said.

Yesterday, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake and a deadly magnitude 7.6 quake Saturday struck in the same region.

At least two people were killed and several were injured after Saturday’s quake, according to AFP news agency.

Saturday’s quake triggered tsunami warnings across the Pacific region and sent residents along the east coast of Mindanao fleeing buildings, evacuating a hospital, and seeking higher ground.

Injuries and casualties

A 30-year-old man died when a wall inside his house collapsed on top of him. A pregnant woman was killed in Tagum city. Two other children and their parents jumped from a second-floor window in panic as their house swayed but were not injured after landing on a grassy lot.

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The recent temblors came some two weeks after a 6.7 magnitude quake hit Mindanao, killing at least nine people, shaking buildings, and causing part of a shopping mall ceiling to collapse.

The Philippine seismology institute initially warned of a “destructive tsunami” after the first quake Saturday, expecting “life-threatening” waves, though none occurred and the warning later ended.

Thousands of residents stayed outside their homes for hours in many towns due to the earthquake and tsunami scare, including in some that were drenched by an overnight downpour.

Earthquakes are a daily occurrence in the Philippines, which sits along the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, an arc of intense seismic and volcanic activity that stretches from Japan through Southeast Asia and across the Pacific basin.

Most are too weak to be felt by humans.

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